– On Wednesday, the University of Turin will open a help desk for temporary researchers’ rights. In the rectorate building, the first help desk for those who have a temporary contract with the University and don’t know what their rights are will be situated. It will be open once a month, from 12 p.m. to 14 p.m., in the “Barbara Villa” meeting room in Via Verdi 8, and it has been requested by the Coordinamento Ricercatori Non Strutturati dell’Università di Torino (CRNSU-TO), who have obtained the support and the collaboration by Flc Cgil. Silvia De Francia, researcher and member of the Coordinamento, explains that: “In these years of battles, we have realized that many of our colleagues don’t know what opportunities and what rights they have, and neither what they have to do in order to assert them. As a consequence, instead of providing support to individual temporary researchers by telephone, we thought that it would have been better to offer them a real place where they could ask for assistance”.

“What are the safeguards and the rights of the many temporary researchers of the University? How can they keep updated? And how can they face the precariousness problems and the difficulties of their job?“, wonders the leaflet that presents the initiative that will take place one Wednesday per month and will be held by a trade union official and a member of the Coordinamento. Silvia De Francia says that: “In the latest decree, the possibility for the temporary researchers of the universities to receive the unemployment cheque when the contract expires has been extended. However, many of them don’t even know how request it. We will therefore try to provide assistance to these people, but also to the many female researchers who don’t know the rights they have during the maternity leave and ask for our advice”.

That will be the first help desk, and then researchers will have the opportunity to talk to who can provide them with the most appropriate assistance. The organizers assure that: “We won’t ask people to become members of the trade union or to pay for a membership card”.

The opening of the help desk is the first of the many initiatives that will take place in a week full of events related to research, that will end on Friday with the national assembly of temporary workers in the Department of Physics in Via Giuria. This mobilization is organized to protest against the laws that will leave many researchers without a contract in the years to come, when they will reach the ceiling for the years of employment precariousness imposed by the Minister of Education. For the first time, the national assembly of researchers will be housed in the University of Turin. Temporary researchers coming from all over Italy are expected to take part in it.