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The next student elections for the University of Turin (UNITO) will be held by e-voting, according to the following schedule:

● 28th of March 2023, from 9 am to 9 pm.
● 29th of March 2023, from 9 am to 9 pm.
● 30th of March 2023, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Each voter will vote with the electronic device that they have at their disposal.
By entering the SCU (Unified System of Credentials) credentials in the university portal, the voter has access to the e-voting service. After the access to the service, the voter will have the lists of all the candidates.

Voters can express their preferences up to the maximum number provided for each list.
Once the voting is completed, the voter has to confirm the vote and close the voting session.
Voters without suitable electronic devices can vote by using the computer stations (the location of the latter will be indicated on this page).
There will be a space dedicated to the publication of electoral lists. Only after the publication of the election poster and the verification of the eligibility of candidates by the Electoral Commission, will it be possible to send the electoral lists to the address by Thursday, 23rd of March 2023 at

Students, in possession of the requirements indicated in the NOTICE, have until the 24th of February at 24:00 to comply with the Declaration of Interest regarding the free allocation of 200 beds, at the Turin office, by the residential service for the second semester of the 2022/2023 a.y.

The DECLARATION OF INTEREST has to be properly filled and sent by the 24th of February 2023, at 24.00. It has to be sent by email to and submitted by the adults concerned, accompanied with a photocopy of the (valid) identity document and the fiscal code of the applicant.

To participate, University students, at the time of submission, have to meet the following requirements:

1. Have an ISEE (Indicator of the economic condition of Italian families) University certificate (Italian Ministerial Decree of the 5th of December 2013 No. 159), valid at the time of submission, less or equal to 60,000 euros;

2. Being regularly enrolled, in the 2022/23 a.y., at any course of the University of Turin, the Polytechnic of Turin, other Universities and AFAM (Academic Diploma of Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance) or being a student of the first year of a PhD (Third level course of study) in the
2022/23 a.y.

3. Have obtained, in the first years, at least 5 ECTS at the time of submission or, for the following years, the requirements of the Annex 1 of this call by the 31st of October 2022.

The National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles, “M’Illumino di Meno”, organized annually by Rai Radio2 with Caterpillar since 2005, will be back on Thursday, 16th of February. The aim of this event is to spread the knowledge of environmental sustainability and resource saving.

For this occasion, the University of Turin organized the event. Le Comunità Energetiche Rinnovabili (CER): una bella opportunità… ma veramente per chiunque?”, at the Sala Laurea Rossa Grande of the Campus Luigi Einaudi, from 5 to 7 p.m. The role of UNITO (University of Turin) is to support a
possible energy transition. The event is organized by UniToGO’s Energy Group and the Informal Group on Energy Communities.
It is open to all the people who want to better understand how CER (Renewable Energy Communities) works and what are the advantages and disadvantages in adopting this model.
It will be based on community and energy and how the scientific community of UNITO could use this kind of model, both from a scientific research and operational point of view.

The event will be divided in two phases: the first one will present the principles underlying the CER model, highlighting the good reasons for creating and being part of it, but it will also focus on the many critical aspects of technical, economic, legal, political and social nature of the construction process. In
the second part, there will be a discussion, among all the participants, to understand together the reasons for building an energy community and the practical problems that may arise from it, as well as the advantages of having the University of Turin among the promoters of the project.

The system of access to teaching in middle and high school, defined by the Italian Legislative Decree No. 59/2017, in implementation of the Law No. 107/2015, as amended by the Law No. 145/2018 and the Law No. 79/2022, includes a new model of initial recruitment and training.

Those holding a master’s/post-master’s degree or a degree from the previous system can enter to the competition, on the condition that they have obtained a consistent degree with the specific competition class of Table A – MIUR and 24 ECTS in the anthropology, psychology, pedagogy disciplines and teaching methodologies and technologies achieved by the 31 st of October 2022.

The 24 ECTS Training Course will be replaced by a university course of initial training and teacher qualification of 60 ECTS. For details, refer to this site and the appropriate Ministerial Decree.

CERN Summer Student Programme 2023, organised by the Geneva-based European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the training programme paid for up to 3 months for university students that are enrolled in Physics, Mathematics, Informatics and Engineering.

During this period, students will have the opportunity to work on an advanced technical project as part of an experimental team, in engineering or informatics fields.
It is also possible to attend a series of seminaries and online lessons by scientists and experts from all over the world. Founded in 1954, CERN mainly studies the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces acting between them. It was a site of important scientific discoveries such as the Higgs boson, a particle whose existence had been theorized by the British physicist Peter Ware Higgs in 1964, that was observed for the first time during experiments conducted at CERN in 2012. Nowadays, the European Organization for Nuclear Research has 23 member countries. CERN also involves other States in its surveys and activities, both European and non-European, in order to encourage the
international scientific cooperation and the development of the next generations of scientists.

To participate in the CERN Summer Student Programme you have to meet the following criteria:
 being a student of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (non-doctorate) in Physics, Engineering, Informatics or Mathematics, who will complete at least 3 years of studies by the summer 2023. Participation is also open to those who will graduate within the summer period (from May);
 have never worked at CERN for more than 3 months and have never participated in the Organisation’s summer programmes;
 good knowledge of English. Any knowledge of French is considered a plus.
Applications are open until 30 th of January 2023 at 12.00

As already foreseen, TOLC-MED will be the exam that allows the enrolment for single circle master’s degree course of Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics.
The first session is scheduled between 13 th and 22 th of April 2023. The second one is scheduled for 15 th and 25 th of July. The Italian Ministry of University explains that the sessions of this exam were scheduled in order not to affect the Baccalaureate exam. For the academic year 2024-2025, sessions will take place in February and April 2024.

As part of these sessions, each university will detect dates and shifts of the exam. Candidates will be able to register to the TOLC-MED through the CISIA website
After they have taken the exam, candidates will be able to choose the best score among those achieved in the two sessions for the purpose of registration – within the time available – so that they can indicate the university, in order of preference, for which they intend to apply for.

Following the success achieved during the training day dedicated to the teachers of the Piedmont schools, entitled “A Scuola di Futuro. L’impatto della rivoluzione digitale sul sistema educativo”,
that was organized by the Convitto Nazionale “Umberto I” of Turin on the 30 th of September 2022, leader in Piedmont of the project Avant-garde Education:
scuola-di-futuro/, SMaILE has continued to propose its activities, having been present on several events throughout the entire autumn:

1) SMaILE was the protagonist of two workshops on the 13 th of November 2022 during the
Biennale di Tecnologia (10 th -13 th of November 2022), organized by the Polytechnic of
–      Survey Game SMAILE. Discover with SMalLE your profile in the universe of Artificial
Intelligence (https:///
your-profiling- in the universe of artificial intelligence
–    SMalLE App. Imagine the city of the future created with the help of Artificial Intelligence
laiuto- of artificial intelligence

2) at the Science Festival Rome (21 th -27 th of November 2022):
artificial lintelligenza-artificiale/ A Webinar was held at the Festival on 21 th of November
focused on the theme: “Gamification and empowerment to teach artificial intelligence” by
the Professors involved in the project.

3) Sottodiciotto Film Festival of Turin (14 th of November – 19 th of December 2022):
https:/// Thanks to the SMaILE
App project and the local partner Aiace, SMaILE actively participates in the Festival Schools
Program with two activities:

Città visibili e Animate" which consists in building a city through the
animation technique. Children will design and animate their ideal city, the one where they
would like to live without risks for the environment and where they can make new friends.
The goal of this activity is to observe the space where they live and stimulate them to
describe it with the support of the SMaILE APP.

–       “Scuole Secondarie di I Grado La Città a Fumetti” consists of 4 meetings to study in
depth the language of comics and also audiovisual. Thanks to the SMaILE app, participants
will be able to look up in the archival materials of Sottodiciotto Film Festival and invent
new stories with their cities (real, imaginary, visible or invisible) as their protagonist.

The Ministry for University published the decree regarding the traditional TOLC medical admission test: the exams will take place in April and July in presence. As explained in the decree, the exams will take place in presence and each candidate will choose an institute during the application.

The exams will be completed on the digital platform CISIA in designated positions, which will be arranged by each institute according to a later decree that will be published by the general Management of the Ministry.
The new medical admission test 2023 will have a duration of 90 minutes and will take place in presence in April and in July. All students at the fourth or fifth year of high school can participate. You can apply for the TOLC exams on the website of CISIA

You can attempt 4 times and use your best results out of all.
The questions of the new medical admission test, the TOLC-MED, will be split as follows:
 7 reading comprehension quizzes about topics studied in schools – 15 minutes;
 15 biology quizzes – 25 minutes;
 15 chemistry and physics quizzes – 25 minutes;
 13 mathematics and logical reasoning quizzes – 25 minutes.


The University of Turin is among the best universities in the world according to the Arwu (Academic Ranking of World Universities), the international ranking created by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy and published in August 2022. UniTo is ranked fifth among the 46 Italian Universities, equally with the University of Bologna, the University of Naples Federico II and the Politecnico di Milano.

Worldwide the University of Turin is positioned between 201-300 among 2.500 universities, behind La Sapienza, the university of Rome (between 101-150 worldwide) and the Universities of Milan, Padua and Pisa (between 151-200). The
ranking system was created considering six indicators: graduates and professors with Nobel prizes or Fields Medal prizes; the most quoted researchers; articles on Nature or Science; number of publications on Web of Science; per capita performances.

In the new edition of the Subject Ranking of Shanghai in August 2022 UniTo has positioned between 51-75 in Food Science and Technology, between 76-100 in Agricultural Sciences, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, in Physics and in Veterinary Sciences. Other excellent positions were reached by Dentistry’Oral Sciences, Mathematics and Medical Technology, which are stable in the top 200.

The applications for ITS courses of information and communication technologies of the two-year period 2022/2024 are now open until Friday, September 16. The courses will take place in Via Jacopo Durandi
10, Turin. The two-year curricula have a total duration of 1800 hours (1200 hours in lecture halls and 600 hours of internship in companies).

In order to be accepted into the course you have to pass an admission test, since the number of available slots is limited.
The applications are now open for the courses of the two-year period 2022/2024 until Friday, September 16.
The courses are aimed to Italian residents who have a five-year high school diploma. People under 35 years of age are given priority.

Click here to see the website of the ITS Foundation for information and communication Technologies. Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) are schools which offer a high specialization in technology, and
they were established to respond to the demand of companies for new and highly technical and technological skills. These schools offer free two-year post-diploma courses which turn their students into higher technicians who are able to obtain a position in strategic sectors of the economic and productive system, bringing their highly specialized skills and innovation skills into the companies they work for.

ITS schools issue a diploma of higher technical specialization, a qualification recognized nationally and internationally. This diploma comes after an upper secondary education diploma and before a
university degree.