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big open day ied

IED Open Days are back during summer on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Turin branch in Via San Quintino 39.


IED Open Days are back during summer on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Turin branch in Via San Quintino 39.

The day will be dedicated to the presentation of IED courses. Labs, classrooms and project areas for students will be the stops of the orientation tour for everyone interested in studying at the European Institute of Design.

The range of courses includes Undergraduate Courses, Master Courses and Continuing Study Programs, in both English and Italian. The staff from fashion, design, communication and visual arts schools will be present, together with students and professors, to answer all questions and doubts of future students.


Undergraduate Courses

10 AM– 12.30 PM
Booked interviews

2 PM – 2.30 PM
Opening of the doors and Registration – Garden

For the following courses:

Fashion Design
Jewelry and Accessories Design
Transportation Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Graphic Design
Communication Design

2.30 PM– 3 PM
Welcome speech by the Direction – Great Hall

4.30 PM – 6 PM
Booked motivational interviews


10 AM – 12.30 PM
Booked interviews

2 PM – 2.30 PM
Opening of the doors and Registration

2.30 PM – 3.00 PM

Welcome speech by the Direction – Great Hall

Possible interviews with the Coordinators of the following courses:

Marketing and Communication

Transportation Design

Specialisation Courses

10 AM – 12.30 PM
Booked interviews

2 PM – 2.30 PM
Opening of the doors and Registration

2.30 PM – 3.00 PM

Welcome speech by the Direction – Great Hall

Register for the Open Day here!


Open day, Porte Aperte

IED Turin has organized an open day on Saturday, 17th March, from 10 am, in the offices of Via San Quintino 39, in order to find out more about the schools of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication, educational method and the professional opportunities offered by the collaboration with professionals, companies and agencies!

An open day to discover the education provided by the IED

The day will be full of orientation activities, with professors, students and former students, dedicated to the education provided by the IED Turin: three-year degree course, Master’s Degree and Specialization Courses.

Available to participants throughout the open day:

  • Info Point: the staff will be at your service to give information about the education provided, the facilities and the services offered by the IED Turin.
  • Career Service: consultation about job prospects and the request of the working world in relation to the different courses of studies.

To take part at the event you have to sing up at the forum of the website.

Locandina della mostra Cura - Racconti fotografici sulla città della salute

The European Institute of Design and the City of Health and Science of Turin are the characters of Cura – Photographic stories about the City of Health, that is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the topic of care. Nine students of the third year of the Photography Course at the IED of Turin have recounted in their thesis project the excellences of the good public health of Turin.

The A.O.U City of Health and Science of Turin is the biggest medical centre at a national and European level, it has 9500 employees and it guarantees a diagnosis and a medical assistance of third level in different treatment paths, giving priority to multidisciplinary approaches that assure highly qualified suitable cures that meet the needs of the patients in the best way.

The exhibition Cura, that has been realized in collaboration with the Regione Piemonte and Roche, is the result of a year of researches and work in the area, that called the attention of the students of the IED. The selection of 150 photos can be seen at the Palazzo della Regione Piemonte (Piazza Castello 165) form 19th February to 13th March 2018. Open everyday from 10am to 6pm.

Creative Days Ied Torino

If you are still uncertain which passion transform into career, the Creative Days are a good opportunity to find answers.

It is an opportunity to put yourself out there working alongside experts in the field to create a project that starts with suggestions, grows with the ideas of the team and finishes with a simulated presentation for the company or the client…in this way you will become a designer for a day!

These are free workshops with limited number of attendee to help you dicover the daily reality of experts, working in team and to challenge yourself with your own abilities. Testing your attitudes can be useful to find the right studies in accordance with your passions!

You can sign up for more than one appointment. Places are limited!

You can find below the appointments for the Creative Days 2018 in Turin.


  • VISUAL ARTS School

26th February and 12th April – Photography Course, Graphic Design Course, Illustration Course.


26th February and 12th April – Design Communication Course

  • DESIGN School

20th February and 10th April – Transportation Design Course

28th February and 17th April – Interior Design Course, Product Design Course

  • FASHION School

 22nd February and 19th April – Fashion Design Course and Jewellery and Accessory Design Course


Here you can find the list of the courses together with the registration form for the workshop that you have to fill in.

The Creative Days provides a certificate of attendance valid for school credits.

New headquarters for the Fashion School

IED Torino recently inaugurated the new spaces for the Fashion School in a dedicated venue (Corso Matteotti, 11 – Turin).

The Academic Courses in Fashion Design and Jewelry and Accessories Design have been renewed with a focus on distinctive content and research areas.

The new cultural orientation today follows a path whose focus is research and innovation on materials and fabrics of the latest generation. The spaces, in addition to the new classrooms for front lectures, also include a tailoring workshop, fabric library and Cintiq classroom with 25 Dell Alienware and Wacom Cintiq 22HD workstations equipped with the latest generation software for Clo3D fashion design, useful in simulation and three-dimensional modeling.

The inaugurated spaces are IED Torino’s response to a growing need for the headquarters to have more and more avant-garde laboratories equipped to support collaborations with the most innovative companies in this sector.

IED Mobility-Lab

IED inaugurates in Turin IED mobility lab – a laboratory for innovation and development on the mobility of the future. The objective of the participatory research laboratory is to investigate the role of design in relation to different themes, such as the movement of people and things and the relationship between transport systems and cities.

At the head of IED mobility lab Luca Borgogno, Design Manager Pininfarina, an ex-student who has been working for years with the headquarters and whose professional experience, developed over twenty years of activity culminating in Pininfarina and Lamborghini, has always focused on research activities on the mobility of the future.

With the start of the IED mobility lab activities, the Turin office confirms for the 15th year the participation at the next International Motor Show in Geneva, presenting the latest concept car created by the historic Master in Transportation Design in collaboration with the European Design Center Hyundai.

The concept is also the result of the project participation initiated by the headquarters with a selection of leading international companies: Sila Group, project partner, Sabelt and Protocube Reply, technical partners.

For more info visit the IED Torino website.

IED rewards the talent of young people and offers a total of 16 scholarships to fully or partially cover the school fee to attend courses in areas of the Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management for the Academic year 2015/2016, starting from October 2015 in Turin.

Deadline for applications: May 4, 2015.

Find out how to apply HERE.

New IED (European Institute of Design) Advanced Training Courses are about to start: