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Collective Project starts again for the third time: twenty student teams of the ESCP Europe Business School will work side by side with companies selected by SocialFare, BTREES and Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte.

Learning how to analyse market trends and compare competitors, planning communication and marketing campaigns, studying a product in order to improve its performance and measure results: these are just some of the activities of the students of the program  Bachelor in Management (BSc) of the business school ESCP Europe. For 5 months they will work as young business consultants side by side with some of the most innovative Italian start-ups.


Collective Project starts again for the third time. This year the projects are developed in collaboration with SocialFare, the first Italian centre entirely dedicated to social innovation, the BTREES media agency and entrepreneurial network Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte.

“Learning by doing”, the idea that only practice can really strengthen knowledge, has always been one of the teaching methods of the Business School, open in 1819, among the most prestigious globally, and the Collective Projects represent an opportunity for students to enter in contact with young and dynamic entrepreneurial realities. At the same time the project is for the start-ups an occasion to take intuitions which can come from young people, able to find new business solutions and favour their scalability on the market.

From biomedical to social-eating, from electricity to drones, from eco-friendly coffee capsules to job sharing platforms, the companies involved by the three partners operate in the most varied economic sectors.

Twenty teams will work closely with the 19 start-ups selected by SocialFare, BTREES and Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte with the aim of combining managerial training and entrepreneurship development. Students, with shared tools of Project Management and subject to close verification of work progress to increase their professionalism, will be able to share constructive experiences and personal growth, acquiring at the same time practical, managerial and leadership skills.


Of the 118 students of the Bachelor in Management who will take part, a good 82% come from foreign countries (Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Japan, India, Iraq, Kosovo, Latvia, Luxemburg, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Peru, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary,  Uruguay, US, Vietnam) and participants are between 19 an 20 years old. At the end of the educational experience, which will be part of the academic assessment, they will have to present the project they have developed.


“The campus in Turin is strongly oriented to entrepreneurship and it has some with close relations with the business world. Collective Projects are a further opportunity for our business school to relate with other emerging and innovative entrepreneurial realities of the area. – said Francesco Rettalino, director of ESCP Europe Torino Campus  -. Already in past editions, mentorship programs of international students teams for the start-ups, proved to be an excellent  training, by offering the opportunity to develop new skills and implement what students have learnt during lessons.”


SocialFare will follow the development of projects by EcoStalla and Humus; BTREES the ones of Acus, Dynameet and Interlinea; whereas Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte will do the same for the companies Aizoon, Graziadio, Metroconsult and WllCom and the start-ups Biotechware, Gnammo, Goolbook, Immodrone, I-see, Orangogo, Tredivino, Vinnoxygen and Waycap.



“The partnership between ESCP Europe and SocialFare is going on and growing – said Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare – : start-ups with social impact, thanks to SocialFare, can become not only an incentive for the project involvement of the students of the bachelor, but also evidence of their growing interest for these topics. ESCP Europe and SocialFare have to ask themselves how to meet together the demand of knowledge, which is always more focused on social sustainability as result of new business models, which should  integrate the social value as a  fundamental element of the chain of values of any entrepreneurial and organizational action”.


“As communication agency, we want to cooperate in the growing of the innovation ecosystem of Piedmont and other areas – said Lorenzo D’Amerio, Innovation strategist of BTREES – . Renewing our participation to this initiative for the third time with ESCP Europe, Social fare and Réseau Entreprendre is a honour and for us it has a double meaning: give students the opportunity to try out their knowledge (in the field of market research, communication analysis, etc) in a practical and direct way, with the SME we work for and, at the meantime, provide an added value to companies we support. This year, we are going to involve in the project Dynameet, Acus and Interlinea”.


“We are very happy we have been involved in the ESCP Europe Collective Project  said Giovanni Radis, President of Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte -. The slogan of Rèseau Entreprendre is ‘to create new workplaces, we create entrepreneurs”. It is in this way that we nurture young talents, partnering them with senior entrepreneurs, who can make them grow. We really hope that we can give ESCP Europe students teams the opportunity to be a part of our associated companies and start-ups, because we give great importance to the binomial University/Company”.


ESCP Europe 

ESCP Europe was opened in Paris in 1819. It was the first Business School in the world and nowadays it is one of the most renowned internationally and constantly very high in the ranking of Business Schools.

With six campuses in Europe – in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw –, it prepares students for an international career in management. On the European level, it welcomes every year about 5.000 students and 5000 managers, from 100 different countries, with complete programs in General management and Master’s degrees. Ex students are 50 000 of 200 different nationalities and it is active in 150 countries. From 2004 the master is available in Turin, thanks to the support of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, the Camera di Commercio di Torino, the Università degli Studi di Torino, the Politecnico di Torino and many partners companies.



SocialFare | Centre for Social Innovation is the first Italian Centre entirely dedicated to social innovation: through research, engagement, capacity building and co-design, We design and support innovative ideas and solutions that tackle contemporary societal challenges, creating a new economy. We believe that social value can create economic value and concurrence to innovate products, services and models. With many national and international partners, we accelerate hands-on engagement, capacity-building and impactful enterprises. through systemic design, design thinking,  qualifying technology, mentoring, networking and impact investing.



Btrees is a New Media Agency with seats in Biella, Novara and Turin. The team is composed of 15 people and specialized in communication on Social media. It has also been incubated by SELLALAB and it keep a strong relation with innovative realities of the Piedmontese area.



Rèseau Entreprendre Piemonte is composed by senior entrepreneurs of experience, who work in many commodity services and help in a practical way who has an idea of an innovative enterprise, may it be traditional or social. The aim is the construction of the “success of ideas”, in order to make them real and working and to create new workplaces. Réseau Entreprendre is present in ten countries, including France (Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Portugal and Senegal). Italy, in 2010 has been the first non French-speaking in which arrived Réseau Entreprendre. The seat is in Piedmont, region which has always related in a constant way with France.


For further information

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Ufficio stampa BTREES
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This week will officially start again the academic year 2018/2019 for ESCP Europe Business School.

Friday 14th September the Campus ESCP Europe in Turin will celebrate the beginning of the new academic year, the 15th in Italy.

The event will take place at 4:00 pm in the Aula Jona of the Scuola di Management ed Economia, Unione Sovietica 218bis – Torino.

In order to welcome the new students, the president of the Italian campus Francesco Profumo and the director Francesco Rattalino will present the courses and the teachers of our international programs:

– ESCP Europe: Bachelor in Management
– BSc – ESCP Europe: Master in Management
– ESCP Europe: Master in International Food & Beverage Management
– ESCP Europe MBA in International Management

The strong relationship between ESCP Europe and the business community is consolidated by the participation of important personalities of the economic sector, who will be sponsor for the students of the Master. Among them there will be Jérome Salemi, General Manager per East Mediterranean Air France-KLM and sponsor of the Bachelor in Management; Carlo Ghirardo, President of Motion Technologies-ITT, sponsor of the students of ESCP Europe MBA in International Management, and Cristina Nonino, Chief Executive Officer of “Nonino distillatori” and sponsor of ESCP Europe: Master In International Food & Beverage Management.

After the opening ceremony all the guests are invited to celebrate together at the Bamboo Club Torino, in Corso Moncalieri 145 – Torino.

Follow the event on Facebook.

From this year the Miur has recognized the Business School as Foreign University in Italy.

During the opening of the new academic year in Turin, ESCP Europe is very happy to celebrate the recognition as “Foreign University in Italy”, which was received by the Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca – MIUR.

The meeting with the press will take place Friday 14th September 2018, at 11:00 am, at the Aula Londra of the Campus ESCP Europe di Torino in Corso Unione Sovietica, 218bis – Torino.

With this new accreditation, ESCP Europe – together with Università degli Studi di Torino and the Politecnico di Torino – will indeed become the third university center in Turin.

In the event will take part

• Francesco Profumo, President – Campus ESCP Europe Torino
• Francesco Rattalino, Dean – ESCP Europe Torino Campus
• Léon Laulusa, Executive Vice-President, Dean per gli affari accademici e Relazioni Internazionali – ESCP Europe
• Cyrille ROGEAU, Console Generale di Francia a Milano
• Emanuele Chieli, Console honoraire di Torino
• Daniele Livon, director of the Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della ricerca – MIUR

Here the poster of the event.

The master in management of the Business School ESCP Europe is on top of the Financial Time ranking and it is once again first in Italy.


The program, which ranks 5th globally, stands out for the international character of the study experience, quick employment, gender equality and goals reached in terms of employment and average salary.


The Master in Management of the international Business School ESCP Europe is also in 2018 the best course of study in Italy and it ranks fifth globally, according to the annual Financial Times ranking. The ranking takes into account the management training before employment. See here the whole ranking.

With its six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, the school consolidates its position at the top of the ranking, which is the international baseline parameter for the choice of enrolment in the masters of the 100 more important business schools in Europe, Asia and Australia, which have been classified following 23 criteria, divided into four big areas.

The MIM of ESCP Europe stands out for the international character of the study experience, quick employment, gender equality and goals reached in terms of employment and average salary, equal to 69.865 euros (81.282 dollars), ranking higher than the Bocconi University (2nd in Italy, 6th in the world), the LUISS Guido Carli (3rd in Italy, 89th in the world) and the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano (4th in Italy, 95th in the world). 98% of students who attended the master find employment within only three months from graduation. The ranking considers the multiculturalism of the school and the program, the quality of teachers, the salary of the students who have already graduated and the career development within three years from getting the Master’s degree.

In addition the MIM of ESCP Europe in among the best worldwide as regards the point “international course experience”, how much is the Master exposed internationally and it is given by: student composition (86% international students) and teachers (78%), the structure of education, the range of post-program job opportunities for the students.

“ESCP Europe’s mission is to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow and the results of the ranking prove that we are achieving what we wanted. Year after year we move up the table of the Financial Times, being first in Italy for the programs of international degree – said Francesco Rattalino, director of ESCP Europe Torino Campus-. One of our strengths is the international character of teachers, students, but also of the companies we work with, where the students will work.”

Having studied abroad is one of the reasons of the success of graduates of ESCP Europe in employment and their satisfaction about the program.

“This ranking shows how one of the fundamental values of ESCP Europe is “diversity”, both cultural and in gender – said Francesco Profumo, president of ESCP Europe Torino Campus- . in the current society too little women fulfill leadership roles and one of our goals is to educate manager women, who will close the gender gap. In the Master in Management we even saw an overtaking. In fact, of the 892 students, a good 52% are women. This is an important signal of change, which will bring positive effect in the business world in a near future.”

“We are happy of this position: it reflects our commitment in educating the next international managers – adds Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP Europe-. Timing couldn’t be better to celebrate our 200° anniversary. In fact, from January 2019, in all the campuses ESCP Europe many events will take place and they will involve the wide international community of the school.”

“ESCP Europe goes on ranking in the first positions thanks to assessment criteria that are crucial in our global strategy – concludes Léon Laulusa, Dean for Academic and International Affairs di ESCP Europe –. “this international recognition strengthens the development policy created by the school in order to educate a new generation of international leaders throughout the combination of innovative pedagogy, cross-campus educational programs and teachers who are extremely active in the research”.


Program of the master

After a strict selection similar to the one of the Grandes Ecoles, students attending the 2nd year of economics and all graduates awarded any first academic degree who want to start an international career in management are admitted to this international Master’s degree, which provides up to four European economics advanced degrees. Students of the MIM finish ESCP Europe in 2 or 3 years, choosing between two or more countries, in six campuses of the Business School, according to their language skills and the jobs they would  like to get.

ESCP Europe provides high quality education and multicultural classes, in which there are students from all over the world, in particular from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, but also Australia, China, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland and USA, with a different study background.

In the academic year 2018-2019, the MIM class in Turin will be composed of 155 students. Of these 54% have studied Economics, 32% Engineering, 4% attended the Pre Master in the ESCP Europe Paris Campus, 2% studied Political Science, 1% Mathematics, 1% Foreign Languages and Literature, 1% Public Relations, 1% Philosophy, 1% History, 1% Conservation of Cultural Heritage, 1% Arts Management, 1% attended the Ecole Superiore Electricité.

The FT ranking examines the MIM class which started in the academic year 2012-2013 and ended in 2015. In the statistics are included the evaluations of Italian students who started the master in Turin. Data show that job opportunities are very promising, with a peak of interest in the fields of finance and counseling (48% of the total) and students find a job in a very short time. With respect to a rate of 100% of employment in firms as interns, 98% got permanent employment by three months from the end of the course.


Career Office data of employment sectors of the Master class



Umberto Massucco

Investment banking associate – Rothschild & Co, London

I have worked for 3 years in the M&A team in investment banks, I manage exceptional financial operations such as corporate mergers and  takeovers, exchange quotations and other kinds of funding. ESCP Europe allowed me to start my career in a very practical way: it is a great bridge between the desk in school and the one in the office. Companies appreciate dynamism and adaptability of the ESCP Europe students and their constant will to face challenges and excel.”

Simone Santagiuliana

Equity analyst – Tikehau Investment Management, Paris

“I think there aren’t many people in Italy who finish university having done at least 3 apprenticeships and who know 3 different languages. Of course this is a great business card for a student who is seeking employment for the first time. I have chosen to live in Paris, according to the kind of job I have and the lifestyle here, which I think is well-balanced between the Mediterranean culture and the international atmosphere. I’m interested in investments and markets and here there are many small and medium companies, where competent and successful people work. It is a great environment where to learn the job and grow.”

Annabel Morgan

Columbia Business School candidate, sponsored by McKinsey, where she has worked for two years, as Associate, in London

“The opportunity of living in three different countries and work at the same time was exciting and it allowed me develop managing competences in an international framework. Now I am a management consultant and my job is to help my clients in solving difficult problems, such as implementing profitability of the company, rearrange it optimally and be successful in a new market.”


ESCP Europe’s history

ESCP Europe was opened in Paris in 1819. It was the first Business School in the world and nowadays it is one of the most renowned internationally and constantly very high in the ranking of Business Schools.

With six campuses in Europe – in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw –, it prepares students for an international career in management. On the European level, it welcomes every year about 4600 students and 5000 managers, from 100 different countries, with complete programs in General management and Master’s degrees. Ex students are 50 000 of 200 different nationalities and it is active in 150 countries. From 2004 the master is available in Turin, thanks to the support of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, the Camera di Commercio di Torino, the Università degli Studi di Torino, the Politecnico di Torino and many partners companies. The educational offer – credited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA – includes: international Bachelor’s degree, Master training before employment, MBA in International management, Master’s degrees, Executive programs for companies and Executive MBA.



Bachelor in Management Escp Erope

Submitting an application for the Bachelor in Management of ESCP Europe, the world’s first business school, is still possible.

End date: August 20, 2018.

To submit the application, you must register to the website.

The application file must contain:

  • Academic results of the last three years (detailed results of the exams taken during the last three years of high school, including the results of simulated exams, if relevant).
  • High school exam certificate(s), if available. If not, please provide it as soon as you receive it.
  • Personal statement in English.
  • Contact details of an academic referee.
  • If necessary, English certificate exam scores (TOEFL: 90, IELTS: 6.5, CAE).
  • Documents proving any other known language.
  • ID/passport photocopy.

Later, candidates will have to take an entrance exam organized as follows:

  • Personal interview (in English or in the language of the interviewing campus). Exceptionally, Skype interviews can be arranged.
  • Entrance test on alphanumeric sequence reasoning (can be exceptionally excluded).


For further information, visit the business school’s website or directly contact one of the campus’ referees ( contatta direttamente uno dei referenti).

The Bachelor in Management is a three-year programme including languages, liberal arts and personal development.

ESCP students live and study in a different city each year, living in three different countries and cultures. Each student can choose between:

  • Year 1: London, Paris or Beijing
  • Year 2: Madrid, Paris or Turin
  • Year 3: Berlin or Paris

Each academic year, students will have the opportunity to study in a different campus. This is an incomparable opportunity to live and study in different countries and culture – without having to compromise academic excellence.

Here you can find the detailed study programme (piano di studi) with the list of exams to be taken and information on fees and scholarships (tasse e borse di studio).



Master in Finance di ESCP Europe al 2° posto nel ranking del Financial Times

ESCP Europe’s Master in Finance (Master in Finance di ESCP Europe) has improved its global position, going up to the second place in the Financial Times ranking list, which analyses the best business schools in the world each year.

According to the most important business ranking list, made by the British economic daily newspaper, the programme has the maximum punctuation for international job placement in the financial sector: it ranks first in career progression and international experience, besides the efficiency of its own career service.

The increase by 48% of the average annual wage of participants – calculated before and after attending the Master – helped topping the list. Three years after graduation, participants are able to earn $111,341 on average, equivalent to 96,000 Euros.

The programme, held in English and French in ESCP Europe’s London and Paris campuses, keeps its place for the fourth consecutive year as the best Master in Finance in the UK, famous excellence market of the financial sector, surpassing   Imperial College Business School and Saïd Business School of Oxford University.

For students who want to work in the bank market as well as in the investment market, the Master in Finance is planned to educate experts in investment banking, both in company finance and capital market. The Financial Times ranking list awards the international nature of the programme and the technical and professional qualities of professors, who work in close contact with finance leaders. This factor is significant to determine its trailblazing reputation.

“The Master in Finance is in a constant dialogue with oustanding actors of the finance sector, allowing to change its content to fit the market needs – maintains Prof. Francesco Rattalino, Director of ESCP Europe Torino Campus -. This practical approach ensures the best quality for the courses, which is supported by the continuous top ranking in the Financial Times list”.

At is 31st anniversary, the ESCP Europe’s Master in Finance keeps developing strong connections with international financial institutions, counting on a dinamic global alumni network.

“The involvement of our alumni community is determining to add high value to the programme – adds the academic director of the Master in Finance, Prof. Philippe Thomas -. Our Alumni are, in fact, very active in the ’Advisory Board. They work in close contact with our teachers to ensure high-quality courses and accurate selection criteria for students”.

 “This Master is a programme for those who aim for academic and professional excellence – concludes Prof. Frank Bournois, ESCP Europe’s Dean –. The Master benefits form the important ranking of our business school, and the “2 countries, 2 languages” formula allows students to experience different technical aspects of the profession, as well as to benefit from features of two markets very different from each other, the French and the English market. In particular, or presence in London, the world’s financial centre, makes our programme very attractive to students from every part of the world”.


ESCP Europe’s Master in Finance stands out for the following reasons:


  • Career progression: World’s 1st place

Calculated based on changes in seniority and on the size of companies for which alumni are working since graduation

  • International course experience: World’s 1st place

Master’s international feature component

  • Career service: world’s first place

Efficiency of counselling service for jobs, personal development, networking events, research and hiring interns, according to analyses by alumni

  • International professors: 78%
  • Goals reached: 1st place

92% of participants has declared having reached the goal for which they decided to attend the Master.

  • Job placement of participants  three years after the Master: 100%
  • Average wage: € 96.000 ($111.341)


The Master in Finance is a full-time, one-year programme for students with a first- or second-level degree, with previous work experience. It is made up of three parts, where intensive courses in Paris (September-December) and London (January-April) alternate with an internship of minimum 4 months in a company. A thesis on an individual research project, consistent with the changing needs of the finance sector market,  marks the end of the programme.

ESCP Europe

ESCP Europe together with Tsinghua University 
for an international Bachelor’s degree between Europe and China

Starting from the 2018-2019 academic year
students of Bachelor in Management (BSc) will be able to study in Cina


During the three-year course students are required to change campuses once a year, in order to know the reality and the culture of three different countries. Each student will choose a different campus each year, during three years:

  • First year: London, Paris or Beijing (at Tsinghua University)
  • Second year: Madrid, Paris or Turin
  • Third year: Berlin or Paris

Three years after its launch on an international university level, the Bachelor in Management (BSc) – Bachelor’s degree programme of the ESCP Europe business school – widens its horizon thanks to the partnership with Tsinghua University of Beijing, one of the best universities in the world.

The three-year course will be held in three different countries: other than in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin, young aspiring managers will have the opportunity to study at the new academic partner, in China. Students may choose to begin in September 2018 at Tsinghua University and study for the following years in the other European branches of the business school. Courses will be the same as for first-year students in ESCP EurOpe campuses, but contextualised to the Asian market.

The Bachelor in Management is an exciting, original and engaging programme which combines different subjects: the classics of management, such as marketing and finances, with humanities, among which psychology and sociology, language and self-development courses. Moreover, it includes internships and social projects, allowing students to acquire complete multidisciplinary knowledge. The goal is to create a bridge between university and the job market, preparing students for an international career in the current extremely diverse economic sector, encouraging them to trace a new world map.

First-year lessons, including in China, are held in English, as are the lessons of the second year in Turin. While it is possible to choose between English and the local language in the following years in the campuses of London, Madrid, Paris and Berlin. The partnership will also allow students from Asia to obtain an European Bachelor in Management (BSc).


“As an European business school, we have chosen to develop a programme between China and Europe which is perfectly aligned with our international strategy and with our goal of training future leaders – explains Léon Laulusa, Executive Vice-President e Dean for academic affairs and international relations of ESCP Europe“Even though it is the world’s second economic power, China isn’t well-known in the Western world. Not everyone knows, for example, that in 2017 among the 500 biggest companies in the world in terms of turnover, there were 109 Chinese companies. Or that the 40 biggest Chinese companies yield over 17 trillion euros, exceeding the GDP of the whole European Union”.


“Chinese economy is still unexplored and offers thousands of opportunities, so it must be analysed closely – explains Prof. Francesco Rattalino, Director of ESCP Europe Turin Campus -. This Bachelor’s degree course meets the needs of young people who want to obtain a qualification as fast as possible, in order to have the best tools to face the job market in the most efficient and competitive way. ESCP Europe wanted to accelerate the development of the programme, answering the growing demand of studying in China made by students with a strong international inclination. Tsinghua University e ESCP Europe aim to the same level of excellence, welcoming students from the best high schools”.


“One of the greatest advantages of this study programme in China is the possibility of interaction for students from all over the world – maintains Margot Drancourt De Lasteyrie, Director of China Projects in the International Affairs Department di ESCP Europe -. Twenty years ago, I had the privilege of studying in Shanghai, but at that time international and Chinese students didn’t have the chance to attend lessons together. What better way to know a country that having local friends? The possibility of studying in China for a year further improves the internationalization of students and the international opportunities for their career”.

Since its launch, the Bachelor in Management has attracted considerable interest internationally: 286 students are currently enrolled, coming from 54 countries, 5% of them from China.

Applications for next year are still open. The deadline id July 10, 2018.

What is ESCP Europe?

Established in Paris in 1819 as the world’s first Business School, ESCP Europe is one of the most renowned schools internationally and always comes first in rankings of Business Schools. It has 6 campuses in Europe – Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw – and trains students to an international career in management. In Europe, about 4.600 students and 5.000 managers, coming from 100 different countries, enrol every year. ESCP Europe offers complete programmes of General Management and Masters. The alumni community has 50,000 members of 200 different nationalities, and is active in 150 countries. Its Turin branch is open since 2004, thanks to the support of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, the Camera di Commercio di Torino, the University of Turin, the Politecnico di Torino and many partner companies.

A few numbers…

Currently, there are 400 Chinese students in ESCP Europe, 600 are expected in the years to come. While in the past years there were:

  • 34 students in 2017 – 2018
  • 23 students in 2016 – 2017
  • 23 students in 2015 – 2016

250 to 300 students from ESCP Europe go to China every year to study (semesters during Master’s degree or Double-degree programmes) or for internships.


The inauguration of the Academic Year 2017-2018 of the Business School, took place on Friday, September 22, with 10% more students enrolled. The Business School is acknowledged as one of the best schools worldwide not only for its interdisciplinary and multicultural educational approach but especially for the international education provided, which is unique, with six establishments in six big European cities: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. Year after year, the number of students attending classes in the headquarter of Turin continues to increase. After a strict selection, the admitted students are 261, of 24 different nationalities, from Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia and USA. The overall percentage of internationality is 34%, with a great part of Asian students (6%), reaches its peak in the IFBM class with 63% of foreigners of 30 students studying for a master’s degree. In Italy ESCP Europe is distinguished by the speed of making a career and for the placement offered by its Master’s programs: in fact, the percentage of placement through internship is of 100% within a month and a half after the end of the lessons. 97% of students (Career Office data) is employed before the end of the course of studies, finding employment in different areas of work: from Finance to Consultancy, from the industrial sector to the tertiary sector.