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The Università degli Studi di Torino obtains the second place in the GreenMetric 2019 ranking: this is an international chart based on environmental and social sustainability of university campuses.
Unito once again confirms its second place among the 29 italian universities analised. Compared to 2018, the turinese University improves its position on the international level, ranking 41 st on 780 universities.
The ranking gives a score based on the information and data, sent by universities, about the actions taken and the policies implemented to reduce consumption and enhance sustainability.
This chart takes into account indicators of:
– Infrastructure (university’s general data, green areas and budget for sustainability): 15%
– Energy (consumption and policies to reduce its impact): 21%
– Waste (treatment and recycling): 18%
– Water (preservation and recycling): 10%
– Transport (policies for sustainable mobility in universities): 18%
– Didactics and research (courses, projects and results from researches on sustainability and extension of the overall society’s knowledge):18%
In 2016 the University of Turin established the UniTo Green Office project, with the aim of promoting planning and creating actions and initiatives for more environmental sustainability in universities, also collaborating with local corporations and stakeholders.

Visioni in Movimento” Cinema School with no chairs, is an announcement targeted at young film-makers.
This is the fifth edition, and there’s time until 30 th December to apply for it. “Visioni in Movimento” is an artistic opportunity for exchange, which consists of a long four-stop route to be carried out on foot on the Triestine Carso.
The fifth edition of “Visioni in Movimento” is promoted and realized by Culture Attive with the support of MIBACT and SIAE, within the “Per Chi Crea” program, and with the participation of Gal Carso, in partnership with the Mattador of Trieste and Visionaria of Siena associations, and with the collaboration of the Trieste Film Festival – Alpe Andria Cinema and – italian documentarists association.
For further information, please contact the “Visioni in Movimento” secretary’s office via:

The Università degli Studi di Torino created the “UniTo SkillCase” platform, that helps to strengthen and train the so-called soft skills. UniTo SkillCase is a very useful tool for all the recent graduates who are entering the world of work: thanks to its multimedia teaching materials and to some exercises, it is a way to make your various abilities come out.
The portal helps you train 8 skills: efficient communication, focus on objectives and final result, organization and planning, problem solving and solution finding, orientation to stakeholders, teamworking, adaptation to changes and self-empowerment. It is an opportunity for students to get to know and strengthen these 8 broad skills that concern the cognitive aspect, personal efficiency and the relational field, essential in today’s world of work.

The cultural association "Premio Tesi di Laurea su Torino", with the Backing of the City of Turin and of the
Regione Piemonte, set up a degree prize that concerns climate changes. All the degree thesis that have
been discussed over the past few years, no matter in what faculty, can participate.
You have time until the 31 st March 2020 to participate.
To sign up, visit the website.

The Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures has organised the “Conlanguages and linguistics. Describing, anlysing, creating languages for fictional worlds” workshop. It is open to 30 students that have passed at least one exam of General Linguistics, or of Didactics of foreign languages – 3 course credits. The aim is to increase and strengthen the scientific knowledge of languages and the language, through the analysis of the so-called “conlangs”, “constructed languages”.
These are artificial systems, in opposition to the natural languages that are tradionally studied by linguistics, that have been created with various aims, most of all linked to entertaining, often as a privileged part of “conworlding”, that is the creation of fictional worlds.
Registrations are open while seats last.

You have time until 13 th December to apply for one of the 53 scholarships provided by IED – European Institute for Design, to study abroad. You can choose between a three-year course or a Master in Spain: the scholarship will cover 50% tuition fee.
In order to apply, you have to create a project on the interpretation of the topic Respect, for people, futures and places in the complex contemporary landscape, referring to the UN’s SDG – Sustainable Development Goals.
Regolamento Corso Triennale
Regolamento Master
Visit the website for further information.

Officine Sintetiche is a platform that develops and promotes artistic and creative forms in the field of digital creativity and new media art. Its goal is to propose a reciprocity between new professionals in the field of theater, cinema, dance, contemporary art and music. Professionals, artists, teachers, researchers and students are part of this project.
MR (Mixed Reality) performance is a project work on the themes of identity and discrimination carried out within the platform Officine Sintetiche.
Students from the Università degli Studi, Politecnico and Conservatorio di Torino are admitted. The disciplines are: VR/MR performance, VR systems, interactive documentary, interactive storytelling.
Interested parties may send, by 17 November:
1) a short motivational letter;
2) a short bio (max 5 lines) that includes any previous experiences and software used in the field of audio- video (with its level);
3) any portfolio or links to works that are considered in line with the project above and sent to:
A small team will be selected and divided into roles. A commitment of about 10/15 days will be required, distributed between November, December and January, starting from 28 November 2019.
The final performance will be presented publicly at the Circolo del Design in Turin on 31 January/1 February 2020.

On Thursday 24th October, at the Luigi Einaudi Campus, the Anti-violence Counseling Office managed by the operators of the EMMA Anti-violence Centres onlus will open its doors.
The office will be open every Thursday:
from 2 pm to 7 pm at the Main Hall of the Einaudi Campus with an information space
from 5 pm to 7 pm with private counseling

The service is available to any woman studying or working at the University of Turin.

LVIA association of solidarity and international cooperation is launching a call on circular economy issues. The call will expire on 31 October and offer 60 young people the opportunity to participate free of charge in individualized training courses to strengthen their skills in the field of the green and blue economy.
The call is aimed at young people between 18 and 32 years of age in the citiesof Cuneo, Turin, Florence, Palermo and Forlì. These cities are in fact active in the project “Put change in circulation”
The winners will meet in Florence between 5 and 8 December in a residential campus, then the training will continue in their respective cities. In addition, the best projects developed during the training will participate in the competition dedicated to the Best Green Ideas which will be concluded with the awarding of the 12 most interesting proposals. The winning proposals will be financed with a fund of 3,000€ for their development.
For all the information visit the website.

The AIR Project presents “PAINT YOUR SPAZI”, a contest of murals aimed at boys and girls between 14 and 21 years old. The contest aims to involve young people in building places for them.
The ideals for the realization of the artistic works are: equal opportunities, inclusion, wellness, participation, friendship, environment, hospitality. Four winning works will be selected and will be realized in the operative offices of Spazi ReAli in Corso San Maurizio 4 and of the Listening Centre in via Giolitti 41 bis in Turin.
Vouchers for the purchase of artistic material will be part of the prize.
All proposals must be received by 6:00 pm on 19 October 2019.

To participate, send the required documentation to
For all information visit the website.