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Do you know Fondo Rotativo Edisu Piemonte?

Fondo Rotativo is reserved for off-site students applying for scholarships and housing service, who result eligible in the accommodation definitive ranking list and and not assigned as a result of expression of interest.

The application for Edisu Fondo Rotativo for Rent Deposit has been online since 2 October 2020.

What is Fondo Rotativo?

Fondo rotativo is an economic support to cover the payment of the security deposit required at the time of stipulating a lease as an advance payment of the scholarship, reserved for off-site students applying for scholarships and housing service who result eligible in the accommodation definitive ranking list and not assigned as a result of expression of interest.

The amount paid is equal to the one needed for two months and will be fully recognized or in part according to the number of holders, however within the maximum limit set for each contract and cannot exceed € 800,00. This amount is intended as an advance on the scholarship.

For more info go on the Edisu Call but remember that you can submit the application online since 2 October 2020.

Call for application for the admission to the two-year course of study 2020-2022.

Fondazione ITS Biotecnologie per il Piemonte opens the time period in which students can submit their application to participate in the selection of the following courses:

Chemical and Biotechnological industrial production

Higher technician diploma for the quality of products and biotechnological processes system.


Industrial biotech applications for sustainable production and innovative materials

Higher technician diploma for R&D of biotechnological products and processes


Production and maintenance of medical devices and telemedicine applications

Higher technician diploma for the production of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative devices.

Main location: TURIN

The deadline for the submission of the applications is Monday, 12 October. The applications must be submitted following the instructions of Art. 8 of the call for application

Save the date! On Thursday, 8 October 2020 you have an appointment with Uni-To-Go – Eppur mi muovo.

Presentation of the data collected by a nationwide survey on home-university mobility.

We will talk about the new mobility habits of the students during the Covid-19 period.

In a university city like Turin, more than 100.000 people go to a university to either attend the lessons or work. When and how will the university community move during the Covid-19 period? What are the differences with the rest of Italy?

We will present for the first time UniTo’s results of the nationwide survey on home-university mobility, a survey promoted by the University Network for Sustainable Development and sponsored by the Rectors’ Conference of Italian Universities. The data will be compared with the mobility politics of the local institutions, Politecnico di Torino, Comitato Torino Respira and Assemblea Popolare.

Today, Tuesday, 6 October reopens another important study room: Olimpia in Lungo Dora Siena.

In the new room Olimpia, close to Campus Einaudi, you can prepare your exams and enjoy free Wi-Fi connection.

Opening hours are the following:

Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. / 2.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.

If you want to take a break from studying, you can find delicious snacks, aperitifs and coffee in the nearby café!

We remind to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose and always sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the study room. Read the entire regulation here:

The study room is located in

Lungo Dora Siena 102/A

Entrance from Bar Olimpia

Bioeconomy Day 2020 | Don’t miss the events, initiatives and meetings in various Italian cities!
Guided tours in labs and companies of the biotech sector
Roundtables on bioeconomy themes Seminars, webinars and videos on scientific topics
Live here

The provisional ranking list for the accommodation service 2020/2021 has been published. How can you check if your name is on the list?
You have to access the online services, go to “scholarships, accommodation service, food service”, click on the link elaborated on the list.
The definitive ranking list for the accommodation service a.y. 2020/2021 will be published on 21 September starting from noon.

Today, 28 September, the first courses at Unito started again. The courses will be held with a “mixed” mode: each professor will choose whether to give their
lecture in presence or remotely via the platform Webex. Regarding the lectures in presence, only a predetermined number of students will be admitted. Those students will have to reserve a seat through Student Booking and will follow specific access instructions.
What is Student Booking? You will need it to access UniTo lessons.
To access the lessons safely, you will need to reserve a seat in the classroom.
How? Go on “MyUniTo Studente” or “Futuro Studente” and reserve your seat with

the “Student Booking” service.
The service is for:
 students registered to a course with an uploaded study plan and attended
/ planned courses. Students with disabilities will have priority access
 freshmen without an uploaded study plan
 future students who registered on the university portal and completed the
registration process with their personal data

The call for the McKinsey & Company competition will be published in the next few days!
Thanks to McKinsey’s camp; Company, Collegio Einaudi will create a competition with € 2,500 gross as study awards.
Students of Collegio Einaudi of the academic year 2020/2021 can participate if they have the following characteristics:
First Generation students (those whose parents do not have a degree) or
Students registered in Turin universities to:
– a Master of Science course
– a Doctorate
in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economy, Statistics.
For more info, join the webinar with McKinsey & Company’s experts on Wednesday, 30 September at 5 p.m.!
You will receive the credentials by e-mail.

Are you creative? Do you study Engineering, Architecture, Planning or Design at Politecnico di Torino? This call is for you!
The deadline for “Intraprendenti” project is tomorrow, 24 September 2020. It’s a
project for Engineering, Architecture, Planning or Design students.
Those that will be selected will work in teams on interdisciplinary and interactive activities to develop problem solving, always with an eye on sustainability.
There is a limited number of possible participants of 200 students. The project is for students of Politecnico of the academic year 2020/2021.
All info is here.

Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT) provides people under 26 with special fares.
Annual ticket for people under 26
It can be bought in any moment of the year and is valid for 12 months
The ticket can be paid in instalments
Cost: € 258
Annual ticket for people under 26 – ISEE discount
For people under 26 living in Turin and with a valid ISEE certification
Under A bracket: € 158
Under B bracket: € 178
Under C bracket: € 208
GTT has also provided people under 26 with an additional discount for the month of September 2020: starting from 15 August they will be able to buy
the monthly ticket for September at the price of € 22.
The purchase of the discounted monthly ticket for September will be possible only on the GTT e-commerce website.