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A Higher Technical Institute (ITS, Istituto Tecnico Superiore) is a school with a “high-tier specialization in technology”, born to answer the demand from industries for new, highly specialized technical and technological expertise. ITS offer free, two-year post-graduation courses funded by Regione Piemonte, running parallel to university courses but closely interlinked with them, with the aim to train technicians who will be able to work in strategic sectors of the economic-production system, bringing their highly-specialized expertise and knack for innovation to the firms they will be employed by.

One peculiarity of this educational programme is that more than 50% of professors come directly from the world of work. This way, students are kept constantly up-to-date with job trends. The currently active courses are:

Digital Strategist
Web & Mobile App Developer
Backend System Integrator
ICT Security Specialist
Cloud Services, Big Data & Lot

All courses are completely free and require compulsory attendance.

The next upcoming virtual tours are scheduled as follows:
July 9 th , 3:00 pm: introduction to the Cloud Specialist + ICT Security Specialist courses
July 16 th , 3:00 pm: introduction to the Digital Strategist course
July 23 rd , 10:30 am: general overview of all courses
September 10 th , 3:00 pm: general overview of all courses
September 17 th , 3:00 pm: general overview of all courses



The Centro Informagiovani (Centre for Youth Information) of Torino has scheduled two online meetings with the representatives of the 7 regional associations of Istituti Tecnici Superiori ITS (Higher Technical Institutes). ITS do not issue an university degree, but rather a certificate of highly-qualified technical education. Their courses are all free, and the prospects of employment afterwards extremely favourable.

The meetings will be held according to the following schedule: Thursday 2 nd July, h 3:00 pm
 ITS Energy Efficiency
 ITS Aerospace & Mechatronics
 ITS Agriculture & Food
 ITS ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

Friday 3 rd July, h 3:00 pm
 ITS Biotechnology
 ITS Textile, Clothing and Fashion
 ITS Tourism
You can find all information and links to the registration forms here.

Even during these times, the University of Torino keeps to one of its main callings: providing counselling to future students.

the Counselling Festival (Festival dell’orientamento) is now online: a virtual celebration to explore future possibilities from July 7th to July 9th, 2020.

It will be an actual festival, full of live meetings presenting the many available degree courses. Joining these web conferences will allow you not only to listen and watch, but also to ask questions and dispel your doubts.

There will be conferences, musical events and videos giving you a taste of the cultural life linked to UniTo. Lastly, you will be able to “tour” virtual stands, where you will find videos, interviews, course plans and everything you may need to decide which degree is right for you. Perhaps you’ll surprise yourself and even end up choosing a degree course you had never expected.

Are you interested in knowing which courses will be activated by IAAD (Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design) in the academic year 2020/2021? Do you wish to know how and when to apply and on which terms?

Schedule a meeting here and a tutor will be ready to help you.

Università di Torino continues to honour one of its main commitments: providing orientation for future university students.
You can find an online schedule for its Festival dell’orientamento, an online student orientation festival, to be introduced to different career paths and explore your future. The festival will take place from July 7 th to July 9 th , 2020m and will be packed with live events, in which you will know more about degree courses and curricula. You will be able to participate in live conference calls not only to listen and watch, but also to ask questions and clear up any doubts.

There will also be conferences, musical events and video clips to give you a taste of Università di Torino’s cultural life. You will be able to visit virtual stands, where you will find videos, interviews, programs and everything you will need to get a more precise idea of the degree path you wish to undertake or, maybe, even to lead you towards a choice you had not anticipated.

The opening date is July 7 th , 2020. Before then, you can visit this page, take a look at the events scheduled and see how the event will be structured

Due Punti Festival consists of nine open-access events, during which citizens get to meet university researchers in an informal context, and can address environmental, social and cultural issues revolving around the production and consumption of food. Together, they will discuss the many meanings of the term “sustainability”, the serious repercussions of global heating on the agribusiness and forestry supply chains, the contemporary way of conceiving our relationship with the ecosystems we are a part of.

The first phase of this series of events is called Due Punti ON AIR. Every two weeks, starting from Tuesday, 16 th June 2020, you can tune in to the Facebook page of @DuePuntiFestival, and join in tastings, play games, join livestreams and ask questions to authors, researchers, and producers, look at reality through images seen via a magnifying glass, give and receive tips on movies to see and books to read.

A second, off-line phase will begin in the Spring of 2021, and will take place in Campus AgroVet (Grugliasco), and in Complesso Aldo Moro (Torino).

The events have been organized and will be coordinated by the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences, in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Sciences, and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Modern Cultures of Università degli Studi di Torino.

Politecnico di Torino has scored another excellent result in the new QS World University Rankings, an International University Ranking
published today by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). Politecnico climbed 40 positions and is now 308 th out of over 1,600 universities. This means Politecnico has now entered the top 26% worldwide, the highest position it has ever occupied.

The areas in which it has improved more significantly are academic reputation, one of Politecnico’s main strengths, where it gains 36 positions, and student internationalization, where it advances 46 positions, marking a clear improvement.

Quality of research remains one of its strongest assets, thanks to the indicator Citation per Faculty, an area in which Politecnico is ranked in the top 200 positions worldwide. Another highlight is its reputation in the industrial sector, where it occupies the 162 nd position. Recently, Politecnico di Torino has scored another brilliant result, in U- Multirank’s ranking. Politecnico’s increase in high-end indicators allowed it to be promoted by the EU. Out of 36 parameters, 7 were rated as “very good” (an improvement of 2 from the previous), while a total of 23 parameters are in the “very good” and “good” ranges.

Have you ever been on a digital tour? ITS ICT (Technical Institute for Information and Communication Technology) finally offers you an opportunity to finally go on one, here! This means you will be able to find out more about the five courses offered by ITS ICT, its admission procedures, career opportunities and receive many other answers to questions and curiosities you might have.

Have you ever wondered what University professors do when they are not teaching? Now you can find out by listening to a podcast that narrates their lives once lectures are over, and takes a peek at their research, passions and curiosity!

Fantastic Professors and Where to Find Them has been created and produced by editorial staff at, Università di Torino’s research portal. The podcast is mainly aimed at university students of today and of tomorrow and allows them to discover the behind the scenes of what their professors do. Their work does not only consist in teaching, but it is also made out of exciting challenges in contributing to the progress of human knowledge, of curious anecdotes and a lot of passion.

The personal journey of researchers at Università di Torino can also serve as inspiration for students choosing a career and deciding how to shape their future.
From the very beginning, the podcast is multidisciplinary and a fruitful contamination among different disciplines. The leitmotif of the third season is cinema: the discussion of each topic -from particle physics to gender studies, from phytopathology to artificial languages- will be accompanied by suggestions of one or more movies, creating a mutual cross-reference between cinematographic insights and more recent breakthroughs in scientific, social and humanistic research.

The podcast is hosted by Giulia Alice Fornaro, scientific journalist and editor at and by Giovanni Mauriello, content creator and founder of uonnabi.
You can listen to Fantastic Professors and Where to Find Them on major distribution platforms: Spreaker / trovarli-s03
Spotify /
Apple Podcasts /
And, of course, at

How can you choose the course of studies most suitable for you? Which degree courses offer the most job opportunities? Does a specific profession always correspond to a specific degree programme? Atlante delle Professioni (Atlas of Professions) tries to answer these and other questions.

You can start by looking up a specific profession or field or, vice versa, you can start by looking up the degree course you have in mind and verify the job opportunities it offers, or how much it corresponds to your ambitions and aspirations.