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The School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation has organized "Inventor", a prototyping boot camp for 50 students enrolled at Politecnico and Università degli Studi di Torino. The boot camp will entail 4 phases: conception, prototyping, pitching and graduation; following the principle of learning by doing, theory and practice alternate continuously to give the students a complete training.
In addition to being passionate about technology and innovation, you need to be able to work in a team. In fact, the 50 students selected will be divided into teams to develop a project, which will then be presented to a panel of experts and investors during the Demo Day.
The boot camp will take place from 20th to 30th September.
To apply you must fill out the form.
To learn more visit the website.

The City of Turin is funding two 6,000€ scholarships, lasting 6 months, as part of the project, Elaboration of innovative communication strategies for the promotion of emerging cultural production. The scholarships are only for the participants of the workshop that will take place from September 30th to October 18th, within the Interdepartmental Center for Knowledge Interchange of Università degli Studi di Torino, called IC4KI.
The contest is open to all those who have not reached the age of 30, and who have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree or a Laurea Specialistica or Laurea a Ciclo Unico at Università degli Studi di Torino or are enrolled in a Laurea Specialistica/Master’s Degree at Università degli Studi di Torino.
The project offers an innovative training opportunity focused on creativity and promotes and enhances the contamination between science, innovation and technology in the activities of young people and young artists.
The deadline for registration is September 11th.
For more information read the announcement

Marta Busso, near-graduate in Pediatrics at Regina Margherita, was able to solve a case which many doctors, although more experienced than her, failed to. Marta Busso was about to finish her dissertation with Marco Spada when she found out about the “impossible” case of Angel, a 22-year- old American nurse. Angel has been having severe and very painful muscle crises for 9 years that give her problems in walking, asthenia and are a risk to her kidneys. For years the nurse had been going in and out of hospitals and no one managed to find a diagnosis, that is until Marta sent to the New York Times a guess at the diagnosis. Her guess was much appreciated by the newspaper and
the Medicine School at Yale University. Meanwhile, Angel was admitted to hospital in Turin where she was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disease that causes a defect in the oxidation of fat acids in the muscles.
Marta’s diagnosis had been exact and thanks to a diet and medication Angel will be able to reduce the muscle pain. This story with a happy ending is told in an episode of Diagnosis on Netflix, tv series based on the column in the New York Times by Dr. Lisa Sanders (the inspiration behind the tv show Dr. House).

“ Monitoring Environment, Safeguard and Restoration ” this is the name of the new Master’s degree of Università degli Studi in the Earth Sciences department.
The two-year course aim is to give specific knowledge on problems in managing and safeguarding the quality of the environment and natural resources. Students will examine in depth subjects such as analysis and management of natural and land resources; monitoring of the environment quality; safeguard and enhancement of the cultural heritage; restoration of the environment systemic functions; optimization of process management and resource use.
After your Master’s degree you can, for example, carry out a census of the naturalistic heritage and a plan for monitoring; manage waters and the prevention of their degradation; analyze, evaluate and monitor environmentally projects and production processes, raw material, renewable and non renewable products.

Are you planning on focusing your academic path on cinema or theatre? Turin offers several classes to learn more about cinema, theatre and music.

Public school

Università degli Studi offers a degree in DAMS (Arts, Music and Theatre and Cinema). This course will prepare students for a career in cinema, art or theatre with classes that will tightly combine history and modernity through an approach both theoretic and practical.
Admission to this three-year degree is open only to those who took the TARM (however it is not necessary to have passed it) before enrollment.


Politecnico offers a degree in Cinema and Media Engineering. This course combines practical and technological knowledge of Engineering with elements linked to media and cultural industries.
Admission to this course is possible only after taking the Politecnico admission test. 



Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti offers two interesting three-year degrees for those who wishes to pursue a career in theatre or cinema:
Scenography, the course aim is to offer an appropriate and technical training in scenography, staging, costumes in theatre.
Communication and Enhancement of the Contemporary Artistic Heritage, the course aim is to give full competence of the methods and techniques used in media to intervene specifically in all the activities and processes of improving                                              availability, knowledge and understanding of the contemporary cultural property.
Admission to these three-year degrees is possible only after taking the admission test.


Conservatorio Statale Giuseppe Verdi offers a wide range of three-year courses that entail one or more main subjects in this field.
Admission to the Academic Courses Level I of all subjects requires a certification “C” of Theory,
Rhythmics and Musical Perception or a diploma of the old system in Theory and Solfège or demonstration of an equivalent preparation.


Private schools


From this year the Holden Academy offers a three-year degree in Writing, equivalent to the degree in DAMS.
The course aim is to train mental abilities that we need to live in the world today through the action of writing.
Admission is possible only after taking the admission test.


The Institute of Technologies of information and communication has opened the student selection for 2019/2021.
The courses offered are the following:
Management and fruition of information and knowledge – “DIGITAL STRATEGIST”
Methods and technologies for software development – “WEB AND MOBILE APP DEVELOPER”
Methods and technologies for software development – “BACKEND SYSTEM INTEGRATOR”
Communication architecture and structure – “ICT SECURITY SPECIALIST”
Communication architecture and structure – “CLOUD SERVICES, BIG DATA AND IoT”

For more information visit the website

Are you still deciding on which university you want to choose and do you wish to understand more on what will you be studying?
Università degli Studi offers a tool you can use start@unito.
You can follow classes online to experience first-hand what you will be studying and you can practice with the self-assessment test TARM. After enrollment and after finishing a course you can take an exam at the beginning of your academic path.

If you are thinking about enrolling to Chemistry and Chemical Technologies or Material Technologies Sciences you have to take the TARM by September 12 th . After that, you will have to sign up for the admission test of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies or of Material Technologies Sciences on MyUnito to enter the rankings.

The Murazzi Student Zone will be closed until 18 August and will reopen on Monday 19 August.

Summer closure of study rooms:

– Via Verdi 26, Turin
CLOSING at 7 p.m. on Sunday 11 August 2019
Re-opening at 08.30 a. m. on Monday 19 August 2019

– Via Michelangelo 17 bis, Turin
CLOSING at 7 p.m. on Saturday 3 August 2019
Re-opening at 08.30 a. m. on Monday 26 August 2019

– Via Pietro Giuria 17, Turin
CLOSING at 7 p.m. on Sunday 28 July 2019
Re-opening at 08.30 a. m. on Monday 26 August 2019

– Via Principe Amedeo 48, Turin
CLOSING at 7 p.m. on Sunday 28 July 2019
Re-opening at 08.30 a. m. on Monday 26 August 2019

– Via Ormea 11bis/E, Turin
CLOSING at 7.30 p.m. on Sunday 28 July 2019
Re-opening at 09.00 a. m. on Monday 26 August 2019

– Via Parma 36, Alessandria
CLOSING at 7 p.m. on Friday 26 July 2019
Re-opening at 08.30 a. m. on Monday 26 August 2019