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Last chances to get to know the educational offer and to apply for one of the university courses of IUSTO, Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo.
By taking part in one of the Open Days you will be able to discover the academic programs 2018-2019. It will be a chance to be helped in making a choice about university and professional life.

On the Open Day there will be an introductory part on the educational offer of IUSTO and the academic world, followed by the presentation of every degree course. Students and graduates will talk about their experience. At the reception you will be able to find the staff of the information office, who will be available for interviews to know you better.


160 places available

Public notice for admission 2018/2019

For info and selection go to the detailed document of the Bachelor’s degree.

This academic course is the only one which can be taken both during the week (traditional course, mainly from Monday to Saturday), with 80 available places, and at weekends (mainly on Saturday and Sunday), with 80 available places too. The second option has been designed for the ones who, for personal or professional reasons, cannot attend the lessons during the week.


The APPLICATIONS FOR ADMISSION must be submitted online by 3rd September for the written test of 5th September and from 4th to 20th September for the written test of 24th September (if there are places available).


Take part in the next OPEN DAY: Friday 7th September from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
The entry is free until there are places available, after having confirmed the participation online. Register for the open day here.
The confirmation of participation online is compulsory, and people who accompany must be pointed out in the provided section in the application form.

The event will take place at IUSTO, in Piazza Conti di Rebaudengo, 22 in Turin.


Chiusure estive delle segreterie

During summer holidays,  offices and facilities of the Università degli Studi di Torino (University of Turin), of the Politecnico di Torino and the Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo listed below will close or change their opening hours.

Università degli Studi di Torino (University of Turin)

  • The Students registry offices (Segreterie Studenti) of the different Departments,  Sezione Diritto allo Studio (former Ufficio Tasse, Vicolo Benevello, 3/A – first floor), Ufficio Esami di Stato (Vicolo Benevello, 3/A – III floor) will be closed from August 6 to August 24, 2018. Reopening will be on August 27, 2018. Tickets sent during closure time through the Help Desk service (Help Desk della Direzione Didattica e Servizi agli Studenti) will therefore be examined from August 27 onwards.
    During closure time, students will receive information and help by calling 800 098590, from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM; and from 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.
  • The office for disabled and ASD students (Ufficio Studenti con Disabilità e DSA – Via Po, 29) will be closed from August 13 to August 17, 2018, while from July 30, to August 31, 2018, opening hours will be the following: Monday-Friday, from 9 AM to 1 PM.
  • The Infopoint (Via Po, 29) will be closed from August 13, to August 24, 2018, while from August 1, to August 10 and from August 27 to August 31 opening hours will be from 9 AM to 4.30 PM.


Politecnico di Torino

  • All administration offices of Cittadella Politecnica and Castello del Valentino will be closet from August 6 to August 18, 2018.



  • The Studenti della Segreteria Desk will be closed from July 30, to August 24, 2018.
Open day IUSTO

Come to the Open Days to know about the 2018/2019 academic programs of IUSTO, the Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo (Salesian University Institute Torino Rebaudengo). IUSTO is a private institution, located in Torino, a branch of the Università Pontificia Salesiana di Roma (Salesian Pontifical University of Rome). It is dedicated to academic education and research in the Human Sciences field. It has a Department of Psychology and a Department of Education.

Next counselling events:

Bachelor’s degree in EDUCATION – Class L 19

Bando di Ammissione 2018/2019

(2018/2019 Call for Admission)

Friday, July 13:      2.30 PM – 4.30 PM                   Registrati  (Sign up)


Bachelor’s degree in PSYCHOLOGY – Class L 24

Bando di Ammissione 2018/2019

(2018/2019 Call for Admission)

Friday, September 7: 10 AM  – 1 PM                     Registrati  (Sign uo)


The open day will begin with a introduction on IUSTO degree programs and university world, followed by a detailed presentation of the single programs. The Dean, the Responsible for Courses and Coordinators will participate. Students and graduates will share their own experience. At the reception you will find staff from the information point who you will be able to talk with.

The Open Day will be at IUSTO – Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino, linked with the Department of Education of the Università Pontificia Salesiana di Roma, in Piazza Conti di Rebaudengo, 22, Torino.

Online confirmation is compulsory. In case you bring other people, you must specify it in the dedicated section of the form.

Free access until the maximum number is reached.

For further information, please contact us at 011 2340083 – from Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 1 PM /2 PM – 5.30 PM.

Degree in Psychology at IUSTO Institute – Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo.


Open the applications for admission to the degree in Psychology at IUSTO Institute.

Inscriptions on line by February the 15th, 2015.

See more at:

Supera il GAP_images

SU.PER.A. il G.A.P. – Support to People who face the Pathological Gambling

February the 4th, 2015 at 14.30 – 16:00.
Free admission. Aula Calonghi. IUSTO – Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo. Piazza Conti di Rebaudengo 22, Torino.

Nadia Conticelli – President of the District 6 – City of Turin;
Ezio RISATTI -Preside Salesian University Institute Torino (Iusto) Rebaudengo;
Alessio ROCCHI – General coordinator  and  Director of Iusto;
Massimo GIUSIO – Lawyer, expert and teacher in victimology;
Luigi BERZANO – Professor of the University of Turin and Sociology teacher at Iusto;
Augusto CONSOLI – Psychiatrist, Director of the Department of Pathology of Addiction “C. Olievenstein “ASL TO2;
Claudia Chiavarino – Project Coordinator and Head of Research University Iusto;
Alessandra SCHIATTI – Clinical Supervisor and Project Manager of the graduate course in Psychology of Iusto.

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