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Porte Aperte Alliance Française

Saturday 15th September 2018, Turin will be talking French! At the Alliance Française of Turin is scheduled an open day: a full day speaking French in order to discover all the activities of Alliance, from courses of teaching and certifications in French for adults, children and teenagers, to cultural events, proposed in collaboration with different organizations: from big institutions to little associations. The open house day , which will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Via Saluzzo 60, offers a rich program of free entry activities for people of all ages. During the day there will also be the opening of the exhibition Asterix et La Transitalique, on the creation and realization of the last comics album of the series created by lbert Uderzo and René Goscinny, about a travel to Italy.

Program of the day

9.00 – 17.00:  meeting with educational heads for free French level tests, personalized advice and guidance on the wide range of French courses and ateliers for adults, children and teenagers and enrolment with the promotion Riciclo&Risparmio

10.00 – 12.00:  workshop for people of all ages with the illustrator Cecilia Campironi:  A chaque pied sa chaussure/every foot should meet its shoe based on the book of the same title published by  Editions Cambourakis: it is a funny role game in which every participant can tell their own story through the invention of a pair of shoes. This is also a playful occasion to get children and adults closer to the French language through creativity.

10.30 – 11.30 e 15.30 – 16.30:  free trial French class, beginner level. The first 20 people enrolled in the A1 course will be given one textbook for free.

17.00: presentation of the program of the cultural activities and collaborations for next autumn about art, theatre, literature, town planning and sustainability with the attendance of:

  • Franca Bruera, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici (department of classical studies) at the Università di Torino, for the presentation of the events organised for the centenary of the death of Guillaume Apollinaire: an international conference, an exhibition at the GAM, a show at the Teatro Gobetti / Teatro Stabile di Torino;
  • Valter Malosti, director of the TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa, for the presentation of the activities of the Season TPE 18.19 at Teatro Astra and in particular French shows and projects linked to them, developed from the collaboration with Alliance  Française of Turin.
  • Benoît Monginot, Institut Français Italia, for the presentation of the events of the project La natura in città by Urban Center Metropolitano: meetings with French landscape architects and town planners and philosophical follow-ups to study the relationship between nature and cities.
  • Marco Ferrero, FuoriLuogo Asti, for the presentation of the scheduled events with French authors and activities in collaboration with Alliance Française of Turin.


100 years after the death of Apollinaire

9th November 1918 the French great poet, playwright and writer Apollinaire died. The Alliance, together with the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici of the University of Turin, the “Centre for Modern European Literature” of the Kent University (UK), and the department of “Lettres modernes” of the Paris Nanterre University, organises some initiatives to illustrate the experiences of the first historic avant-gardes in Paris during the First World War.

There will be three events:

  • An international conference at the Rettorato dell’Università degli Studi di Torino with the title Métamorphoses d’Apollinaire- Metamorfosi di Apollinaire. The academic rendezvous, which will take place Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October 2018 in the Sala Principe d’Acaja del Rettorato, wants to analyse and compare how the work of Apollinaire was accepted during his life and in the decades that followed, till today. How did the pseudonymity, the faces and the masks that the poet wore encourage an acceptance made of evolution, continuity, breakings, metamorphosis and transformations? These questions will inspire the conference Métamorphoses d’Apollinaire – Metamorfosi di Apollinaire, which will involve scholars from national and international research centers. The person to refer to about the event is Franca Bruera of the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici of the Università di Torino.
  • An exhibition at the GAM with the title Apollinaire e le avanguardie europee, in the Wunderkammer of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Turin. You can visit it from 4:30 p.m. of Monday 22nd October 2018.
  • A show at the Teatro Gobetti /Teatro Stabile di Torino. The pièce, Les Mamelles de Tirésias of the playwright Apollinaire, will take place Monday 22nd October, at 7:30 p.m. at the Teatro Gobetti in Via Rossini 8. The show will be in French with Italian subtitles.


Cinema a Palazzo Reale

This year, Cinema a Palazzo Reale will liven up once again the summer nights of the hottest months of the year. From July 17 to September 1, it will take place for the seventh year: with 41 open-air cinema nights, the program will cover different genres of classic movies.

Distretto Cinema (Cinema District), founded with the goal of giving value and promoting cinema, curated the program with a great number of screenings related to five main categories: Quelle Prime Volte (For the first time), dedicated to the first movies of great directors who became legends; Amore e altra amenità (Love and other things), the joys and sufferings of romantic movies; Il coraggio di essere donna (The courage of being a woman), five portraits of intense, tenacious and tormented women; Proibitissimo (Forbidden), proposed by Irene Dionisio and curated by Viola Invernizzi, is the story, made up of different movies, of censorship in Italy; and finally Tentazioni noir (Noir temptations): trench coats, guns and femmes fatales.

Full-price ticket: 6 euros. For university students: 5 euros.

Check the screening program here!

Open day IUSTO

Come to the Open Days to know about the 2018/2019 academic programs of IUSTO, the Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino Rebaudengo (Salesian University Institute Torino Rebaudengo). IUSTO is a private institution, located in Torino, a branch of the Università Pontificia Salesiana di Roma (Salesian Pontifical University of Rome). It is dedicated to academic education and research in the Human Sciences field. It has a Department of Psychology and a Department of Education.

Next counselling events:

Bachelor’s degree in EDUCATION – Class L 19

Bando di Ammissione 2018/2019

(2018/2019 Call for Admission)

Friday, July 13:      2.30 PM – 4.30 PM                   Registrati  (Sign up)


Bachelor’s degree in PSYCHOLOGY – Class L 24

Bando di Ammissione 2018/2019

(2018/2019 Call for Admission)

Friday, September 7: 10 AM  – 1 PM                     Registrati  (Sign uo)


The open day will begin with a introduction on IUSTO degree programs and university world, followed by a detailed presentation of the single programs. The Dean, the Responsible for Courses and Coordinators will participate. Students and graduates will share their own experience. At the reception you will find staff from the information point who you will be able to talk with.

The Open Day will be at IUSTO – Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino, linked with the Department of Education of the Università Pontificia Salesiana di Roma, in Piazza Conti di Rebaudengo, 22, Torino.

Online confirmation is compulsory. In case you bring other people, you must specify it in the dedicated section of the form.

Free access until the maximum number is reached.

For further information, please contact us at 011 2340083 – from Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 1 PM /2 PM – 5.30 PM.

European Innovation Academy 3

For the third year in a row, the Politecnico di Torino will host a unique workshop of ideas that will change the world: the European Innovation Academy (EIA). During three weeks (From July 8 to July 27), over 500 university students and aspiring entrepreneurs, coming from over 60 countries, will be in Turin to pitch and develop their idea for a company. A team of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors from all over the world will help their ideas become successful.

And what’s more, from this year on there will be something new: the EIA team will be joined by AIBO – the first robot dog based on machine-learning technology, produced by Sony.


Event calendar

Executive Innovation 4.0 Masterclass – July 12

Special guests from UC Berkeley (Rick Rasmussen), Transferwise (Lars Trunin), Google (Martin Omander) and other companies from the Silicon Valley will hold a one-day course for ambitious Italian SMEs, offering a complete overview of the innovation process in a company. Thanks to Turin’s Chamber of commerce, EIA’s partner from the start, 50 entrepreneurs and managers from Turin who are committed to the digital growth of their company will participate in the Masterclass for free.

Startup Expo day – July 17, 2018

EIA Startup Expo Day is an exclusive event, planned and organised to show the innovative ideas of participants, obtain instant feedback from customers, carry out market research and exchange ideas with the experts of EIA, dedicated to technology and trends.

Gran Pitching Gala – July 27, 2018

World-changing ideas pitched to the technology expert public. The top 10 teams will receive prizes and the attention of investors.


Open Day SSML Vittoria Scuole Superiore Mediatori Linguistici

The last Open Day (giornata di orientamento) held by Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici Vittoria (SSML).

July 12, 2018
From 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM
Via delle Rosine,14 Torino

There will be workshops and meetings with professors and tutor students. The following SSML programmes will be presented:


Undergraduate Degree in Linguistic Mediation (three-year programme)


Equivalent degree

Master’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation (two-year programme)


In agreement with UNINT, Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma

For further information:

– tel. 011 889870


NeuroPsicoTOFest! Tre giorni con le Neuroscienze

The Il NeuroPsicoTOFest  begins with three days (June 27, 28 and 29, 2018) dedicated to neuroscience.

The main actor of the festival will be the Department of Neuroscience( Dipartimento di Neuroscienze), centre for excellence of the Università di Torino, named after Rita Levi Montalcini, great scientist from Turin who took her first career steps in these buildings. Founded in 2012, the department has a multi-disciplinary approach, aimed to join different academic, clinical and biomedical traditions in the study of the nervous system.

At Palazzo degli Istituti Anatomici in corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 52, which houses the Museo Lombroso, di Anatomia e della Frutta, researchers will present the results they obtained and future aspirations of studies carried out until now. During the conference, Turin’s science history will be remembered, as well as its main representants: Carlo Giacomini, Giuseppe Levi and Rita Levi Montalcini. New methods of multidisciplinary analysis, between Neuroscience and Psychology, will also be examined: from non-invasive brain stimulation, to the study of brain mechanisms of traumatic memories, and the subject of Neurodegeneration.

Download the programme (programma).

We advise you to register your participation by filling out the form.

Torino Pride

Tomorrow, Friday June 15, 2018 at 5.30 pm, in the Corte Interrata of the Politecnico di Torino (Room 8I), there will be a talk on “Il patrocinio al Torino Pride e il ruolo dell’Università nella lotta alle discriminazioni” (“sponsoring Torino Pride and the role of University in the fight against discrimination”).

Almost 50 years after the beginning of the fight for the recognition of fundamental rights, the LGBTTQI* (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, etc.) community still has too many unsatisfied and unheard demands. The community is trying to call attention on the dark and too often “slow” times we are living, concerning discrimination, violence and protecting rights.

The talk will analyse the role universities must play in the fight against discrimination, in a time marked by reactionary attitudes and exclusion of diversity. That’s why, along with the full participation of the University of Turin and of the Politecnico to the big party for the rights of the community – Torino Pride 2018 on Saturday, June 16 – there will be an area of discussion and analysis of LGBTQI topics in a particular setting: university.




Claudia De Giorgi, Vice-dean for Quality, Welfare and Equal Opportunities Politecnico di Torino

Institutional greetings

Monica Cerutti, Regione Piemonte Equal Opportunities councillor

Torino Pride

Alessandro Battaglia, President of the Organization of Torino Pride

Cug actions from Politecnico Di Torino

Cristina Coscia, CUG President Politecnico di Torino

Cug actions from the University of Turin

Chiara Ghislieri, CUG President Università di Torino

Opportunities for Politecnico’s students

Alessandro Mancuso, Politecnico di Torino’s CUG students representative

Opportunities for Politecnico’s students

Silvia Giannone e Francesca Durando, University of Turin’s CUG students representatives

Thoughts on Coming Out

Margherita Vaccaneo, Alter.POLIS’ students representative

The moderator will be Daniele Marchisio, Professor from the Politecnico di Torino.

Food and drinks offered by the Politecnico di Torino.


Humanities in a day

The University of Turin invites you to the first day dedicated to humanistic research: on Wednesday, June 13, from 9AM to 6PM, at Palazzo Nuovo (via Sant’Ottavio – 20, Turin) researchers will tell you about their projects through scientific posters, talks and guided tours in the research centres.

Livestream on from the morning.

Below are the groups involved:

  • Department of Philosophy and Education Science
  • Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of Historical Studies
  • Atlante Linguistico Italiano
  • Centro Studi Gozzano Pavese
  • Centro Interdipartimentale Cinedumedia
  • Centro Interdipartimentale MeDiHum
  • Laboratorio di Fonetica Sperimentale “Arturo Genre” (Experimental phonetics lab)
  • Laboratorio Fotografico e Topografico del di Studi Storici (Photographic and topographic lab of the Department of Historical Studies)
  • StudiUm Lab.

The initiative was planned by Research and Third Mission – Humanities centre and by Sezione Valorizzazione della ricerca e Public Engagement – Agorà Scienza, in collaboration with FRIDA – Forum della Ricerca di Ateneo.

  •  a 60-poster exhibition
  •  an area where PhD students will explain how to become researchers (…if you survive the PhD 😉
  •  a round-table discussion on the future of Humanities
  •   two sessions with #UniTo researchers
  •   five research centres open to the public

The detailed programme is available on the dedicated page of the UniTo website.

Follow the Facebook event “Humanities in a day”.


ResiDance party 2018

Friday, June 22: time for ResiDance Party!

The ResiDance Party is the annual party for students living in EDISU Piemonte halls of residence. There will be many activities this year as well: prize-giving after the tournament’s finals, exhibitions, dj-sets,   and a feast at “food&beverage”.

Place: Residenza universitaria Olimpia!

Lungo Dora Siena 104 – Torino

For further information:



See you there!

big open day ied

IED Open Days are back during summer on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Turin branch in Via San Quintino 39.


IED Open Days are back during summer on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Turin branch in Via San Quintino 39.

The day will be dedicated to the presentation of IED courses. Labs, classrooms and project areas for students will be the stops of the orientation tour for everyone interested in studying at the European Institute of Design.

The range of courses includes Undergraduate Courses, Master Courses and Continuing Study Programs, in both English and Italian. The staff from fashion, design, communication and visual arts schools will be present, together with students and professors, to answer all questions and doubts of future students.


Undergraduate Courses

10 AM– 12.30 PM
Booked interviews

2 PM – 2.30 PM
Opening of the doors and Registration – Garden

For the following courses:

Fashion Design
Jewelry and Accessories Design
Transportation Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Graphic Design
Communication Design

2.30 PM– 3 PM
Welcome speech by the Direction – Great Hall

4.30 PM – 6 PM
Booked motivational interviews


10 AM – 12.30 PM
Booked interviews

2 PM – 2.30 PM
Opening of the doors and Registration

2.30 PM – 3.00 PM

Welcome speech by the Direction – Great Hall

Possible interviews with the Coordinators of the following courses:

Marketing and Communication

Transportation Design

Specialisation Courses

10 AM – 12.30 PM
Booked interviews

2 PM – 2.30 PM
Opening of the doors and Registration

2.30 PM – 3.00 PM

Welcome speech by the Direction – Great Hall

Register for the Open Day here!