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The Unito Management Board has definitively approved the fees regulations for the academic year 2020/2021. Here you will find some of the important changes they entail, a few of which we had previously disclosed.

– The NO TAX AREA will be expanded to all ISEE indexes lower than € 20,000, in accordance with the latest
ministerial provisions.
– A decrease in the fees assigned to ISEE indexes between € 20,000-26,000.
Part-time students will be able to enjoy a 20% reduction on their ISEE compared to the previous
regulations, no matter the value of their index. This way, part-time fees will amount only to 60% of full-time
fees, compared to 75% in previous years, becoming more proportionate to the maximum credit workload for
this kind of study plan (36).
– Students with an ISEE index lower than € 20,000 and an “inactive” study plan will see merit-based
distinctions reduced.
– It will be possible to produce the ISEE documentation for higher education reductions (ISEEU) after the
official November 20 th , 2020 deadline upon payment of arrears of 150 euros. Under those terms, the ISEEU
documentation will be accepted until March 22 nd , 2021. Current ISEE documentation will also be accepted until
the same date.
– Student fees will be divided into four installments instead of three.
Italian and foreign students who are not eligible to apply for higher education reductions will have the
choice to apply for a reduction to their overall university fees for the academic year 2020/2021 based either on
their officially recognized ISEE index or on the GDP per capita of their/their parents; country of residence,
adjusted according to Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) rates.
A Taxation Help Centre (CAF) will be opened within the premises of the university in order to make the process of acquiring ISEEU documentation easier.

The official announcement of the entrance test to medical graduate schools has been published.
– The entrance test has been scheduled on September 22 nd.  It will consist of 140 multiple-choice questions to
be solved within 210 minutes. A maximum of 7 points will be awarded for pre-existing qualification/diplomas.
– Candidates will be able to register for the test on the website starting from July 28 th until
August 6 th at 3:00 pm.
– The locations hosting the test will be announced before September st , 2020.
– Each candidate will have the option to select any number of the listed grad schools once between October 5
th -9 th 2020. Official designations to each school will be published on October 12 th .
– Enrolment procedures should be completed by 12:00 am on October 20 th , 2020. Reallocations will start from
October 28 th .
Courses are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, 30 th December 2020.
⚪ Admission requirements ⚪
▶ Having graduated by September 16 th and having passed the qualifying exam to exercise the medical
profession by the beginning of courses (December 30 th )
▶ Not being enrolled on a general medical practice course (CFSMG) when taking the admission test.
Here are some recent changes to the rules:
Doctors applying to general medical practice courses will be allowed to “participate in entrance tests to
medical graduate schools for doctors only after their general medical practice course has ended, or alternatively
they will be allowed to participate if they renounce the aforementioned course, discontinuing it prematurely”.
The ceiling of 3 schools max to be chosen as preferences when registering for the test has been removed.
The new rules allow for the “widest choice range” possible, instead.
Express indication of the number of available spots for each listed school has also been removed.

Increasingly often, universities need to keep in touch with the world of work in order to create study plans meeting the demand for specific job profiles.
This is the very reason why a new degree course in Agricultural and Food Law is being launched by Università degli Studi di Torino in the upcoming academic year. It will be the first degree course in Italy devoted to the studying of the law surrounding the agri-food sector.

The course will be based in Cuneo and its lessons provided online, in order to meet the needs of students from all over Italy. The course will touch upon all the main areas of expertise in this sector, from agricultural to agribusiness law, from environmental to European Community law, with the aim of training new law professionals specialized in a particularly relevant field for the economic and community life of our country.

What do Dothraki from “Game of Thrones” and Klingon from “Star Trek” have in common? They are both con- languages, artificial languages purposefully designed for fictional universes.
Constructing a language is akin to any act of science and requires the right mixture of skill and creativity. In case some aliens wanted to communicate with us, one cannot simply turn themselves into a language expert out of the blue. This is the main topic of the last episode before summer break of the podcast “Prof fantastici e dove trovarli” (Fantastic professors and where to find them), featuring three linguists from Università di Torino.

The podcast is hosted by FridA (the Academic Forum for Research of Università di Torino) and follows the lives of professors and researchers from Unito beyond lecture time, combining research, personal interests and curiosities. In particular, the guests of podcast episode “Lingue a merenda” (A multilingual snack) are Ms Elsa Corino, Professor of Modern Languages, Mr Roberto Merlo, Professor of Romanian Language & Literature, and Mr Simone Bettega, Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, all teaching at the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures.

Many admission tests for the upcoming academic year that require students to pass a selection process will be held online using the platform made available by CISIA and their TOLC@Home tests (TOLC@Casa). How does it all work? Here you will find all the explanations you may need.

● How much does it cost? 30 Euros.
● Can I take more than one test? Yes, as long as they are held in different months from one another.
● After I receive my scores, can I consider myself accepted into the ranking list for my preferred university
course? No, not until your university announces the minimal score required for admission. Then you will
have to wait for the full ranking list published in September in order to know whether you can enrol or not.

The Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS) and the “PoliEtnico” Choir of Politecnico di Torino have launched a creative contest to compose a song titled WE ARE THE EARTH.
The aim of the contest is to create a multilingual choral song structured into verses and choruses, with lyrics referencing the themes contained in the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda and expressing the creative input of Italian universities as a whole.
● Sing a verse no longer than 70 seconds
● Record your entry
● Send your entry to
● You have until 12 am on August 31 st to turn your entries in.
You can find all the relevant information here.
And don’t forget to keep an eye on the hashtag  #songcontestwearetheearth!

How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect university students and the way they travel to universities, libraries or canteens?
Is it possible that a healthcare emergency should give birth to a new, positive rethinking of transportation? Has faith in the public transport system increased or decreased? Is shared mobility our future, or is it a relic of the past already? Will we eventually use private means of transportation more or less frequently?

Here you can find the link to a survey that aims to understand what is going to change in the transportation routine of the academic community after the healthcare emergency. This survey has been created by the Green Office at UniToGo and by the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS). Speaking of sustainability, Università degli Studi di Torino has signed an agreement with company Car2go (more specifically with Car2go-Sharenow) which should grant all members of the academic community a 19€ bonus, plus a 10€ traffic bonus. This has been made possible by a sharp decrease in the subscription cost to the service (normally amounting to 9€). You can find the link to register and enter your personal area here.

The call for applications for scholarships, accommodation services and graduation grants by EDISU Piemonte is now online!
Here you will find some of the changes recently introduced to the rules of application.
This year, applications for scholarships and accommodation and those for scholarships only will have
separate procedures to follow. This will affect, more specifically:

● openings of the procedures of application for scholarships and accommodation and for
scholarships only
1️⃣  Students will still have the opportunity to be included in the ranking lists published on March 15 th ,
2021 in case of exclusion from the definitive list published on December 15 th , 2020. Failure to register
and/or failure to provide complete consular documentation within the deadline for appeals to the temporary
lists for accommodation (September 15 th ) or scholarship assignment (November 20 th ) count as grounds for
the aforementioned exclusion.
2️⃣  Students will be allowed to confirm/reaffirm the financial figures declared for the academic year
2019-2020 in case the lockdown caused by the healthcare emergency makes it unduly difficult to procure
the up-to-date consular documentation.

In the Ministerial Decree signed on May 9 th , 2020 it was decreed that the maximum value for the ISEE and ISPE indexes should be increased to € 23,626.32 and € 51,361.58 respectively. Starting from next year, further changes will also be introduced (see Article 5 about the quantification of scholarships (“IMPORTI BORSE DI STUDIO”) in the aforementioned call for applications):

– Students included in the ranking list for the academic year 2019-20 published on June 30 th , 2020,
who have not provided their self-declaration of residence in consideration and have therefore been
assigned their scholarships as commuter students, will be allowed to apply for confirmation not
only of their scholarship but also of their accommodation.

– Students who could not be granted their due accommodation at Collegio Einaudi due to the
lockdown will also be allowed to apply for confirmation of said accommodation, granted they are
assigned accommodation at the same structure for the academic year 2020-21.

– Given the present uncertainties over the organization of future international exchange programmes
due to the possibility of new emerging healthcare crises, the Call for Applications 2020-21 will
not include rules and regulations governing the additional contribution of international mobility to
projects starting in the academic year 2021-22. This will instead be disciplined by a different,
specific call for application expected to be approved and published in March 2021.

A gym and a kindergarten will soon be opened at Complesso Aldo Moro of Università di Torino. Alongside the already functioning classrooms and offices of the Department of Foreign Languages, opened to the public a while ago together with part of the shops in the area, over 13,000 square feet will be opened on the lower ground floor starting from September. This completely renovated area will be able to host up to 2,000 people and will be more specifically divided into 3 multi-purpose halls, a congress centre, a teaching room with 410 seats and a university- administered gym that will also act as a research centre.
An underground car park with 623 available parking places (160 of which will be reserved for members of the academic community) will also be opened. Lastly, the remaining building of the premises will serve as student housing with 30 double and 60 single rooms, making it fit to accommodate up to 120 students total.

22 “summer locations” will be hosting Torino a Cielo Aperto, a rich programme of events spanning the whole area of Torino with the aim of inviting citizens to reclaim their public spaces and city parks after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 healthcare emergency.
The project consists of 22 “summer locations” run by several cultural associations with the support of the City of Torino.
Events will be organized in full accordance with the new dispositions in the latest decree signed by the Prime Minister, in order to assure the audience a completely safe attendance and full peace of mind during all activities.

During Torino a Cielo Aperto open-air spaces, public gardens and parks, areas surrounding museums and recreation centres, squares, balconies and courtyards will become the ideal setting for live shows and performances, music, cinema, theatre, lab activities, meetings, wellness practice, listening sessions, guided tours, multicultural dinners, yoga sessions at sunset, but also for walks in the park, experimentations, walkscapes, educational talks, cabaret shows, animation and visual art productions, post-synch activities, workshops, DJ lessons, storytelling and seminars. They will turn into places where we can all enjoy community life again, still physically distant from each other but all closely knit together as a community while spending an
entertaining summer in our city.