From Monday 25 October it will be possible to reserve your place in one ofthe libraries of the University of Turin using the Affluences app.
It is an app downloadable from the App Store and Google Play that can be used without the need to register (a web version is also available).
With Affluences it is possible to check in real time, reserve places and services available by reservation in the University libraries, get updated
information on opening hours and access the facilities while respecting security protocols.

– Type the name of the library in the finder;
– book your place by selecting the chosen date and wait for the confirmation email to your linked account;
– confirm the appointment from the email received within 2 hours. This action
is necessary only for the first access: clicking on "Remember me" the system
will automatically recognize you when you make new reservations;

– Validate your appointment by showing your QR Code or asking a librarian
for help;
The capacity of the libraries is not yet 100% and the access is possible
respecting the rules in force since September 1st.

1. You have a valid Green Pass (COVID-19 green certification) to show if requested (read “Misure in vigore dal 1° settembre 2021 per le attività
universitarie” – regulations effective from 1st September 2021 for university activities)
2. You can state that:

– you have no symptoms linked to breathing system, loss of smell or taste and/or body temperature above 37.5°C in the last 14 days and, in
case of suspect or positive case of SARS-COv2, you can state that you followed the regulations provided by the Ministry of Health
– you are not in quarantine or self-isolation.
– you had, as far as you know, no contacts with people who tested
positive to COVID-19 tests in the last 14 days.
– you followed the instructions given by Regione Piemonte in case you
have just returned from abroad.
3. You wear a surgical mask (or a mask with higher protection)
4. Tracking your entry into the University:
– for students through the reservation of the lesson with Student
Booking or other forms of reservation for libraries, study rooms and
appointments with faculty (in these cases, when there is a tracking in other
form, it is not necessary to scan the Qr Code)
– for teaching and research staff, at the entrance, by scanning the Qr
Code posted at each facility
– for technical-administrative staff, by stamping the code. It is
necessary to track the Qr Code in case of movement to a location other