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Francofonia: mappa del francese parlato nel mondo

Francofonia 2018 in Turin: March will be the month of French. The Alliance Française of Turin will be the main character of a series of cultural proposals dedicated to the French-speaking world: a group of speakers that today is around  274 million people, with a forecast of a growth that could reach 700 million people within 2050, making French the second most widely-spoken language in the world.

Alliance Française,  with the cooperation of the Università degli studi of Turin, the Institut français Italia, the Università Italo-francese and the Liceo Francese Jean Giono, has created a timetable of events in different Universities, but also in cultural places like the Cineteatro Baretti. Among the planned initiatives there will be a series of meetings with the authors Anne Tréca and François Beaune, a film screening in original language, a live show and a group dictation.

Hope by Boris Lojkine

  • Friday 9th March at 6pm at the Alliance française Torino

As part of the French cinema in original version (with Italian subtitles) La Rencontre de l’autre, dedicated to the topic of otherness, proposed in collaboration with the Institut français Italia, the Università degli Studi di Torino and Università Italo-Francese, the film Hope by Boris Lojkine (2013) will be screened.

SYNOPSIS: Léonard flees from Cameroon, Hope from Nigeria. After crossing the Sahara they arrive in Morocco where they have to face injustice, racism and violence. Even if they are wary at first, they will learn to know and then to love each other, and together  they will try to meet the challenges of the journey from Southern Morocco to Europe.

  • Free entry until all available seats are taken.

Tier test and promotion at the French Market

  • Friday 9th March and Saturday 10th March, from 3pm to 6pm, in Piazza Vittorio Veneto

In the context of the Mercatino Regionale Francese, there will be Ateliers and free activities for everyone, free level tests and promotions for those who sign up for French courses after taking the test during the event.

  • Free participation until all available seats are taken.

Metamorphosis by Anne Tréca

  • Tuesday 13th March at 5pm at UNITO, Campus Einaudi, Room F4

Cosmopolites , the association of students, presents the Conversation with Anne Tréca, an interview with the French-Italian journalist and the launching of her latest book Les métamorphoses de l’Italie depuis 1945, published by Ateliers Henry Dougier.

La Grande Dictée/ The Big Dictation

  • Wednesday 14th March at 2pm, at UNITO, Aula Magna della Cavallerizza Reale

An educational meeting proposed in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Torino and the Institut français Italia, to confront the French language in writing, through a large group dictation.


  • Thursday 15th March at 6.30 pm, at the Cineteatro Baretti

Magic and illusionism show in French (understandable also by those who don’t speak French) proposed in cooperation with the Liceo francese Jean Giono.

  • Free entry, booking compulsory. More info and booking:

François Beaune, Mediterranean true stories

  • Wednesday 21st March at 10 am, at UNITO, Palazzina Einaudi, room Einaudi 4

The Institut français Italia in cooperation with the Università degli Studi di Torino proposes a meeting with the French writer François Beaune, that will present the project “Histoires vraies de méditerranée”, aimed at collecting stories in the Countries that overlook the Mediterranean.

  • Free entry until all available seats are taken.
"M'illumino di meno", le iniziative del Politecnico

This year the Polytechnic of Turin will participate again at “M’illumino di meno”, the initiative of the broadcast of Radio Rai “Caterpillar” to promote the energy saving and the virtuous behaviours in the field of environmental sustainability, that has already reached the 14th edition.

The two scheduled meetings are part of the actions promoted by the Green Team of the Polytechnic of Turin an organization born at the Polytechnic to promote activities of promotion of virtuous behaviours by the point of view of sustainability and to take a shared path of validation of the institute as a sustainable campus.

The following two are the initiatives promoted by the Polytechnic:

Today, Thursday 22nd February, at 7 pm

“Caccia al kWh” in Italian Universities

On 22nd February the Green Team of the Polytechnic of Turin will promote the “Caccia al kWh”, a flash mob during which students and staff will turn off the lights after the time of use in the rooms of the headquarter of the University, but they will also close windows and doors that entail a waste of electricity or heat energy for heating: a symbolic act to show the right use of energy. The results of the campaign will be monitored live in the Living LAB, by measuring the reduction of energy consumption of the University. The event will end with a refreshment by candlelight for all the participants.

This year the initiatives of “M’illumino di meno” are promoted in the field of the Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (RUS), that gathers together 55 Italian Universities. On 22nd February from 6pm to 9pm, the “Caccia al kWh” will take place simultaneously in different universities, in order to involve a bigger audience for the actions of research on the waste of energy in the headquarters of the universities. The main goal is to sensitise people of the universities towards an individual contribution that everyone of us can offer on the topic of energy-saving, becoming with little inattentions, that all together can have a significant impact on the energy consumption of the universities.


7 pm: gathering in the courtyard of the Rectorship

After that: formation of groups and campaign of light out and reduction of energy waste

At the end: refreshment by candlelight for all the participants in the atrium of the Sala Consiglio di Facoltà.



23rd February 2018, 10 am – Auditorium Energy Centre 

M’illumino con meno. Un anno dopo” seminar

On 23rd February the Green Team organizes the event “M’illumino con meno. Un anno dopo”, focused on the topic of energy efficiency in the lighting. A year ago, on the occasion of the “M’Illumino di meno 2017”, the Polytechnic had started an experimentation on the use of intelligent LED lighting with the involvement of some professionals of the sector. The conference will be the perfect opportunity to present the results of the campaigns carried out in the Living LAB, before and after the replacement operation. The data show significant savings, by highlighting the effect achieved with the addition of occupancy and light sensors. The experimentation carried out in some rooms of the headquarter (some offices, a hallway and a technical room) will give some useful information for the planning of more extended interventions in universities. The issue is topical for the Public Administration, also in relation to the offered possibilities of the current incentives.


  • 10 am: institutional greetings
  • 10:10 am: introduction

Giovanni Vincenzo Fracastoro | GreenTeam of the Polytechnic of Turin , Energy Manager
Alberto Poggio | Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo sostenibile (RUS), Coordinator of the Energy working group

  • 10:40 am: M’illumino con meno: the development of the experimentation       and the first results

Giulio Cerino Abdin | GreenTeam of the Polytechnic of Turin, Manager of the Energy working group

Chiara Aghemo | Energy Department “Galileo Ferraris”, Environmental and Technical Physicist .

Rossella Taraglio, Gabriele Piccablotto | Architecture and Design Department , Laboratory of Analysis and Modelling of Environmental Systems (LAMSA).

Fabrizio Tondaroc | Construction and Logistic of the Polytechnic of Turin

11:40 M’illumino con meno: the point of view of operators.

Round table discussion with the representatives of the industrial workers involved in the experimentation..

12:10 Questions and debate.

Open day, Porte Aperte

IED Turin has organized an open day on Saturday, 17th March, from 10 am, in the offices of Via San Quintino 39, in order to find out more about the schools of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication, educational method and the professional opportunities offered by the collaboration with professionals, companies and agencies!

An open day to discover the education provided by the IED

The day will be full of orientation activities, with professors, students and former students, dedicated to the education provided by the IED Turin: three-year degree course, Master’s Degree and Specialization Courses.

Available to participants throughout the open day:

  • Info Point: the staff will be at your service to give information about the education provided, the facilities and the services offered by the IED Turin.
  • Career Service: consultation about job prospects and the request of the working world in relation to the different courses of studies.

To take part at the event you have to sing up at the forum of the website.

Locandina della mostra Cura - Racconti fotografici sulla città della salute

The European Institute of Design and the City of Health and Science of Turin are the characters of Cura – Photographic stories about the City of Health, that is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the topic of care. Nine students of the third year of the Photography Course at the IED of Turin have recounted in their thesis project the excellences of the good public health of Turin.

The A.O.U City of Health and Science of Turin is the biggest medical centre at a national and European level, it has 9500 employees and it guarantees a diagnosis and a medical assistance of third level in different treatment paths, giving priority to multidisciplinary approaches that assure highly qualified suitable cures that meet the needs of the patients in the best way.

The exhibition Cura, that has been realized in collaboration with the Regione Piemonte and Roche, is the result of a year of researches and work in the area, that called the attention of the students of the IED. The selection of 150 photos can be seen at the Palazzo della Regione Piemonte (Piazza Castello 165) form 19th February to 13th March 2018. Open everyday from 10am to 6pm.

Hangar Lab - le professioni del futuro

What are the professional profiles requested today by the cultural business, and what skills do they need to have? New specializations linked to the world of music, cinema, theatre and performing arts in general, that represents an opportunity for those who want to work in this area, but that today are still not well known by those who start a course of studies.

Hangar Lab – laboratory promoted by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Piedmont Region and by the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo together with the DAMS of the University of Turin – organizes a cycle of ten free meetings. In every meeting a different protagonist, a different representative of the cultural professions will share their own experience and their own journey.

The cultural business, or the (almost) Business, quoting the title of the new text cured by Hangar, today has 1,5 million employees and a turnover of almost 90 billion euro (the 6% of the national GDP – Symbola-Unioncamere 2017 data). These are numbers that can keep growing and offer further employment opportunities especially to young people: main innovators of the cultural system.

The meeting will take place at the Media Lab “Guido Quazza” of Palazzo Nuovo, in Via Sant’Ottavio. The first three meeting are scheduled for February.


Wednesday, 14th February (11 o’clock) guest Matteo Negrin, manager of the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo. Designer and manager of the culture, and expert in the development of innovative devices for the involvement of new people in the production and use of the cultural product.


Wednesday 21st February (11 o’clock) guest Gianluca Gozzi, creator and artistic director of the TODAYS festival of the Città di Torino. Producer of several events and international independent concerts, he has also been the creator, founder and factotum first of the sPAZIO211 and then of the BLAH BLAH club.


Wednesday 28th February (11 o’clock) guest Olga Gambari, independent curator and journalist. She works with La Repubblica and with Flash Art. She is the artistic director of the project and of the festival on independent production


For enrollment and more info: |   |

Castello di Valentino

The Castello del Valentino is one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997. It is now 20 years that the castle is at  the heart of a enhancement project of the Politecnico di Torino, that aims to restore it not only for the academic community but also for the whole city.

The meeting will take place today, Wednesday, 7th February, at 2.30 pm, and it represents a moment of reflection on the steps already taken and on what remains to be done. The actors involved in the enhancement project in the last few decades will be involved.

Furthermore, the restoration project of the Cappella of the Castello del Valentino will be presented.


Politecnico di Torino:

Marco Gilli, Dean of the Politecnico di Torino

Costanza Roggero, Scientific handler for restoration

Paolo Mellano, Head of the Department of Architecture and Design (DAD)

Patrizia Lombardi, Head of the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST)

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism:

Valerio Corino, Officer of the Superintendence for the Castello del Valentino
Giuse Scalva, already Officer of the Superintendence for the Castello del Valentino
Laura Moro, already Officer of the Superintendence for the Castello del Valentino
Maria Carla Visconti, already Officer of the Superintendence for the Castello del Valentino
Stefania Ratto, Archaeologist

3.30 pm: Inspection of the areas of the Castello that will be enhanced.

You can find here the flier of the event.



Do you have to take an admission test or a test of minimum requirements at any University?

To start your studies in the best way possible the University of Turin offers you a very useful tool: it is called  Orient@mente, it is an online platform that enables you to do several tests of biology, chemistry, physics, logic and mathematics with automatic evaluation.

Orient@mente is also useful to review, not only in preparation for an admission test, but also for ongoing exams. If you want to review, increase or integrate your basic knowledge throughout secondary school, you can try the Corsi di Riallineamento  (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics).

If you are a foreign student who wants to attend an Italian university or a student interested in Erasmus, the cathegory Internazionalizzazione will offer you language courses, statistics and information on international mobility.

Creative Days Ied Torino

If you are still uncertain which passion transform into career, the Creative Days are a good opportunity to find answers.

It is an opportunity to put yourself out there working alongside experts in the field to create a project that starts with suggestions, grows with the ideas of the team and finishes with a simulated presentation for the company or the client…in this way you will become a designer for a day!

These are free workshops with limited number of attendee to help you dicover the daily reality of experts, working in team and to challenge yourself with your own abilities. Testing your attitudes can be useful to find the right studies in accordance with your passions!

You can sign up for more than one appointment. Places are limited!

You can find below the appointments for the Creative Days 2018 in Turin.


  • VISUAL ARTS School

26th February and 12th April – Photography Course, Graphic Design Course, Illustration Course.


26th February and 12th April – Design Communication Course

  • DESIGN School

20th February and 10th April – Transportation Design Course

28th February and 17th April – Interior Design Course, Product Design Course

  • FASHION School

 22nd February and 19th April – Fashion Design Course and Jewellery and Accessory Design Course


Here you can find the list of the courses together with the registration form for the workshop that you have to fill in.

The Creative Days provides a certificate of attendance valid for school credits.

Digital Transformation

What’s the job of the future? What skills will be needed tomorrow? How will the world of work change? Claudio Fumaroli, expert of human resources, will answer all this and other questions, during the Digital Transformation: what’s the job of the future?, a meeting dedicated to the digital world and to the web economy into the working world.

The event is part of the LABOR, a cycle of meetings promoted by  Informagiovani to discover the different aspects that caracterize the world of work: from web reputation to agreements, from professions of the future to selection interviews.

The meeting will take place on Monday, 5th February at 6.30 pm, at the Informagiovani, in Via Garibaldi, 25 – Turin.

Free admission, but the seats are limited. Confirm you participation by filling in the online form.

Orientation Days

The first edition of the Orientation Days 2018, will take place from Monday 19th February to Friday 23rd February at Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE) , in Lungo Dora Siena 100/A – Turin.

The event foresees the presentation of the academic offerings. The meetings will have a free entrance without reservation. During the entire duration of the meetings students will also be able to visit the stands of the Schools and of some student services.

Furthermore, it is also possible to see the orientation guide online.

More information is available in the dedicated section of the School website.