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On 4th April at 12:30, the new Bar Michelangelo, in the Via Buonarroti 17 bis study hall in Turin, was inaugurated. It was opened by Edisu Piemonte and will be run by students from the second to the fifth year of Istituto Alberghiero J. B. Beccari.

This new café results from the rehabilitation of a disused area inside the study hall, which allowed to create a 190 m2 large space that includes the customers area, storage, cooking, and food preparation area, as well as a new entrance and reception.

From 9 to 15 the Bar Michelangelo will offer cafeteria, snack bar, hot and cold food service. Access is limited to study hall users with the latest version of the “Campus Piemonte Id Meal” app, which is mandatory for all canteens and Edisu Piemonte affiliated facilities from 2nd April.

In March 2024, the new EMI@CLAUnito training project, targeted to professors of Degree Courses taught in English, got started. This activity is part of the initiatives framework put in place by the University of Turin to increase its presence on the international scene (Goal 2.3 of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026), also enhancing Degree Courses taught in a foreign language and the attractiveness for international students. In the 26 Degree Courses taught in English, students and professors are the protagonists in the making of an open University, oriented to a transnational and strongly intercultural dimension. This kind of educational activity requires that professors develop new teaching methods and establishes a new training necessity. The EMI@CLAUnito aims at meeting this very needs.

This project is the result of the collaboration between the University Language Center (CLA-UNITO) and the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures and it was started and coordinated by the Area Internazionalizzazione, together with the Teaching and Learning Center. It represents an important development opportunity for professors who teach in English. This training intervention aims at highlighting the importance of integrating linguistic, didactics and intercultural aspects when teaching in English. The project combines CLA-UNITO’s experience with the results of EMI (English-medium Instruction) research, especially in the framework of the EMILC project (EMI Lecturer Certification: New horizons for quality assurance and capacity building). Activity is coordinated by Prof.ssa Alessandra Molino, in collaboration with University’s EMI experts, supported by external collaborators.

The project is structured in 6 meetings of 3 hours each, resulting in 18 hours. The training path focuses on a critical analysis of EMI, in order to strengthen the teaching methods, especially in international classes. Special attention is paid to the improvement of English linguistic competence applied to teaching, and to the strategies aimed to support education and effective intercultural communication. The project takes into consideration the specific features of different subject areas and contexts, promoting autonomy in the continuous professional development. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to receive an individual feedback on their teaching methods through mock lesson sessions. Acquired competences will be certified by an Open Badge from CLA-UNITO.

4 training cycles are scheduled in 2024, especially targeted to UniTo professors who have not yet participated in training projects held in English.

To understand, to discover, to decide what you want to do in your future discover the IAAD Academic Diplomas at the I level and the news for 2024-2025 academic year.

Discover the  IAAD educational philosophy which will transform you in a future creativity professional. You will be able to participate to the online meetings about your path of interest in the afternoon on Saturday 16 th March 2024.

Event schedule
10.00 – 10.30 | Welcome & Coffee Break
10.30 – 11.00 | Institute and educational offer of Undergraduate Courses presentation
11.00 – 14.00 | Thematic workshops on Undergraduate Courses with IAAD Professors,
students and alumni
If needed, it is possible to receive on request the certificate of participation by email.
Discover the IAAD Academic Diplomas at the I level and the news for 2024-2025 academic year.
To confirm your participation, sign up on IAAD website  here .

Also in 2024 high school and university students can apply for the discount voucher to purchase a computer.
Only students with an ISEE not superior to €20,000 can apply.

Discount amounts to €300 and can be used to purchase any computer. Students who already
applied for and used the discount voucher last year cannot apply for it again.

Students must be in possession of an Italian SPID (Public Digital Identity System) or CIE (Electronic Identity Card) and will have to fill in an application form with essential information such as name and surname, fiscal code, IBAN (International Bank Account Number), matriculation number, and copies of identity card and ISEE.

The voucher cannot be used for accessories such as printers, scanners or softwares.
Discount is valid for any new, used or refurbished device with any

Next Salone dell’Orientamento (orientation fair) by the Politecnico di Torino will take place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April. It will be held on-site in the Aule R classrooms in via Borsellino, where there will be stallspresenting Bachelor’s Degrees and a rich schedule of thematic meetings and open lessons.

While waiting for the two days schedule details, the Politecnico di Torino has activated a free orientation virtual classto which you can connect from February to May 2024 to meet professors and ask them your questions about the educational offer of the following courses:

Environmental and Land Engineering Bachelor’s Degree
Civil and Environmental Engineering Bachelor’s Degree
Environmental and Land Engineering Master’s Degree
Georesources and Geoenergy Engineering Master’s Degree
Agritech Engineering Master’s Degree.

There will be no additional exam session in June to catch up on the time lost due to Covid-19. Constitutional Affairs and Budget Committees denied the amendment which demanded an extension of the 2022/2023 academic year until 15th June. Such extension was aimed at giving more time to about-to-graduate students whose university career was affected by Covid-19, introducing an additional exam session from 15th June without having to pay university taxes during a whole year.

On Sunday 3 March 2024, the eleventh edition of JUST THE WOMAN I AM will officially start.
New for the 2024 edition: the run will start from Piazza Vittorio Veneto and will finish in Piazza San Carlo. The Prevention and Wellbeing Village will also be set up in the evocative Piazza San Carlo in Turin on 1, 2 and 3 March. The Village is an opportunity for meeting, dialogue and celebration between
the academic world, Italian healthcare excellence, citizens and schools. An event within the event that will offer free prevention visits, consultations and presentation of non-profit associations, conferences and informative webinars. The village will be implemented thanks to the support of the University of
Turin, the Politecnico di Torino, the Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi, Edisu Piemonte, the ASL Città di Torino, the A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino and the several associations that have been participating in the event for years.

JTWIA has grown edition after edition and keeps evolving every year! A journey that has led it to be more sustainable, innovative and eco-friendly. It has expanded its communication platform, reproposing the traditional Meeting Space in the square with a new look: an evocative transparent dome in Piazza San Carlo. Moreover, it is now a globally popular event. All this without ever betraying its ideals: free prevention, healthy lifestyles, inclusion and gender equality. JTWIA has always been taking place strictly in the first week of March, around International Women’s Day.

R101 is the official radio station of the 2024 edition. It will be there in Turin to entertain people with its music and with a special focus on solidarity and inclusion, distinctive features of the radio station.
The latest edition broke all records: more than 22,000 people registered for the 5-kilometre non- competitive walk/run in 2023. A minimum donation of 20 euros per person is required to participate in JTWIA. It will be possible to take part in the event either In person, starting at 4 p.m. from the amazing Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Turin, or in Virtual mode, choosing your own 5 km route and sharing your experience on social media. The Virtual mode is confirmed again for the 2024 edition, as an additional possibility for registered individuals and JTWIA Teams from all over the world to participate.

The JTWIA Teams have always been the beating heart of the event, the best way to support university research and to live the JTWIA experience more intensely from the very first step, that of registering, with the possibility of customising the back of the T-shirt with a logo of your choice at no extra cost after registering a minimum of 20 participants. Each participant in the event will be able to choose the registration method (in Presence/Virtual, Individual/Group) on the dedicated page of the website and will receive the registration kit and Welcome Bag directly at home (with a 3 euro surcharge for the delivery service) or opt to purchase the registration kit at the pick-up points throughout the Turin metropolitan area, thanks to the partnership with DECATHLON ITALIA.

Since the 2024 edition, the Gattinoni Group is the main supporter of the event. But there are also many other partners supporting JTWIA: Lauretana, Decathlon, ITT, Boella e Sorrisi, Nova Coop, Iveco Group, Larc, Yogi Tea, Mercatino, Iren, Pastiglie Leone, Fantolino, Tecnocasa, Battaglio, ESCP, the
Organising Committee of the Turin 2025 Games and R101 itself.
Finally, the programme of the Prevention Village on Friday 1 March is dedicated to schools.
Supported by the Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Piemonte (Piedmont Regional School Office), the project will explore, among others, two of the issues closest to Generation Z: addictions and eating disorders. Young people and teachers from primary and high schools can participate in a real “student friendly” educational pathway that has them as protagonists in debates and meetings

admissions tests

Registration for the TIL test at the Politecnico di Torino is now open. There are 3 types of tests, namely TIL-I (Engineering), TIL-D (Design) and TIL-(Planning).

 there is not a specific Call for applications for non-EU applicants living abroad and requiring a
 TIL test is to be taken in-person only
 The minimum threshold for admission to TIL-I, TIL-D, TIL-P has been raised to 30/100
 Under the section called “Select your programme”, applicants wishing to take the TIL-I must choose up to 5 degree courses in the Engineering area, including the professional degree course in Technologies for the Manufacturing Industry, and rank them in order of preference.

The TIL is to be held in-person at the computer labs of the Politecnico di Torino campus. In order to register for the TIL test, you must register on the Apply@PoliTO platform.
Applicants have 1 hour and a half to answer 42 questions. Questions are divided in 4 sections covering 4 different disciplines. The number of questions and the time limits are organized as follows:
 16 Mathematics questions – 36 minutes
 10 Reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions – 20 minutes
 10 Physics questions – 22 minutes
 6 Basic technical knowledge questions – 12 minutes

For the academic year 2024/25, for the admission to degree courses with a limited number of studentsv the minimum and guaranteed thresholds are required, as detailed below.
The minimum threshold for being included in the ranking list is 30/100.
The guaranteed admission threshold is 60/100. This score enables applicants to enrol in thevBachelor’s degree programme they have chosen as their first preference.

The online calls for applications to the regional fee refund for the “Right to University Study”, for the academic year 2023/2024, are open from 15 January to 30 June 2024.

The regional fee
is a sum that students are required to pay, in compliance with Legislative Decree 68/2012 and Regional Law no. 53 of 1 August 1996, when matriculating or enrolling in undergraduate, postgraduate, research and single-cycle specialisation degree courses or in Higher Education Schools.

How to pay it
You pay it directly to your university when you enrol. You can find out how to do this on your university’s website or by contacting the offices in charge.
You can apply for a refund of the regional fee for the “Right to University Study” (EURO140.00) only, but not for any additional costs such as virtual stamp duty or other charges.
Students who have only paid a fee of EURO 16.00 do not have to fill out the refund application.

The application for refund does not have to be submitted by grant- winners or eligible applicants, as in their case the refund of the regional fee is made automatically.

Two events of two days each to create new partnerships and collaborations among researchers from 11 universities of the UNITA Alliance: this is the aim of the 2 nd edition of the UNITA research matching events.

On 12 and 13 December, more than 40 teaching and research staff from 6 countries active in the field of “Cultural heritage and tourism in a digital world” gathered in Turin; on the following two days, an equal number of participants attended the second event on the topic “Renewable energy mixes and materials for a more sustainable world”.
The model, already tested during the first UNITA research matching event in October 2022, consists of a series of face-to-face meetings, of 20 minutes each in rotation, between professors and researchers active in related scientific fields in order to get to know each other and discuss new international
projects and initiatives.
Matching between professors is created through a platform that collects participants; scientific profiles and takes into account the matching preferences expressed by all the participants over the days

preceding the event. Moreover, during the matching days each participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and present their field of research in a short session of elevator pitches.
At the end of the two events, each participant had the opportunity to hold 8 face-to-face meetings with colleagues from other countries, and thus consider the possibility of activating joint research projects and initiatives.

The first day of the event led to the creation of a project for joint PhD theses between the University of Turin and the University of Zaragoza in the field of linguistics. In the upcoming weeks, UNITA staff members in all participating universities will monitor the development of projects resulting from the
matching, so that they can provide administrative assistance where necessary and keep track of the initiatives created after the event.
At the event, Mario Giacobini, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Relations with European Institutions, announced the imminent publication of a call for research grants within UNITA.