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In September, the Politecnico of Turin will inaugurate a new Bachelor’s Degree in Technologies for the manufacturing industry. The course lasts three years and has a maximum of 50 participants, you can register until September 20 to take part in the admission test that will take place on September 24.

The aim of this course is to train high-profile professionals who can immediately be employed in the manufacturing sector, thus fully responding to the needs of companies, especially SMEs, which are interested in multi-skilled professionals, who have been trained to solve complex problems through “learning by doing”, learning by thinking" strategies, in which knowledge is mainly transmitted through
workshops and projects rather than through lectures. A special feature of the course will include the relationship with companies: from the first year the student will undertake a course of in-depth study of methods and knowledge specifically aimed at the production process sector with internships during all three years of the course, which in the last year will have a more oriented connotation to deal with real cases and experiences of the world of work.

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The admission tests for the Original course (five tests) and the Academy course (one test) will be held at the Holden School on July, 13th.
The test will take place In the morning and there will be individual interviews in the afternoon.
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Saturday, July 6 at 10:00 a.m. IUSTO – Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo is organizing an Open Day for the three-year course in Educational Sciences.
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Students enrolled at the University of Turin or at the Politecnico will be offered the opportunity to speak at a conference alongside great lecturers and experts in scientific communication. The event will be dealing with how to communicate with the public about the results of scientific research, which is a fundamental component of contemporary science. In fact, scientific dissemination to amateurs differs from the
dissemination to people who are doubtful about a project that concerns them and is also different from the dissemination to public or private financiers.
To participate, send your abstract by September 1st.§
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DigiTO, the online magazine of the Youth Policies Service, has created a new section in English,  “Discovering Turin” for those who want to know the city. You can find articles dedicated to the museums of Turin, a guide for university students and many other articles. This is the perfect magazine for a student who decides to move to Turin.

EDISU 2019/2020 has now been published, this year's edition includes:
– A single deadline for the application for scholarship and housing service, which will be on 29 August at 12:00.
– Only university ISEE certificates whose DSU was signed between 16 January and 29 August 2019 will be taken into consideration for participation.
– The supplementary contribution for international mobility, which can be requested from 29 April 2020 to 29 May 2020, has been included in the call for applications.
To see the call for applications, visit the website

You can apply for the AGON Scholarship until 19 July. AGON scholarship aims to guarantee access to the highest levels of academic education to deserving young athletes from all over Italy and abroad, by giving them to opportunity to practice sport in an excellent environment. Politecnico and the University of Turin offer 24 scholarships: 14 cover food and lodging and university fees for athletes, while the other 10 cover the payment of university fees.
For the application you must present a certificate of academic achievement and sports curriculum.
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The Almalaurea 21 st report on the graduates’ profile in 2018 in Piedmont. The statistic analyzed the performance of over 280,000 graduates in 2018: more specifically, 160,000 bachelor degree graduates, 82,000 master degree graduates and 37,000 single-cycle degree program graduates. 30.0% of the graduates comes from other Italian regions, 6.1% of the graduates is international. As regards the success of university studies as a whole, the average age of graduates is 25.3 years old. The average final score is 101.1 out of 110. 57.0% of the graduates did an internship accepted by their degree course, whereas 13.3% has completed a study experience abroad which was accepted by their degree course. As regards the fulfillment for the university experience, 89.8% of graduates is satisfied, also concerning the relationship with professors and the infrastructures that the university provides.
And how many people would enroll again to university? 73.6% of graduates would choose the same degree course and the same university again, whereas 11.5% of graduate would enroll again in the same university but would change the degree program.
One year after graduating, the employment rate is 78.4%, more specifically 56.4% of the employed considers the degree course very useful for their job. The employment rate of engineers from Politecnico is a record: one year after graduating 89% of them have a job contract with a higher salary compared to graduates from other universities. 73% of the graduates from Università degli Studi have a job one year after graduating. This report awards Piedmont, especially the two universities of Turin with students who have more
stable contracts and significant paychecks once they enter the labour market.

By July 15 th if you are a student who has international protection, you can apply for a scholarship to access Bachelor degrees, Master degrees and Doctorates in research in Italian universities for the academic year 2019-2020.
This initiative, which is promoted by the Ministry of the Interior and CRUI (Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities), with the participation of ANDISU (Associazione Nazionale degli Organismi per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario), has the objective to support the right to study for young and worthy students, who have international protection and who were forced to interrupt their course of study started in their country of origin.
Students with the following requirements can participate:
– Students who won a scholarship for the academic years 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018- 2019 and who have a refugee status or subsidiary protection, who are already enrolled in Italian universities and who have the right for a 2019-2020 scholarship after obtaining the CFUs indicated in the article 4 of the admission notice;
– Students who have international protection (right of asylum or subsidiary protection) and who, by July 15 th 2019, own a diploma that allows them to access a bachelor degree, a single-cycle master degree or a doctorate in research, who obtain for the first time a registration to the Italian university system for the academic year 2019-2020.
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politecnico di torino

The U-Multirank promoted by the European Union is an analytical evaluation that includes 36 indicators, each one with a score that goes from 1 (very good) to 5. The ranking mainly evaluates 5 aspects: teaching, research, technology transfer, internationalisation and relations with the territory in terms of graduate employment and partnership with the local socio-economic system. The goal is to provide each university (on a global scale) with an interpretation on its own strengths and weaknesses. Out of 36 parameters studied, Politecnico di Torino obtained a score of very good or good in 24 of them: 5 very good and 19 good. The excellence of Politecnico is the number of post-doc positions where it always had a score of very good in the last three years. Research and technology transfer were judged positively and Rector Guido Saracco is satisfied with the results, which show that the politics used by the university are effective.
What do you think? Do you think that the ranking has identified the strengths of Politecnico?