The Turin Campus of ESCP Business School is preparing towelcome 672 young talents from all over the world and launches the new specialization of the Master in Management in Strategic
Foresight and Digital Transformation.

The Turin Campus In recent years, the Business Schoo’s internationalization policy and the expansion of its educational offerings have led to a significant increase in enrollment on the Turin campus. Actions aimed at
making the Italian branch of ESCP increasingly international, innovative and competitive have exponentially increased its attractiveness: from 2015 to today, the number of students in the
Piedmontese capital has increased fivefold, from 134 to 672, this year divided in 563 young people physically present in the classroom
and 109 enrolled in the online track of the Master in Management
Young talents coming from America, Asia and Africa, as well as from all over Europe to improve their studies at the Italian headquarters of the Business School: in the Academic Year 2021-2022, in fact, 45
different nationalities will be represented in the classroom, with an average age of between 20 and 28 years old and a general percentage of internationality of 60%.
The programs offered range from the more classic General Management programs – Bachelor, MIM and MBA – to specialized
Master’s programs that prepare students for a professional career focused on specific areas such as Food & Beverage and Tourism &
Hospitality, as well as programs aimed at executives or tailor-made for companies. In Italy, ESCP stands out for the speed of career
development and placement offered by its masters: 98% of students are hired within three months of completing their studies,
finding employment in the most diverse fields, from Finance to
Consulting, from industry to the service sector.