University of Turin, Politecnico di Torino and Accademia Albertina have adhered to the Turin Pride 2024. This year, the parade will take place on Saturday 15th June. The slogan “Amore e Lotta” (Love and Fight) aims at exploring and celebrating the richness and complexity of human relationships, outside of any standard and rule.

The event announces itself as an “intersectional” and “fierce” pride, aimed at bravely facing the issues of equality, acknowledgment, and rights. The parade will start at 16:30 from Via Principe Eugenio / Corso San Martino cornerand the route’s details will be soon announced by the Coordinamento Torino Pride association.

Turin Pride 2024 not only represents a moment of celebration and visibility, but also is a further confirmation of the Coordinamento’s continuous commitment in formation, awareness, and civic action, aimed at building a more equal and inclusive society for everybody.

Coordinamento Torino Pride has been active since 2006 and represents a vital network of associations committed to promoting rights and awareness of LGBTIQ+ community and allies. Besides organizing significant events such as the Turin Pride, the association also plays a key role in education and formation regarding LGBTIQ+ issues, joining forces with the City of Turin’s LGBT service and other institutions.

Over the last few years, Coordinamento Torino Pride has also distinguished itself for its activism in civic context, actively participating in the debate on social policies and for criticizing such laws that risk to further marginalize LGBTIQ+ couples and families. The voices of Luca Minici and Margherita Anna Jannon, major members of the Coordinamento, have been crucial in promoting an inclusive and respectful dialog about every familiar reality.