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ITS ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Piedmont does not stop and has prepared communication initiatives and events to describe their courses.We are preparing some videos in which the companies that work with us and the images, will tell our routes, equipment, classrooms and what distinguishes our ITS. Everything will be available in the next few days on their website.

The first on-line presentation of the ITS ICT was organized for Thursday 4 June at 15:00. The students and interested students and anyone who wants to participate, can register on the their website to receive the accreditation link and to be updated on dates of appointments, registrations and selections. Further useful information:

  •  REGISTRATIONS for the next two years have not yet been started, we expect them to start in July, following of the provisions of the Piedmont Region
  • ITS ICT continues to offer highly specialized courses that are fully funded, therefore free of charge, without requiring registration fees for the selection and for the frequency of the two-year period;
  • ITS have the possibility to modify the study programs at the start of each two-year period in order to respond concretely to the needs of the companies, therefore it is possible that the new study paths may undergo variations in the title or in some contents while remaining focused on the study of information and communication technologies.
  • The period also highlighted the importance and centrality of digital tools for all production sectors, boosting new investments and new tools that will further support employment in the sector.

The free “remote” desk managed by IUSTO for gambling and over-indebtedness problems has been active since Monday 18 May. The free listening desk of the Salesian University Institute of Turin – IUSTO for people with gambling problems pathological gambling or over-indebtedness. For a telephone or e-mail consultation it is possible to call the number 011.0447748 (answering machine 24 hours a day) or send an e-mail.

The listening desk is managed by the IUSTO University, is a service active since 2015 with the name “Overcomes the GAP – Support for people facing pathological gambling”, since 2019 it has expanded the area of intervention also to situations of over-indebtedness.

Are you students and students of the Polytechnic of Turin enrolled in a first level degree course? Are you having difficulty finding a computer or other computer device in view of the exam session? The Alumni Association of the Politecnico has published a call for applications to obtain a computer or other IT device.

The main requirements are:

  1. Having enrolled in the academic year 2019/2020 to a Bachelor’s Degree Course at the Polytechnic of Turin;
    be resident in Italy;
  2. have submitted the application for the reduction of the contribution for the academic year 2019/2020 and having placed no more than income bracket 14 (ISEE <= 25.500 euros);
  3. not be in possession of an instrument suitable for the use of teaching remotely, according to the minimum requirements (windows 10 or IoS, webcam);
    The deadline to participate in the call is May 22, 2020 and the devices will be assigned starting June 1.

Due to the ongoing health emergency, for the academic year 20/21 the Department of Management has decided to eliminate the number programmed for the magistrals.
How will it work?
1️⃣ Who comes from the three-year class L18 or L33 will simply have to meet the REQUIREMENTS:
– if graduated: degree mark greater than or equal to 92/110
– if graduating: weighted average of 24 (exams registered by March 31, 2020).
Those who meet these requirements will automatically be admitted to the magistrale.
2️⃣ Anyone who does not meet the above requirements will have to take a TEST to ascertain the requirements, the methods of performance of which will depend on the evolution of the situation. The test will focus on the same subjects indicated previously for the traditional test.
🇬🇧 The possession of an English language certification (at least level B2) is also a fundamental requirement for the Business Administration course. Those who come from a three-year course in English are exempt from this. Alternatively, it will be possible to take the specific English test organized by the Department only once.

In view of the next summer exam session for the 2019/2020 academic year in the general framework of remote development, the Turin universities have developed ad hoc handbooks for students and students with Specific Learning Disorders (DSA). Within the general framework of Law 170/2010 which guarantees duly certified DSA students to be able to take advantage of adequate forms of verification and evaluation during the university course, it is worth noting the specificities and approaches of the universities.

The Polytechnic of Turin has prepared general indications but some differences compared to the exam to be taken. The information is to support students with disabilities and / or with Specific Learning Disorders (DSA). In fact, since 2010 the University has activated the support service for students with Specific Learning Disorders (DSA) whose services are detailed here. For any doubt, you can contact the office at the following email addresses (,

As regards the University of Turin, specific guidelines have been prepared to regulate teaching and remote examinations. In particular, the teachers can find all the useful information to make the teaching material accessible on the University’s intranet site, under distance teaching. In addition, Prof. Marisa Pavone, delegate of the Rector of the University of Turin for disability / DSA, has prepared operational indications and at this link you can not only access information but also download the form to request individualized treatment for students and students with DSA. In fact, there are specific indications for different disabilities and the University’s recommendation is in any case that students with disabilities report their needs for distance lessons or exams well in advance to the professor and the disabled office of the University. , so as to agree on reasonable accommodation to guarantee everyone the right to study. For any doubt, the students and students can write to the email address

The Politecnico di Torino organizes the online OPEN DAYS to help you build your future. In order to support you in making such a relevant decision you will be able to enter PoliTO’s world and find all the needed information.
Five days of meetings with professors, students and orientation experts, plus the possibility to follow the presentation of 23 Bachelor and 30 Master Degrees offered by PoliTO

The City Council of Turin unanimously voted on a motion requiring travel tickets purchased and not used due to the emergency to have an extension of validity (for an equal number of days of inactivity) or a partial refund.

The Board has therefore received a commitment to speak with the Piedmont Region, with AMP, with public transport managers and with Gtt to define how the measure should be applied.

The 2020 edition of Waste Mob is incompatible with the distancing imposed by Covid-19, but the commitment of the universities does not go out and thus a social campaign is born to raise awareness on the concepts of circular economy and upcycling and on the theme of the reuse of objects and materials which have lost their original purpose and which would be disposed of. The campaign is called # madeincasa2020 and will be held from 18 to 27 May 2020, on the social channels of the University of Turin, the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Eastern Piedmont, the Turin University Sports Center and the University Center Sportivo Piemonte Orientale.

Having to spend a lot of time in our homes, we dedicated ourselves to extraordinary cleaning and to clearing the spaces we live in from unused or no longer functional objects. Instead of throwing them away, this is an opportunity to find a new purpose for them. To participate in # madeincasa2020 it will be sufficient to publish on Instagram the photos of the objects that have been given a “second chance” or those made using reused waste materials. Each post must be accompanied by the hashtag of the event # madeincasa2020 and by the mention of the University of belonging. Photos of the most interesting and innovative ideas will be shared by universities and CUS. The initiative is open not only to students and staff of universities and university sports centers, but also to all citizens of the Piedmont region.

Prizes are also expected this year, which will be drawn by lot on May 29, 2020 among those who 50 T-shirts, 10 tracksuits and 5 sports experiences will take part in the campaign (weekend on a sailing boat, climbing climbing, rental of fields, entrance fee to the swimming pool) made available by the Piedmont University Sports Centers and the Piedmont university system. The results of the final draw and the communications for the winners will be published on the Instagram profiles of the organizers and on the Facebook page of the event, where the initiative’s regulation, further information and many tips for reusing objects and materials recovered at home are available.

The TIL (Test in Laib) to enroll in the 2020/2021 academic year at the Engineering degree courses at the Polytechnic of Turin will be held remotely and will therefore be supported from home, following a specific protocol that will be made known as soon as possible. The next scheduled date is Thursday 21 May but all seats are already sold out. The university announces that shortly the possibility of enrolling on another additional date will be open. Click here to stay updated

If you have a project at the service of the community in mind, a design idea for the common good submit it to IED by 20 May. The European Institute of Design will select the best ones and help you make them come true. Here more info