In March 2024, the new EMI@CLAUnito training project, targeted to professors of Degree Courses taught in English, got started. This activity is part of the initiatives framework put in place by the University of Turin to increase its presence on the international scene (Goal 2.3 of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026), also enhancing Degree Courses taught in a foreign language and the attractiveness for international students. In the 26 Degree Courses taught in English, students and professors are the protagonists in the making of an open University, oriented to a transnational and strongly intercultural dimension. This kind of educational activity requires that professors develop new teaching methods and establishes a new training necessity. The EMI@CLAUnito aims at meeting this very needs.

This project is the result of the collaboration between the University Language Center (CLA-UNITO) and the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures and it was started and coordinated by the Area Internazionalizzazione, together with the Teaching and Learning Center. It represents an important development opportunity for professors who teach in English. This training intervention aims at highlighting the importance of integrating linguistic, didactics and intercultural aspects when teaching in English. The project combines CLA-UNITO’s experience with the results of EMI (English-medium Instruction) research, especially in the framework of the EMILC project (EMI Lecturer Certification: New horizons for quality assurance and capacity building). Activity is coordinated by Prof.ssa Alessandra Molino, in collaboration with University’s EMI experts, supported by external collaborators.

The project is structured in 6 meetings of 3 hours each, resulting in 18 hours. The training path focuses on a critical analysis of EMI, in order to strengthen the teaching methods, especially in international classes. Special attention is paid to the improvement of English linguistic competence applied to teaching, and to the strategies aimed to support education and effective intercultural communication. The project takes into consideration the specific features of different subject areas and contexts, promoting autonomy in the continuous professional development. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to receive an individual feedback on their teaching methods through mock lesson sessions. Acquired competences will be certified by an Open Badge from CLA-UNITO.

4 training cycles are scheduled in 2024, especially targeted to UniTo professors who have not yet participated in training projects held in English.