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EDISU Piemonte published the new version of the 2020/2021 EDISU call.
The deadline for the presentation of the application for the accommodation service is Thursday, 3 September. The deadline for the application for the
scholarship is Thursday, 1 October.
A help desk service will be active from Monday to Friday until 1 October for any problem the students may have regarding the call, e. g. the compilation of the application. Here you will find all the information to request support.

Immatricolazioni tardive

Did you know that it is possible to enroll late? From today, 8th October, till next 12th November , the University of Turin allows new enrolments, paying a surcharge for late payment.

Together with enrolment, you will have to sign up for the TARM too. You can sign up until 15th October 2018 for bachelor’s degree and master’s degree courses in Italian concerning the Scuola di Management ed Economia (School of Management and Economics), the Scuola di Scienze Umanistiche (School of Human sciences)  and the Scuola di Scienze Giuridiche, Politiche ed Economico-Sociali (School of law and political, economic and social sciences).

As regards the courses in English, you can sign up for the TARM till 12th October (by 12.30 am). The test will take place on 23rd October 2018 in the Aula Magna of the Campus Luigi Einaudi (Lungo Dora Siena, 100a – Torino).

For further details visit the page of Unito.


Collegno too will have its university
: it’s Primary Education Sciences, that the Università degli studi di Torino opened yesterday, 15th October 2018, in the Certosa di Collegno.  250 first-year students will start their academic courses within the walls of the Certosa, with the expectation to double the number of students in 2019 and increase it even more in 2020.

The university will occupy an area of about 2230 square metres. On the ground floor there will be main accesses, 4 classroom for 35 students, one classroom for 200 students, an office, a reception, a control room and a room with electrical panels. On the upper floor there will be offices and rooms for welcoming.

“University means young people and more presence in life. The future of the metropolitan area is growing here and this is a good sign, which strengthens the attractiveness” said Sergio Chiamparino, who took part in the inauguration together with the mayor Francesco Casciano, the rector Gianmaria Ajani and the general director of the Asl To 3 Flavio Boraso, the landlord.

The event sanctioned the return of the University in Collegno, and, at the same time, the reutilisation of an extraordinary place: the Certosa. The complex, situated inside the Parco Generale della Chiesa di Collegno, is not only the hospital of the Smemorato di Collegno by Totò, but it is also a great example of Carthusian monastery, wanted by Christine of France and part of the spectacular project of the Theatrum Sabaudiae.


Frida, ricerca

What do university teachers of the Università di Torino do when they aren’t teaching?

The curiosity to find out the life of teachers after lessons in classrooms or laboratories, with research, passions and ideas led FRidA – il Forum della Ricerca di Ateneo to come up with a new radio format “Fantastic Teachers and Where to Find Them”, anchored by Giulia Alice Fornaro and Fabiano Catania, in collaboration with Radio 110.

For the first time the passions of teachers besides professorship.

Stories of new projects, successes, challenges and difficulties, personally told by researchers of the Università degli Studi di Torino.

Two guests for the first episode of the new format

The first episode, recorded live at the Salone del Gusto-Terra Madre last 24th September, had two guests. Two “fantastic teachers” decided to take part in the program. The first one was Daniela Fargione, teacher of Anglo-american Literature. Since she found out she is coeliac she has become an expert of “environmental humanism”, because also literature and art can help in becoming aware of environmental problems. The second guest was Stefano Bechis, researcher at the Dipartimento Interateneo di Scienze del Territorio. He wanted to become a musician, but students protests against nuclear power led him to work with solar energy… in Africa!

To listen to their stories on FridA:

Episodio 1 – Sul filo della sostenibilità tra letteratura e cooperazione

Stay tuned… every Friday a new episode!

You can follow the anticipations of next episode (online on 5th October) on the social pages of FridA: Facebook and Instagram

urban nature

Urban Nature is ready to spread all over Italian cities and parks. In 2018 the event will take place on Sunday 7th October and will be entirely about urban nature. With this event, WWF Italy wants to invite citizens to explore the cities they live in, getting to know and “rebuilding” the biodiversity of Italian big cities.

On the side of the little ones

This year the event wants to point out the effects of an artificialized lifestyle on children, starting also from the proposals of young people, which want to give value to the urban biodiversity and conceive solutions to be proposed to managers, communities, citizens, companies, universities and schools.

The topic of Urban Nature 2018 comes from an alarming observation: our cities are not designed for children. About 80% of urban public space is occupied by car traffic and this isolates children in city parks, the only areas that are protected and suitable for them, even though they are often too little and badly-kept.

It’s exactly very young citizens, especially the more underprivileged ones, who need a constant contact with nature. In fact, there are many studies which demonstrate how the presence of green areas in residential districts is fundamental to ensure the psycho-physical well-being of children and the way they relate to others. Therefore, improving from this point of view means improving the quality of childhood in cities.

Citizens are the main characters

The section of the website of WWF Italy about Urban Nature shows the initiatives and activities which want to make citizens the main characters of this big festival of urban biodiversity: In fact, each of us can do something for the nature in the city every day. Find out how to contribute, starting from the building of a little birdhouse!

Urban Nature in Turin

Sunday 7th October, also Turin will invite all the citizens to the biodiversity festival. WWF YOUng, a community of young people between 18 and 35 years old who have nature and a sustainable future at heart, invite everyone at the Parco del Valentino (Viale Mattioli) for the event of WWF Urban Nature in Turin. The scheduled activities are rich and biodiverse. From 2 to 6 pm will take place the market of aromatic plants and educational laboratories for children. From 3pm, with the kids of WWF YOUng, will start a cleaning marathon of the Parco del Valentino, followed by the “Guerrilla Gardening” with seed bombs.

The Mobility Group of UniToGO, during the European mobility week, is happy to invite you on 20th September 2018 at the Campus Luigi Einaudi to the day Università è mobilità sostenibile.

 Everyone who is going to go to the Campus Einaudi in the morning by bike will be able to take part in Bike to work – Giretto d’Italia 2018, organized together with Legambiente and CNH Industrial, the national initiative which promotes the use of the bike. Participating in simple: you just have to go to the Campus Einaudi by bike, stop at the check point in the bike parking (D4), take a photo on the bike with the special frame of the Giretto and share the picture on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile with the hashtag #Giretto2018. You can win a wonderful electric folding bike New Holland!

The Main Hall of the Campus will house all day long the photography exhibition “Passeggiando in bicicletta” by Cosimo Cardea.

In the afternoon, from 2:30 pm, there will be a seminar where will be presented both the actions by UniTo to improve sustainable mobility as per services, research and didactics and the activities of the Mobility Group of the “Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo sostenibile”. The new framework law on cycling mobility, recently approved, will also be a topic of the conference.

The day will end with the pedalata universitaria Unibike (university bike ride), organized together with the associations Greento, EcoPoli Green Team Students, Bike Pride-Fiab and CUS Torino. The ride bike will start at 5:30 pm in the bike parking (D4) and the route will go on in the city centre, till the Politecnico di Torino.


Program of the day

08.00/10.00 – Bike to work Giretto d’Italia

check point at the bike parking (D4)
with Legambiente e CNH Industrial

14.30/16.30 – Seminar (aula F3)

Università e mobilità sostenibile: services, didactics, research, nets and the framework law on cycling mobility between institutions and associations

17.30/19.00 – Unibike pedalata universitaria

Departure from the bike parking (D4)
with Greento, EcoPoli Green Team Students, Cus Torino, Bike Pride Fiab Torino

This week will officially start again the academic year 2018/2019 for ESCP Europe Business School.

Friday 14th September the Campus ESCP Europe in Turin will celebrate the beginning of the new academic year, the 15th in Italy.

The event will take place at 4:00 pm in the Aula Jona of the Scuola di Management ed Economia, Unione Sovietica 218bis – Torino.

In order to welcome the new students, the president of the Italian campus Francesco Profumo and the director Francesco Rattalino will present the courses and the teachers of our international programs:

– ESCP Europe: Bachelor in Management
– BSc – ESCP Europe: Master in Management
– ESCP Europe: Master in International Food & Beverage Management
– ESCP Europe MBA in International Management

The strong relationship between ESCP Europe and the business community is consolidated by the participation of important personalities of the economic sector, who will be sponsor for the students of the Master. Among them there will be Jérome Salemi, General Manager per East Mediterranean Air France-KLM and sponsor of the Bachelor in Management; Carlo Ghirardo, President of Motion Technologies-ITT, sponsor of the students of ESCP Europe MBA in International Management, and Cristina Nonino, Chief Executive Officer of “Nonino distillatori” and sponsor of ESCP Europe: Master In International Food & Beverage Management.

After the opening ceremony all the guests are invited to celebrate together at the Bamboo Club Torino, in Corso Moncalieri 145 – Torino.

Follow the event on Facebook.

From this year the Miur has recognized the Business School as Foreign University in Italy.

During the opening of the new academic year in Turin, ESCP Europe is very happy to celebrate the recognition as “Foreign University in Italy”, which was received by the Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca – MIUR.

The meeting with the press will take place Friday 14th September 2018, at 11:00 am, at the Aula Londra of the Campus ESCP Europe di Torino in Corso Unione Sovietica, 218bis – Torino.

With this new accreditation, ESCP Europe – together with Università degli Studi di Torino and the Politecnico di Torino – will indeed become the third university center in Turin.

In the event will take part

• Francesco Profumo, President – Campus ESCP Europe Torino
• Francesco Rattalino, Dean – ESCP Europe Torino Campus
• Léon Laulusa, Executive Vice-President, Dean per gli affari accademici e Relazioni Internazionali – ESCP Europe
• Cyrille ROGEAU, Console Generale di Francia a Milano
• Emanuele Chieli, Console honoraire di Torino
• Daniele Livon, director of the Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della ricerca – MIUR

Here the poster of the event.

Cinema a Palazzo Reale

This year, Cinema a Palazzo Reale will liven up once again the summer nights of the hottest months of the year. From July 17 to September 1, it will take place for the seventh year: with 41 open-air cinema nights, the program will cover different genres of classic movies.

Distretto Cinema (Cinema District), founded with the goal of giving value and promoting cinema, curated the program with a great number of screenings related to five main categories: Quelle Prime Volte (For the first time), dedicated to the first movies of great directors who became legends; Amore e altra amenità (Love and other things), the joys and sufferings of romantic movies; Il coraggio di essere donna (The courage of being a woman), five portraits of intense, tenacious and tormented women; Proibitissimo (Forbidden), proposed by Irene Dionisio and curated by Viola Invernizzi, is the story, made up of different movies, of censorship in Italy; and finally Tentazioni noir (Noir temptations): trench coats, guns and femmes fatales.

Full-price ticket: 6 euros. For university students: 5 euros.

Check the screening program here!

NeuroPsicoTOFest! Tre giorni con le Neuroscienze

The Il NeuroPsicoTOFest  begins with three days (June 27, 28 and 29, 2018) dedicated to neuroscience.

The main actor of the festival will be the Department of Neuroscience( Dipartimento di Neuroscienze), centre for excellence of the Università di Torino, named after Rita Levi Montalcini, great scientist from Turin who took her first career steps in these buildings. Founded in 2012, the department has a multi-disciplinary approach, aimed to join different academic, clinical and biomedical traditions in the study of the nervous system.

At Palazzo degli Istituti Anatomici in corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 52, which houses the Museo Lombroso, di Anatomia e della Frutta, researchers will present the results they obtained and future aspirations of studies carried out until now. During the conference, Turin’s science history will be remembered, as well as its main representants: Carlo Giacomini, Giuseppe Levi and Rita Levi Montalcini. New methods of multidisciplinary analysis, between Neuroscience and Psychology, will also be examined: from non-invasive brain stimulation, to the study of brain mechanisms of traumatic memories, and the subject of Neurodegeneration.

Download the programme (programma).

We advise you to register your participation by filling out the form.

cliniche legali contro la tratta di esseri umani

The University of Turin promotes Law Clinics, already common abroad. The clinical-legal method teaches law based on real cases, by applying codes to concrete contexts. Five clinics have been launched at the Law Department (Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza), each one dedicated to a different issue: inmates and former inmates; refugees and migrants; homeless people; disabled people; and human trafficking victims.

Clinics work like traditional university courses, but unlike the latter, provide more in-depth law concepts, promote social justice and allow concrete access to rights and justice. The history of clinic laws is recent: they started as an experimental project in 2015-1016 academic year, and became fully operational last year. Now, 10 students are participating, divided in pairs among 8 institutions, including Comune di Torino.

The collaboration with the Comune took place in the Anello Forte project (progetto Anello Forte), an initiative  by Regione Piemonte to face human trafficking and exploitation, It aims to identify victims as soon as possible, and consequently to protect them and include them socially. Until now, 19 victims have been identified by the students, who are also establishing 6 legal memories, of which no results are yet available.

The work of the clinic is part of the Third Mission activities: returning knowledge to the area. Alongside education and research, the civic engagement of the University is gaining importance, putting new generations at the service of society, allowing students to have a valid experience in the field and the chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

The clinic arranges meetings with the alleged victims – of 11,000 Nigerian women who disembarked in Sicily from Libya, 80% are victims of human trafficking, according to the data from IOM (International Organization for Migration) – and, with the presence of a cultural mediator, it commits to know whether it’s possible to activate international protection. Students then must write a legal record, together with a reconstruction of the victim’s story.