On 4th April at 12:30, the new Bar Michelangelo, in the Via Buonarroti 17 bis study hall in Turin, was inaugurated. It was opened by Edisu Piemonte and will be run by students from the second to the fifth year of Istituto Alberghiero J. B. Beccari.

This new café results from the rehabilitation of a disused area inside the study hall, which allowed to create a 190 m2 large space that includes the customers area, storage, cooking, and food preparation area, as well as a new entrance and reception.

From 9 to 15 the Bar Michelangelo will offer cafeteria, snack bar, hot and cold food service. Access is limited to study hall users with the latest version of the “Campus Piemonte Id Meal” app, which is mandatory for all canteens and Edisu Piemonte affiliated facilities from 2nd April.