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This morning at the Politecnico di Torino the first graduates in the "Climate Change" orientation of the master’s degree course in Environmental and Territorial Engineering were announced. The first one is Vittorio Giordano, former graduate of the first level at the Politecnico di Torino, who discussed
a thesis on the future prospects of the water footprint of crops in the African continent, with the support as supervisors of engineer Marta Tuninetti and Professor Francesco Laio, currently Director of the Department of Environmental, Land and Infrastructure Engineering (DIATI) of the University.
The second one to be proclaimed is Yara Hammoud, a student from the Lebanese American
University, who discussed a thesis on the modeling of the role of the cryosphere in the definition of the
ground temperature in the Alpine area characterized by permafrost. Her supervisors were Professor
Jost von Hardenberg and two external supervisors from ARPA Piemonte, Dr. Christian Ronchi and Dr.
Luca Paro.

The master's degree course in Engineering for the Environment and the Territory of the
Politecnico di Torino trains future engineers able to address environmental challenges involving the
interaction between natural components (air, water, soil, biosphere) and humans and to develop
sustainable solutions for human activities. From the academic year 2019/2020, alongside the existing
orientations in Environmental Protection, Natural Hazards and Civil Protection and Geo-Engineering, a
new orientation dedicated to &Change" has been activated. The orientation, is entirely
offered in English, thus becoming the first engineering course in Europe dedicated to climate change,
with the aim of preparing a new generation of environmental engineers capable of responding to the
environmental and social challenges arising from climate change, and to seize the opportunities of the
future labor market.
"Improving the quantity and quality of agricultural production, ensuring sustainable adaptation to climate
change, is one of the major global challenges to facilitate the ecological transition – explains engineer
Marta Tuninetti with reference to Giordano's thesis. While, in relation to Hammoud's thesis,
Professor Jost von Hardenberg notes, "Permafrost degradation represents one of the most significant
impacts in the Alpine area of ongoing climate change, and numerical snowpack modeling represents a
fundamental tool for understanding the phenomenon and developing future scenario projections.

The new Unito Erasmus call is online and it addresses students who want to spend a period of international mobility during their own university career.
Information about the publication of the destinations available for the academic year 2022-2023 and the date of the opening of the application form to be made through MyUniTo will be provided shortly.

In order to learn more about Erasmus Studio mobility it is possible to participate in the online information meetings during which
 the International Mobility and Didactics Section deepens and illustrates the contents of the
Erasmus call (destinations, courses, administrative requirements, suggestions, etc.)
 the "Polo Internationalization Services" offices, with the possible participation of teachers,
present the specifications provided by Appendix I of the Erasmus for Study call.
Starting from Monday, December 13 and divided by Department, there will be several information
meetings whose calendar you can find here.

The meetings will be held online on the Webex platform. To connect, simply access the link provided for your own department.
After clicking on the meeting link, it is recommended that you access the meeting by clicking on "Open
Cisco Webex Meeting" (do not access from the Browser). We kindly ask you to identify yourself with
your first and last name.
You will be able to access video conferencing from 5 minutes before the start of the meetings. To
facilitate the transmission of audio and video of those who are speaking at that time, all to facilitate the
transmission of audio and video of who is speaking at that moment, all participants must turn off the
microphone and video camera.

Conversation is a fundamental exercise in learning a foreign language, but it is often difficult to practice. By participating in language cafés you will have the opportunity to talk, share experiences, learn about a different culture and make
friends with students from all over the world.
The conversation groups organized by the Centro Linguistico d'Ateneo (CLA- UniTO) in different languages with native students in Erasmus mobility have
resumed. Ideal for practicing the language in small groups (maximum 6 people), in an informal context, improving comprehension and oral expression.
The language cafés are free and open to all UniTO students and are currently  available in English, French, Spanish and German.
However, it is advisable to have at least a pre-intermediate language level. The activities will take place at the CLA offices in the basement of Palazzo Nuovo, via Sant’;Ottavio 20, upon reservation.

“Lessico e Nuvole”- Lexicon and Clouds exhibition is inspired by the project “Lessico e nuvole: le parole del cambiamento climatico” – Lexicon and Clouds: climate change
After the preview at the Science Festival in Genoa, the exhibition will be held at Palazzo del Rettorato palace (Sala Athenaeum, Biblioteca Storica di Ateneo “Arturo Graf”- via Po 17, Torino) from 25 th November to 30 th December 2021.

The climate crisis affects us more and more frequently and more closely and while the news updates us on extreme events in distant regions and in our territories reporting the social, political and economic-financial impacts, we are witnessing an evolution of the language itself, which changes and adapts to accompany the study and communication of the phenomenon.

Starting from the contents of the guide on climate change published by the Università di Torino, the exhibition focuses on the fundamental mechanisms of language that contribute to the construction of the climate crisis in our imagination. It explores the multiple forms of communication adopted to represent it as well as the social and psychological processes through which we all, individually and collectively, process the information that reaches us.
The exhibition – unlike other exhibitions on the subject – is thus configured as a useful tool to raise awareness of all the linguistic and media aspects of such a dramatic and current
problem as climate change.

The winter season has come and has brought us the desire to ski. CUS Torino has organized four days in the Colomion ski zone (Bardonecchia,
Les Arnauds, Melezet, Jafferau)
– Ski/Snowboard School: 3 hours of lessons on Saturday with the
ski/snowboard instructors of the NordOvest Ski School with 3 levels of ability:
beginner, intermediate and advanced.
– Transportation: bus with departure and arrival from Via Paolo Braccini 1,
TURIN (in front of the headquarters of the Cus Torino)
– Skipass: daily with insurance
– Calendar:
 January 15, 22, 29 and February 5, 2022.
Saturday, February 5, 2022, last day of the course, final dinner for everyone with music and fun. Return postponed to about 19.30.

Starting from November 15 at the Cus Torino Secretariat in Via Braccini 1 and Via Panetti 30.
Documents needed:
– University students (Cus card free of charge): university fees, medical
certificate for non-competitive sports activity and completion of the Cus Torino
form, completed registration form.
– Non-University students (Cus card 20,00 €): medical certificate for non-
competitive sport activity and completion of the Cus Torino form, completed
registration form.
There are different formulas with different costs.
Visit the link for more details
Write to to have more information

A degree redemption is an institute that allows giving value to one’s degree course with respect to retirement, providing that the interested party has obtained a degree.
Who it is addressed to The service is addressed to those who have a university degree or an equivalent degree.
This option is also available for unemployed, who, at the time of application, have never been enrolled in any compulsory form of social security and who have not started work in Italy or abroad.

How it works

Degree redemption is available for:
 *university diplomas with a duration of not less than two and not more of three
 *university degrees with a duration of not less than four and not more than six
 *specialization diplomas obtained after a degree and with the duration of no less
than two years;
 *PhD whose courses are regulated by specific provisions of law;
 the academic titles introduced by the decree of November 3, 1999, n. 509 namely
Laurea (L) (degree), at the end of a three-year course and Laurea Specialistica
(LS) (specialization degree), at the end of a two-year course preparatory to the

As far as the diplomas issued by the Institutes of High Artistic and Musical Education are concerned, the new courses activated starting from the 2005-2006
academic year and resulting in the attainment of the following qualifications may be redeemed for pension purposes, in accordance with the relevant provisions in force:
 first-level academic diploma;
 * second-level academic diploma
 * specialization diploma;
 * academic diploma of research training, equivalent to the university PhD by
article 3, paragraph 6, Presidential Decree no. 212 of July 8, 2005 (message no.
15662 of June 14, 2010).
The academic diplomas awarded by the aforementioned A.F.A.M. Institutions, obtained on the basis of the system prior to the entry into force of Law no. 508/1999, may be redeemed under the conditions indicated in Circular no. 95 of August 21, 2020.

Available on the Inps website a new online service to assess the effects of theredemption of the degree for retirement purposes, available on mobile devices (PC,tablet or cell phone). The service, explains the Institute, provides information, on the basis of current legislation, the various types of redemption and the possible tax advantages and allows you to get an orientation simulation of the redemption, its instalment, the beginning of the retirement (with and without redemption) and the retirement benefit resulting from the payment of the charge.

From Monday 25 October it will be possible to reserve your place in one ofthe libraries of the University of Turin using the Affluences app.
It is an app downloadable from the App Store and Google Play that can be used without the need to register (a web version is also available).
With Affluences it is possible to check in real time, reserve places and services available by reservation in the University libraries, get updated
information on opening hours and access the facilities while respecting security protocols.

– Type the name of the library in the finder;
– book your place by selecting the chosen date and wait for the confirmation email to your linked account;
– confirm the appointment from the email received within 2 hours. This action
is necessary only for the first access: clicking on "Remember me" the system
will automatically recognize you when you make new reservations;

– Validate your appointment by showing your QR Code or asking a librarian
for help;
The capacity of the libraries is not yet 100% and the access is possible
respecting the rules in force since September 1st.

1. You have a valid Green Pass (COVID-19 green certification) to show if requested (read “Misure in vigore dal 1° settembre 2021 per le attività
universitarie” – regulations effective from 1st September 2021 for university activities)
2. You can state that:

– you have no symptoms linked to breathing system, loss of smell or taste and/or body temperature above 37.5°C in the last 14 days and, in
case of suspect or positive case of SARS-COv2, you can state that you followed the regulations provided by the Ministry of Health
– you are not in quarantine or self-isolation.
– you had, as far as you know, no contacts with people who tested
positive to COVID-19 tests in the last 14 days.
– you followed the instructions given by Regione Piemonte in case you
have just returned from abroad.
3. You wear a surgical mask (or a mask with higher protection)
4. Tracking your entry into the University:
– for students through the reservation of the lesson with Student
Booking or other forms of reservation for libraries, study rooms and
appointments with faculty (in these cases, when there is a tracking in other
form, it is not necessary to scan the Qr Code)
– for teaching and research staff, at the entrance, by scanning the Qr
Code posted at each facility
– for technical-administrative staff, by stamping the code. It is
necessary to track the Qr Code in case of movement to a location other

The call for applications for the allocation of ministerial contributions for housing costs incurred by students off-campus in the year 2021 expires on Friday 29 October at 12 am.

– off-site students enrolled in the academic year 2020-2021 in a study course, doctoral program or School of Specialization;
– those who have a valid ISEE for subsidised benefits for the right to university study or an ISEE of equal value not exceeding € 20,000.00;
– those who are or have been in the academic year 2020-2021 or the calendar year 2021 holders of a

contract – duly registered with the Revenue Office – for the rental of a residential property, for which
expenses were incurred during the year 2021;
– those who do not benefit/have not benefited for the academic year 2020-2021 from public
contributions for housing, such as those provided by Edisu Piemonte or by Local Public Bodies.

The application must be submitted online by filling in the google form available at the following

Beginning Thursday, October 7, and ending January 27, 2022, you can carry out the following procedures online:

– the compilation/modification of the career plan
– the choice/modification of the path/curriculum, where applicable.

From January 28, 2022 to May 31, 2022 it is possible to perform online:
– the compilation/modification of the career plan for each year of the course.

To compile or modify online the career plan, access to your MyUniTo and directly select the icon "Compilazione piano carriera or select
the item ;Compilazione piano carriera" within the menu "Carriera".
To choose or modify online the path/curriculum, select the item " Scelta percorso studi" within the " Carriera" menu.
For degree courses with programmed access, which require the choice of a pathway/curriculum, it is possible to fill in the career plan
from October 7 to November 18, 2021, inserting only the subjects common to all paths/curricula. Starting from November 19, 2021
and until the deadline, it will be possible to insert also the specific subjects foreseen by the chosen pathway.
Those who intend to graduate within the extraordinary session of theprevious academic year (2020-2021) do not have to fill in or modify
the career plan.

The Turin Campus of ESCP Business School is preparing towelcome 672 young talents from all over the world and launches the new specialization of the Master in Management in Strategic
Foresight and Digital Transformation.

The Turin Campus In recent years, the Business Schoo’s internationalization policy and the expansion of its educational offerings have led to a significant increase in enrollment on the Turin campus. Actions aimed at
making the Italian branch of ESCP increasingly international, innovative and competitive have exponentially increased its attractiveness: from 2015 to today, the number of students in the
Piedmontese capital has increased fivefold, from 134 to 672, this year divided in 563 young people physically present in the classroom
and 109 enrolled in the online track of the Master in Management
Young talents coming from America, Asia and Africa, as well as from all over Europe to improve their studies at the Italian headquarters of the Business School: in the Academic Year 2021-2022, in fact, 45
different nationalities will be represented in the classroom, with an average age of between 20 and 28 years old and a general percentage of internationality of 60%.
The programs offered range from the more classic General Management programs – Bachelor, MIM and MBA – to specialized
Master’s programs that prepare students for a professional career focused on specific areas such as Food & Beverage and Tourism &
Hospitality, as well as programs aimed at executives or tailor-made for companies. In Italy, ESCP stands out for the speed of career
development and placement offered by its masters: 98% of students are hired within three months of completing their studies,
finding employment in the most diverse fields, from Finance to
Consulting, from industry to the service sector.