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Sicilia Coast to Coast

There is a week’s time left in order to enrol on the Summer School “Sicilia coast to coast: camminare in territori vulnerabili” (Summer School “Sicilia coast to coast: walking in vulnerable areas”).

The initiative will bring to Sicily, in the period from 19th to 29th August 2018, 30 students and researchers for a fascinating walking tour. The itinerary, from Mazara del Vallo to Palermo, will serve to study closely the areas marked by fires, reflecting on the policies which have been adopted and the consequences of the disaster.

Mazara, Selinunte, Salemi, Segesta, Monreale, Palermo. They are only some of the cities through which students will walk during the coast to coast promoted by the Laboratorio del Cammino (Ldc) (Laboratory of the Walking) a network of students and researchers born in 2017 in the context of didactics and research promoted by the Dipartimento di Scienze, Progetto e Politiche del Territorio (DIST) del Politecnico di Torino (Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning).

The Laboratory of the Walking conceives the travel of the pedestrian as a stimulating experience, able to grasp the profiles and the hidden clues of the areas. The pedestrian observes, crosses and listen to the city from below and investigates the daily modalities of attendance and use of the spaces.

In order to participate, please send a mail by Monday 30th April 2018 with your curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation to:


Career day PoliTo

Yesterday, Thursday 19th April, more than 90 companies have met grad students and graduates from the Polytech. Moreover, a CV Corner has been created, in order to help students to improve the writing of their CV

The ability to guarantee a direct collocation in the labour market has always been one of the plus offered by the Turin Polytech (Politecnico di Torino), as testified also by the international ranking Graduate Employability Rankings 2018, published last fall by the prestigious British institute QS. According to the ranking, the Turin Polytech is the first University in the world as regards guaranteeing job offerings to its graduates as it is at the first place in the world for the indicator Graduate Employment Rate, which is calculated as the ratio between the occupation rate of the graduates (94%) and the average of the examined Italian universities (76,2%).

Against this excellent background, the Career Day of the Polytech, which has been awaited by graduates in order to meet the representatives of the world of work, returns today as final appointment of the event Orientati al futuro (Towards the future).

The number of the companies taking part at the event and interested in employing graduates from Turin Polytech or inserting them into stages is increasing (this year the event involved more than 90 companies, among which there were lots of new entries) and that testifies the fact that graduates from Turin Polytech are much sought after by companies’ HR.

During the Career Day, beyond meeting recruiters from both national and international companies, graduates and grad students will have the opportunity to participate in specific company presentations.

The event and the challenge which the Turin Polytech is ready to take has been commented by Alumni and the mentor Carla Chiasserini “ the traditional quality of training provided by our University continues guaranteeing excellent jobs offering to our graduates, as testified by data regarding their entry in the world of work but also by the success of initiatives like our Career Day. The challenge we are facing is to ensure that the profiles of our graduates meet the demands of the companies, above all of the small and medium ones which are the driving force of the area and which need innovation now more than ever. For this reason, we will try to create ad hoc meeting moments between the SME and our graduates and to open an even more direct channel between the Polytech and the companies, for the carrying out of dissertations and stage projects and, finally, the employment of our graduates












Lovers, Visioni LGBTQI con DAMS, IAAD e Vittoria

Lovers, the LGBTQI film festival of Turin begins today. This year, the edition of the festival will be devoted to Marielle Franco, city councillor of the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro and human rights activist, who had been killed the 15th March. This is a tribute that recalls “Oh rights!”, the claim of the demonstration. Love and rights, different kinds of love and law: all these elements are linked together in a society which aims to become more and more inclusive and to listen to different voices, not only the most eminent ones but also the youngest ones. For these reasons, Lovers renews its partnership with the University of Turin and some other Institutes of the area, like Vittoria, High School for Language Mediators and IAAD, Institute of Applied Art and Design.

Students from  DAMS, under the leading of Massimiliano Quirico, will become a fully-fledged international jury. The section Future Lovers will award the winner with the prize Fotogrammi Sovversivi (Insurgent Frames). The partnership with the DAMS will continue with Serial Lovers (by Elisa Cuter)., a workshop devoted to the history of TV series. With less restrictions and different uses of the narration, the TV has been competing for a long time with the cinema, as regards the representation of the LGBTQI identity. From its origin (QueerasFolks, Will & Grace), to the new productions and queer themes(Sense8, Transparent), up to the self production on the Web (G&T, Re(l)azioni a catena), together with critics, experts and film directors.

Also the IAAD gave an important contribution to the festival! We are talking about the guiding image, realised by students from the 2nd year of the Department of Communication Design, leaded by Giorgio Calandri, professor for Art Direction. Translations and subtitles will be entrusted to another institute of excellence of the city, the Vittoria, which will allow its students to cooperate on the festival from behind the scenes.

Enjoy the festival!



Soluzioni abitative temporanee, brevi soggiorni

For those who would like to visit Turin, for those who need to stay in the city only for a few months or even for those who are searching for a definitive solution, it is possible to find temporary solutions in residences which accommodate, at affordable costs, transfer students, workers and tourists.

Are you planning a vacation? Shall you come in Turin in order to do an exam? Or do you have a work commitment, the chance of lifetime which has to be seized? For all those needs, the city of Turin makes available temporary lodging.

Here some examples.


Over recent years, EDISU implemented the service Casa Per Ferie which allows those who come to Turin for working reasons or simply on holiday to comfortably sojourn in university accommodations (in single or double-room) at affordable costs, depending upon the availability of bed places at the time of reservation.

The university accommodations provided by the service Holiday Houses are located in Turin, in close proximity to the city centre and the Universities.

The service is targeted at:

  • professors, researchers, post-doctorate students and participants in projects and initiatives of cultural and scientific exchange promoted by Piedmont’s universities
  • students participating in Masters, Summer Schools, internships and Erasmus projects
  • students’ families
  • individuals, bodies and associations

Please, consult the regulation of the service (regolamento).

In order to verify availability and reserve your accommodation, please contact:

Tel: + 39 011 6531063 – 1042

Fax: + 39 011 6531161


Luoghi Comuni is a temporary residence located in Porta Palazzo, in the hearth of the city, which offers hospitableness and living arrangements at tiered prices, from 1 day up to 18 months.

Specifically, the service is targeted for:

  • Workers and trainees from out of Turin, for whom the temporary residence stands for an accommodation during the period of time they spend in the city or a temporary solution while they look for a lodging meeting their needs
  • People who come to Turin in order to visit the city or to use its services, to whom the temporary residence offers a residential solution at affordable costs, a wide range of services and activities and the opportunity to discover the area of Porta Palazzo
  • People under housing stress, namely people who need another residential solution (due to a separation, an eviction, a change job, a reduction of the income, etc…) and, while looking for it, can use the temporary residence as a bridge between the old and the new house
  • People under housing emergency, who need a residential solution as soon as possible while waiting for a stable new one provided by the local institutions

There is the possibility to choose between one-room and two-room apartments, furnished, modern and provided with bathroom and kitchen.

The rents of the temporary residence are inferior to the ones of the market and expenditure on housing is very low thanks to the introduction of innovative systems in order to reduce costs.

Please, see the website (sito web) in order to be better informed about the apartments, the tariffs and the provided services.

The residence is located in Via Clemente Damiano Priocca 3 –Turin

For further information and booking, please contact:

Tel: 0110881132
Fax: 0110881180

DORHO – Don Orione Housing

Dorho, a development of the project Sis.Te.R. – Temporary residential solution, is a co-housing service located in the centre of Turin in order to meet the demand of those who are looking for a temporary residential solution.

It is provided with 40 fully-furnished rooms differing in size for small families, students and individuals. It has also common spaces (laundry, kitchen, study hall, rec rooms and chapel)

It originated in an idea of the diocesan Caritas of Turin, in cooperation with the cooperative Synergica and the Municipality of Turin.

The residence is located in Corso Principe Oddone 22- Turin

For further information and booking, please contact:


Tel: 388 32 54 331



SM'Art disegna il tavolo!

SM’Art, a furniture company based in Orbassano, launched yesterday the first edition of the contest “SM’art projects” (Progetti SM’art) for young creative designers who had attended design classes and art schools of the region. The task is to make a project of a furniture table, entirely realised with the materials produced by the company.

The contest is open to Italian and foreign under 30 architects and designers and to the students of the following Universities and Institutes of Piedmont:

  • Turin Polytech (DAD Department of Architecture and Design)
  • IED European Institute Design of Turin (students from the courses of Product Design and Interior Design)
  • IAAD Institute of Applied Art and Design of Turin (students from the courses of Product Design and Interior Design)
  • Fine Arts Academy of Cuneo (students from the courses of Product Design and Interior Design)

Participants in the contest must be 18 or older.


The jury, composed of highly skilled members from the sector of decorative panels and semifinished products for the furniture industry, will choose three winners in three different categories:

  • Best idea in the whole
  • Best colour idea
  • Best concept

The contest is open to individuals and small groups (up to 3 members). The draft, which must be original und unpublished, pain of exclusion from the contest, shall be accompanied by a short presentation of the project. Participants will be showed SM’art’s materials on the holding, an executive will be at their disposal for the technical details and for the provision of useful samples.

Registrations within 30th June through form.

Delivery of the prototypes within 15th October.

Further information is available on the notice of competition (bando).

Medicina e digitale: nasce il nuovo master in Telemedicina

The new Master for Telemedicine (Master in Telemedicina) of Turin Polytech, which has been realised in collaboration with the Association for University Settlings and Advanced Training in the Canavese and which is supported by ASL TO4, Althea Group, Medical Line Consulting, 3B srl and Cooperativa Sociale EDEREC, is intended for professionals that works closely to the healthcare sector: the biomedical engineers,who own skills about technology and its areas of use, and the healthcare professionals(doctors, nurses and other figures), who are aware about the assistance need of the population and the characteristics of the patients who can benefit from the service.


The rapid increase of the use of the information technology in all spheres of our life is affecting more and more the healthcare sector and an increase in the adoption of digital medical equipment is to be expected, both for the individual professional and for the polyclinics and social-care services. So there is the need of healthcare professionals able to cooperate with biomedical engineers, in order to correctly insert the technology in the social-care processes.


Today, it is difficult to plan the evolution of the demand for these skills, as currently the services which employ these technologies are relatively few. However, the entire medical sector is more and more oriented towards a medicine “at home”, enhancing the home care using telemedical technologies. These technologies will provide a better quality of the service and a reduction of indirect costs, contributing to the reduction of the demand of patient hospitalisation. In the future, skills acquired through the master will become more and more necessary for the good functioning and the adequate planning of services that will be made available for patients in a more widespread way, reducing the distances between doctors and patients and redefining the relationship with healthcare structures.


The Master, which will be hold at Polo Universitario Officina H of Ivrea, will last 18 months and provide 60 academic credits. The maximal number of participants is 25. the inscriptions on the website will soon be opened.

2WheelsPoliTo vince le gare del 1° round del Campionato Italiano Velocità

An extraordinary weekend for the two-wheel team of Politecnico of Turin, 2WheelsPoliTO, has just finished. Thanks to the Italian Motorcycle Federation’s support, the team takes part to the most important Italian speed championship on track, in the Premoto3 class, with two motorbikes with a cylinder capacity of 250 cc and a four-stroke engine.

The season has begun last weekend with the races in Misano Adriatico on the Grand Prix motorcycle track “Marco Simoncelli”, where the young racers of the team, Alberto Surra from Turin and Nikolas Marfur from Rome, competed with roughly thirty peers.

On Friday, Alberto obtained a sensational pole-position, establishing the new record of the track, while Nikolas reached the fifth place of the starting grid. In the first of the two races, the turinese recer arrived first, confirming his result in the second race, where he placed himself at the top of the board, with more than 20 points ahead his rivals. While fighting for the first places during the first race, Nikolas slided down his motorbike, luckily without injuring himself, and obtained the eight place in the second race.

The placement is the result of the hard work during the winter period, when team members, unhappy with the result of the last year (second in the final of the championship), continued the development of their prototype.

It’s an historical brace for a university team in a semi-professional competition like the Italian Speed Championship, a result which has been achieved also thankds to the enthusiasm and the willingness to improve of those who participate to the project, working at it or supporting it.

The result is even more important if we consider the first place in the classification “Costruttori”, in front of important companies in the motorcycle sector, both Italian and international.

Next date: beginng of May on the international track of Mugello, where the 2WheelsPoliTO and its racer will have to defend their first place.

Polito: il nuovo master per esperti di reti in fibra ottica

Photonics for Data Networks and Metrology, this will be the name of the new, innovative master course at Turin Polytech.

5G, HD videos, contents of virtual and augmented reality, growth of cloud services, synchronisation of networks and Internet of things: all these technologies are becoming more and more important in our daily life. However, due to their massive use , they will lead in the years to come to a huge increase of the data traffic and of the demand for networks synchronisation. That’s why photonic networks have to be more and more widespread and elastic and to offer innovative services, in order to meet this growing demand.

For this reason, professionals able to deal with this transformation will play a fundamental role. The new II level Master course Photonics for Data Networks and Metrology of Turin Polytech has been specifically created for these professions of the future. It has been created in collaboration with INRiM and other 17 institutions, like companies, research centres and consortia: AGH, Clonets, Cisco, ISMB, Juniper Networks, LPL, MenloSystems, Oclaro, PSNC, Seven Solutions, SM Optics, Synopsys, Syrte, TIM, Telecom Infra Project, Top-IX, Ustav..

The fact that so many partners are involved in supporting the initiative proves that there is a need for a vertical and multidisciplinary knowledge about these new issues. The program is also supported by the EU through the project H2020-INFRAINNOV-CLONETS and will offer both theoretical and practical lessons as well as a final stage in a European company or research centre.

The aim of the Master is to provide multidisciplinary competences and knowledge about transmission and photonic networks but also about the principles of metrology and of distribution of time/frequency connection on telecommunication infrastructures based on optical fibre transmission. The program is intended for students having different backgrounds, from ICT graduates to physics and metrology graduates and will create hybrid professional figures that will be able to develop and administrate cutting-edge photonic networks, in order to support a growing traffic that will also require the distribution of time/frequency connections from and within metrology centres.

The Master is leaded by Professor Curri from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni ) of the Turin Polytech in collaboration with Doctor Calonico from INRiM and is a full-time program lasting an academic year that will start on September 2018 and finish in November 2019.

Scholarships for internationals students for the academic year 2018-2019 Borse di studio studenti internazionali

UniTo releases 15 scholarships lasting two years for international students who obtained a bachelor degree abroad and are willing to enrol to the first year of a master degree at the University of Turin for the academic year 2018-2019.

The ranking list for the allocation of scholarships is based on the result of GRE test (Revised General test). It means that those who are not in possession of a GRE certificate won’t be allowed to apply for a scholarship.

If you want to send your GRE test results directly to the University of Turin, you can use the code 7417.

The deadline for submitting the application is 30th April 2018 at 3 p.m. (Italian date and time).

Further information can be found on the specific page of the University portal: Scholarships for international students (English version).

You can also go to:

Sportello Studenti Internazionali (international students point)- Sezione Mobilità e Didattica Internazionale (International Mobility and Didactics division)

Vicolo Benevello, 3/a, Ist floor – 10124 Torino


Office Hours:
from Monday to Friday: 9.00-11.00
from Thursday to Tuesday: 13.30-15.00

I Watt You Galfer is Back

I watt you. Galfer is back!

Galileo Ferraris is back. Professors from the Electric Engineering College of the Department of Energy (Dipartimento Energia ) of the Turin Polytech launched the initiative of a day dedicated to  Galileo Ferraris, with the projection of a docudrama about his life. The movie will introduce the character of the electrical engineer, but in the current framework of the energy revolution. This is a framework in which electric engineering graduates can contribute to the safeguard of the planet, thanks to innovative energy solutions.

The movie will be projected tomorrow, Tuesday 10th April 2018, at 5.30 p.m. at the Sala Consiglio di Facoltà of Turin Polytech, in corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24.