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Polito: cultura e mobilità studentesca

The management board of the Politecnico has decided to renew for the academic year 2018/2019 the initiatives for mobility and culture which enable students of Polito, who are enrolled full-time, to benefit from reductions on the purchase of travel tickets and  the Abbonamento musei (tickets for museums).

In order to benefit from these initiatives for mobility and culture, students will have to send an explicit request following the procedure available on their personal page by 28th December 2018.

Here are some important news of the academic year 2018-2019, about both requirements to benefit from reductions and the procedures that will followed to allocate them.

From 3rd September 2018, the procedure will give – ONLY TO THE ONES WHO HAVE NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS – the possibility to ask for reductions. You can find requirements at the end of this communication. The possibility to ask for the refund of travel tickets will be viewable only after the assignation of the definite contributing level.



As concerns travel tickets, it is confirmed the “refund” system: during the online procedure, you will have to attach the scan of the receipt of purchase of the season ticket, in which there have to be biographical data of the student. Season tickets which can be refunded: season tickets purchased from 1st July 2018 to 28th December 2018 which last from 10 to 12 months (tickets lasting a week or a month won’t be accepted) of any transport net, with which you can reach the Politecnico (GTT, Trenitaluian Arriva-Sadem, …).

In contrast to the academic year 2017/2018, also students with a revenue above 30.500 euros can benefit from the reduction, if they have merit requirements, as established in the Legge di Bilancio 2017 and reported in the table below. For everyone, the maximum refund will vary according to the definite contributing level,  according the table which follows.

It will be necessary to fill out the request for reductions (or attest through the procedure that you don’t want to ask for a reduction) by 28/12/2018, so that you have a definite economic level for the academic year 2018/2019.

The refund will be automatically allocated to the student (you cannot decide to leave the sum as credit on the virtual current account or collect it any longer): to fill out the procedure for the request of reductions you will have to select in the section Fees and Reductions of the Online secretary’s office, the mode you want to receive the refund.

ISEE PoliTO Contributing level PoliTO Maximum sum that can be refunded*
till a 30.500 euros 1 – 19 208 euros
from 30.501 euros to 35.500 euros 20 – 24 150 euros
from 35.501 euros to 50.500 euros 25 – 39 100 euros
above 50.500 euros 40 – 75 50 euros

*the value of the season ticket will be refunded if less than or equal the maximum sum; if it is greater, the maximum sum will be refunded.



As concerns the Abbonamento Musei, since in the academic year 2017/2018 many free tickets have been requested and then few have been actually used (with a significant cost for the community), the management board has decided to repeat the initiative for the academic year 2018/2019, but asking the students to demonstrate their real interest with a little sharing to the cost (8 euros.)

The sum has to be given together with the request, following the instructions of the online procedure, as stated before (without deposit, it won’t be possible to conclude the procedure of request).


Merit requirements needed to benefit from reductions are established by the Legge di Bilancio 2017, and given below.


  • Full-time enrolment in the academic year 2018/2019
  • Enrolment by the normal duration of studies plus a year (till the 4th enrolment for bachelor’s degree, till the 3rd enrolment for master’s degree)
  • Students enrolled in the academic year 2018/2019: no requirements.
  • Students enrolled for the second time in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree: they should have got at least 10 UFC in the period from 10th August 2017 to 10th August 2018
  • Students enrolled for the third and fourth time in a degree course / enrolled for the third time in a Master’s degree course: they should have got at least 25 UFC in the period from 10th August 2017 and 10th August 2018.


To get further information on the Abbonamento musei, click here.

Students taking part in the Percorso Giovani Talenti have to follow the same requirements and mode of request established by the initiatives for mobility and culture, in order to get a refund of travel tickets and museum tickets.

As concerns ToBike, reductions are only for students taking part in the Percorso Giovani Talenti.  The online request procedure will be available from half October 2018, after the acceptance of participation to the Percorso Giovani Talenti for the students who participate during the academic year 2018/2019 and for students who were part of it during the academic year 2017/2018 and have the requirement to still take part.

ESCP Europe_Studenti

Collective Project starts again for the third time: twenty student teams of the ESCP Europe Business School will work side by side with companies selected by SocialFare, BTREES and Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte.

Learning how to analyse market trends and compare competitors, planning communication and marketing campaigns, studying a product in order to improve its performance and measure results: these are just some of the activities of the students of the program  Bachelor in Management (BSc) of the business school ESCP Europe. For 5 months they will work as young business consultants side by side with some of the most innovative Italian start-ups.


Collective Project starts again for the third time. This year the projects are developed in collaboration with SocialFare, the first Italian centre entirely dedicated to social innovation, the BTREES media agency and entrepreneurial network Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte.

“Learning by doing”, the idea that only practice can really strengthen knowledge, has always been one of the teaching methods of the Business School, open in 1819, among the most prestigious globally, and the Collective Projects represent an opportunity for students to enter in contact with young and dynamic entrepreneurial realities. At the same time the project is for the start-ups an occasion to take intuitions which can come from young people, able to find new business solutions and favour their scalability on the market.

From biomedical to social-eating, from electricity to drones, from eco-friendly coffee capsules to job sharing platforms, the companies involved by the three partners operate in the most varied economic sectors.

Twenty teams will work closely with the 19 start-ups selected by SocialFare, BTREES and Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte with the aim of combining managerial training and entrepreneurship development. Students, with shared tools of Project Management and subject to close verification of work progress to increase their professionalism, will be able to share constructive experiences and personal growth, acquiring at the same time practical, managerial and leadership skills.


Of the 118 students of the Bachelor in Management who will take part, a good 82% come from foreign countries (Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Japan, India, Iraq, Kosovo, Latvia, Luxemburg, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Peru, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary,  Uruguay, US, Vietnam) and participants are between 19 an 20 years old. At the end of the educational experience, which will be part of the academic assessment, they will have to present the project they have developed.


“The campus in Turin is strongly oriented to entrepreneurship and it has some with close relations with the business world. Collective Projects are a further opportunity for our business school to relate with other emerging and innovative entrepreneurial realities of the area. – said Francesco Rettalino, director of ESCP Europe Torino Campus  -. Already in past editions, mentorship programs of international students teams for the start-ups, proved to be an excellent  training, by offering the opportunity to develop new skills and implement what students have learnt during lessons.”


SocialFare will follow the development of projects by EcoStalla and Humus; BTREES the ones of Acus, Dynameet and Interlinea; whereas Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte will do the same for the companies Aizoon, Graziadio, Metroconsult and WllCom and the start-ups Biotechware, Gnammo, Goolbook, Immodrone, I-see, Orangogo, Tredivino, Vinnoxygen and Waycap.



“The partnership between ESCP Europe and SocialFare is going on and growing – said Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare – : start-ups with social impact, thanks to SocialFare, can become not only an incentive for the project involvement of the students of the bachelor, but also evidence of their growing interest for these topics. ESCP Europe and SocialFare have to ask themselves how to meet together the demand of knowledge, which is always more focused on social sustainability as result of new business models, which should  integrate the social value as a  fundamental element of the chain of values of any entrepreneurial and organizational action”.


“As communication agency, we want to cooperate in the growing of the innovation ecosystem of Piedmont and other areas – said Lorenzo D’Amerio, Innovation strategist of BTREES – . Renewing our participation to this initiative for the third time with ESCP Europe, Social fare and Réseau Entreprendre is a honour and for us it has a double meaning: give students the opportunity to try out their knowledge (in the field of market research, communication analysis, etc) in a practical and direct way, with the SME we work for and, at the meantime, provide an added value to companies we support. This year, we are going to involve in the project Dynameet, Acus and Interlinea”.


“We are very happy we have been involved in the ESCP Europe Collective Project  said Giovanni Radis, President of Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte -. The slogan of Rèseau Entreprendre is ‘to create new workplaces, we create entrepreneurs”. It is in this way that we nurture young talents, partnering them with senior entrepreneurs, who can make them grow. We really hope that we can give ESCP Europe students teams the opportunity to be a part of our associated companies and start-ups, because we give great importance to the binomial University/Company”.


ESCP Europe 

ESCP Europe was opened in Paris in 1819. It was the first Business School in the world and nowadays it is one of the most renowned internationally and constantly very high in the ranking of Business Schools.

With six campuses in Europe – in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw –, it prepares students for an international career in management. On the European level, it welcomes every year about 5.000 students and 5000 managers, from 100 different countries, with complete programs in General management and Master’s degrees. Ex students are 50 000 of 200 different nationalities and it is active in 150 countries. From 2004 the master is available in Turin, thanks to the support of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, the Camera di Commercio di Torino, the Università degli Studi di Torino, the Politecnico di Torino and many partners companies.



SocialFare | Centre for Social Innovation is the first Italian Centre entirely dedicated to social innovation: through research, engagement, capacity building and co-design, We design and support innovative ideas and solutions that tackle contemporary societal challenges, creating a new economy. We believe that social value can create economic value and concurrence to innovate products, services and models. With many national and international partners, we accelerate hands-on engagement, capacity-building and impactful enterprises. through systemic design, design thinking,  qualifying technology, mentoring, networking and impact investing.



Btrees is a New Media Agency with seats in Biella, Novara and Turin. The team is composed of 15 people and specialized in communication on Social media. It has also been incubated by SELLALAB and it keep a strong relation with innovative realities of the Piedmontese area.



Rèseau Entreprendre Piemonte is composed by senior entrepreneurs of experience, who work in many commodity services and help in a practical way who has an idea of an innovative enterprise, may it be traditional or social. The aim is the construction of the “success of ideas”, in order to make them real and working and to create new workplaces. Réseau Entreprendre is present in ten countries, including France (Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Portugal and Senegal). Italy, in 2010 has been the first non French-speaking in which arrived Réseau Entreprendre. The seat is in Piedmont, region which has always related in a constant way with France.


For further information

Ufficio Stampa ESCP Europe Campus Torino
Spin-To. Comunicare per innovare
011 1971 2375
Elisa Barberis
340 1521525

Resp. Ufficio Stampa
Stefano Fassone
347 4020062

Contatti ESCP Europe Torino Campus
Cristina Marinelli
346 3969434

Ufficio stampa SocialFare
Silvia Bergamo

Ufficio stampa Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte
EnneCi Communication
Nadia Finassi
011 30 40 551

Ufficio stampa BTREES
Lorenzo D’Amelio


Violenza di genere
The Università degli Studi di Torino and the Politecnico di Torino against gender violence

In November there will be 2 international events which want to bring the attention to these topics.

  • 20th November, Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • 25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
Conference “Ri-conoscere per cambiare”

During the Transgender Day of Remembrance and the International Day for the Elimination on Violence against women, the equal opportunities committees for the enhancement of the wellness of workers and against discriminations of the universities, in collaboration with CIRSDe, invite all students, the staff and other citizens to the conference Ri-conoscere per cambiare

The initiative will take place on Friday 23th November 2018  at the Campus Luigi Einaudi (Lungo Dora Siena 100, Torino).

The conference is open to students, staff and other citizens.

The day will be divided into 2 moments

  • from 9am to 1pm in the Aula Magna : International Day for the Elimination on Violence against women (in collaboration with Telefono Rosa Torino)
  • from 2.30 to 5.30 pm, in the Aula D3: Transgender Day of Remembrance


To take part register by filling out this form.

Poster “Ri-conoscere per cambiare”

Program “Ri-conoscere per cambiare”


University lessons of Unito

During the weeks from 19th to 30th November 2018, more than 50 teachers and researchers of the Università di Torino, will dedicate a lesson or even just some minutes to the topic “The Università degli Studi di Torino against gender violence”, analysing it from the point of view of their subject.

See the lesson calendar of lessons anyone can attend, in the different premises of the university, according to their interests.


The Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore per le Tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione starts again the selections for students for the academic years 2018/2020 for the courses : “Web&Mobile App Development” and “Integrated Backend Services”.


There are still 5 places for each of the 2 courses:


 WEB & MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT for methods and technologies for development of software systems. The course wants to prepare front-end developers, able to create mobile apps and web apps, with all necessary technical skills for the realization of a complete product.

  • INTEGRATED BACKEND SERVICES. For methods and technologies for development of software systems. The course wants to prepare expert programmers with skills for the structuring and integration of back-end applications and components.


In the website, in the section Avvisi pubblici, you can find procedures, documentation and timing for the presentation of the application. You can present the documentation by Wednesday 28th November 2018, 4.00 pm. You can:


  • hand over (in a single closed envelope) the documents to the secretary’s office in via Jacopo Durandi 10, in Turin, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.


All courses and the selections are entirely financed trough FSE by the Regione Piemonte and MIUR, so they are free for students.

Interested students can contact ITS-ICT Piemonte in order to set up an interview for the presentation of the two courses.


Tools of monitoring and intervention strategies which can reduce time of restoration of damaged infrastructures are now a priority for experts, institutions and economic system.

Wednesday 21st November 2018 – 9.00 am
Salone d’Onore del Castello del Valentino – Viale Mattioli, 39 – Torino


The collapse of the Morandi bridge in Geona, such as – barely a month after – the crashing of the viaduct in Calcutta (fortunately without victims), are just some of the examples that put on the spotlight the urgency of monitoring the resiliency of public infrastructures, subjected to the violence of unpredictable natural events, always more frequent.

Besides the consequences in terms of victims, the interruption of a transport net causes, in developed societies, a paralysis which has repercussions, in the long term, on the whole economic and productive system. It is crucial to improve the ability of intervention and restoration in the short term.

Besides the sharing of different experiences, the aim of this international seminar is to create a periodic forum, which can value and promote more efficient tools in the management of structural monitoring.

Bando erasmus Unito
Online the Erasmus public note 2019/2020 of the Università degli Studi di Torino.
Public note

You can apply starting from Tuesday 20th November 2018, exclusively online, logging in MyUnito, using your access details and selecting from the menu “iscrizioni”, “domanda Erasmus per lo studio”.

All applications must be presented by Thursday 13th December 2018, 1.00 pm.

For further information:


Other contacts:

Sezione Mobilità e Didattica internazionale – Direzione Attività Istituzionali, Programmazione, Qualità e Valutazione
Telefono: (+39) 011 6704425
Fax: (+39) 011 2361017

Scienza e vergogna

Today, Thursday 17th November at 5pm, during the 80th anniversary of the promulgation of Italian racial laws, in the frame of the project 1938-2018, will be open the exhibition “Scienza e vergogna. L’università di Torino e le leggi razziali”

(Science and shame. The University of Turin and racial laws)

Palazzo del Rettorato, via Po 17 – Torino

The exhibition will be open until Thursday 28th February 2018 

It will be open, with free entry, from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm.


Among the events there will be exhibitions and conferences, “1938-2018.A 80 anni dalle leggi razziali”, whose main exponent is the Museo Diffuso della Resistenza. The Università degli Studi di Torino organizes the exhibition Scienza e vergogna. L’Università di Torino e le leggi razziali in the sala Athenaeum of the historical library “Arturo Graf” inside the Palazzo del Rettorato (entrances: via Po 17 and  via Verdi 8) in Turin.

The exhibition expresses the awareness of the dramatic relation that the university had with this crucial moment of Italian history.

The project of the exhibition, by Giacomo Giacobini, Silvano Montaldo ed Enrico Pasini of the Sistema Museale di Ateneo, and with the collaboration of Paolo Novaria of the Archivio Storico, reflects the ambiguity of the relation of the university of Turin with this aspect of the past. The university of today identifies with the victims, the university of then, which is the same of today from the institutional point of view, was justifier and executor, cooperating in defining the scientific, or pseudo-scientific, framework which prepared laws; which from the administrative point of view put in execution, with the utmost diligence, the action of driving away people who were discriminated and welcome the ones who took their place. In addition, through students and teachers, it supported racial propaganda and mobilization, adding more hate against the victims.


In the opening of the exhibition will take part:

  • Fabio Levi – presentation of the “Progetto 1938-2018. A 80 anni dalle leggi razziali”
  • Alberto Piazza – inaugural conference
  • Silvano Montaldo – presentation of the exhibition.

The visit of the exposition will follow.


Inside the project 58 biographies of people expelled from the university have been restored. You can find them in the website.

Authors of the biographies: Francesco Campobello, Marco Galloni, Pierangelo Gentile, Livia Giacardi, Giacomo Giacobini, Edoardo Greppi, Erika Luciano, Gianluigi Mangiapane, Marta Margotti, Walter Meliga, Elisa Mongiano, Silvano Montaldo, Eloisa Mura, Paola Novaria, Enrico Pasini, Andrea Pellizzari, Luigi Provero, Aldo Sandulli, Giangiorgio Satragni.

For guided visits click here.

here the Facebook event of the exhibition.

You can now sign in for #JustTheWomanIAm!

On Sunday 3rd March 2019 will take place once again in Piazza San Carlo JUST THE WOMAN I AM, an event of sport, culture, well-being and sociality in support of the university research against cancer, organized by the Sistema Universitario torinese

The event, which will take place for the 6th time, gained popularity all over Piedmont. University education and research, physical activity and nutrition are the key words of Just The Woman I Am.

Gender equality is one of the main theme of this event, but it is not the only one!

University sport is once again at the forefront, with the aim of communicating its educational values of prevention and safeguard of health. Thanks to its aggregative component, the run wants to raise the awareness of the public opinion and fight gender violence.

To sustain concretely university research, you can sign up for the 6-km run/walk; it is not important the result, but being there. The program of the 3rd March is very rich: there won’t be only the run, but also other events (not only related to sports).

You can sign in starting from Monday 12th November. For further information visit:

In addition, like every year, you can personalize your bib by 10th February 2019.

To get more info and sign in:


Instagram@torinodonna #sceglidinonmancare, #torinodonna, #ognidonnavale

Murazzi Student Zone

More spaces where to study at night: more and more students feel this need.

In order to meet this need, 270 places of the Murazzi Student Zone will be available for night study for all students, from 7.00 to 12.00 pm, in addition to the traditional  9am-7pm opening hours. The new opening hours from 9am to 12pm, which will start from Monday 19th November 2018, will be from Monday to Sunday. On Saturday it will remain 9am-7pm.

“For the city, this is an important investment, which has to be added to the one of last year, aimed to grant more resources at the revolving found Edisu for residences of students”, said the councillor for Politiche Giovanili and Città Universitaria Marco Alessandro Giusta. “For  the municipality the support of students is part of a big action plan on youth policies, which wants to make young people the protagonists of the cultural and political life of our city. This is an investment on knowledge and culture, which is the only real opportunity of growth in the 3rd millennium”.

2 years after the flood

It was the end of November of 2 years ago. During the Autumn of 2016, a flood submerged the spaces of the Murazzi Student Zone, the study room opened in May 2013 in a symbolic place of the city and which became, from then on, a reference point for the students of Turin.

Two years later the new Murazzi Student Zone, which has been restored and newly reopened, tries new opening hours, in order to welcome the increasing demand of places destined to study (since exams of the Politecnico and of the Università di Torino are drawing near).


Opening hours Murazzi Student Zone


Monday 9-24

Tuesday 9-24

Wednesday 9-24

Thursday 9-24

Friday 9-24

Saturday 9-19

Sunday 9-24


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Lost (but then found) properties!

Have you ever studied in one of the study rooms of Edisu and forgot a personal object? Don’t worry, you can recover it!

You just have to ask at the reception of the study room in which the object has been found, or visit the website of Edisu.

Here the last objects lost in the study room, which have been found:

If you can’t recover them, they will be kept in the Sala studio Michelangelo Buonarroti 17/BIS , in the office Prestito testi universitari for about 6 months.

Remember that during the first 15 days from finding, the object remains in the reception of the study room where it has been found, but, if you don’t remember where you may have lost it, you can follow updates on the website or on Edisu social media channels and then you can go and take it at the Prestito testi universitari!