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CSI, NCIS: verità e finzioni sulla scena del crimine

Is the science which solves cases? Is it as simple as fictions make us believe? CSI, NCIS… science at the crime scene between truth and fiction will answer to these and other questions today, 7th May at the Auditorium “Cavallerizza Reale” of the University of Turin from 5p.m.

The event, organised by the Associazione Amici dell’Università di Torino has already aroused a lot of interest, there will be more than 400 participants. For booking you can call the number 011 660 42 84  or sending an email to

This exceptional interest is mainly due to the success of TV series but how real their settings?

Luciano Garofano, former Commander of the RIS Carabinieri of Parma and president of the Italian Forensic Science Academy answers to this questions:

“Fictions have timeframes that lead to accelerating and simplifying the work of the RIS; we must respect norms , which requires formalities in respect of the right of the individual: in real life we need to verifying, to summon all the parties and real times are extended in order to respect the laws. In addition, we must take into consideration serious and impeding problems: on one hand science is now offering to us incredible possibilities, so that a minimal hint is enough to have immediately available results, on the other hand however we are still lagging behind as regards procedures at the crime scene. So, for some aspects, we made lots of progress in the lab activity but the attention devoted to the crime scene as not improved at the same time. The techniques have improved the sensibility but also increased the risk of “innocent contamination” ; we need to make something in terms of training and improving procedures”

What’s the medical examiner’s point of view?

Roberto Testi, local health medical examiner of the City of Turin finds TV-series with his “colleagues” as protagonist interesting and often amusing.

“Actually, the reality is very less romanticized but sometimes more interesting than fictions. The reality has intuitions and offers some sparks that screenwriters cannot even imagine”

Scientific investigation will substitute the traditional one?

“Absolutely not” says Garofano “because scientific investigation must always be conceived in an optic of integration with traditional investigation. This latter offers the sparks without which the scientific investigation could not exist and vice versa”.

During the meeting, it will also be talked about the psychological approach to the criminal. Georgia Zara, Associated Professor of the Psychology Department of the University of Turin, deals with “sex offenders” and men who mistreat or kill women.

my field of action is the phase which follows the sentence of the author of the crime, evaluation of the risk, social danger, how to deal with individuals with a sexual crime background..

With the Forensic medicine I’m working on a study on 264 women killed in the area of Turin from 1970 to this day; we are trying to understand what are the dynamics, the risk factors, the kind of relation with the murderer, what brought to the murder.

The psychologist plays a fundamental role, especially in understanding the risk of a criminal relapse. Why does an individual who has started a criminal career carry on with it? Often, the criminal careers of some individuals absorbs their whole life. Understanding the risk process at the core of this mechanism means be able to act at preventive level and intervene at a behavioural level on the factors that generate criminality”

And we come back to TV and to the question, if so many criminal programms coul have a negative impact on the spectators.

How has the profession of the scientific investigator transformed itself during the years?

Sergio Festa, retired Chief Warrant Officer , already operating in the RIS Carabinieri of Turin answers the question:

Here in Turin, from a three-drawers wardrobe containing cameras and magnifying glass , we created a laboratory. For us, the first turning point happened in 1990, with the investigations on Donato Bilancia (serial killer operating between Piedmont and Liguria) and the case of Erika and Omar (the Novi Ligure murder). A turning point in particular as to regards the faith given to the forensics that allowed to solve these cases”

The second part of the meeting will be devoted to the training. How can you become a scientific investigator, which kind of studies and specialisations are requested? All what you need to know in order to become a real “Gil Grissom” will be explained by Professors of the University of Turin among whom Giancarlo Divella (Forensic Medicine) and Cristina Giacoma (Sciences of Life and Biology of the Systems).


Luciano Garofano, former Commander of the RIS Carabinieri of Parma and President of the Italian Forensic Science Academy

Sergio Festa, retired Chief Warrant Officer , already operating in the RIS Carabinieri of Turin

Roberto Testi, local health medical examiner of the City of Turin

Alessio Ferrara Forensic Biologist

Paolo Garofano Laboratory Director Forensic Biology

Alberto Mittone Criminal attorney at the Court of Turin

Onelio Dodero member of the group Organised Crime and Urban Security of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Turin

Georgia Zara, Associated Professor of the Psychology Department of the University of Turin

Giancarlo Divella Ordinary Professor in Forensic Medicine and Director of the Graduate School in Forensic Medicine of the University of Turin

Giuliano Carlo Geminiani, Director of Criminal and Forensic Psychology at the University of Turin

Cristina Giacoma, Director Sciences of Life and Biology of the Systems

Marco Vincenti, Director of the Chemistry Department of the University of Turin


Timetable changes

Monday 30th April 2018 some offices or structures of the University will close or change the hours in which there are usually opened to the public.

In particular, the following offices will remain close all the day:

  • the Students’ Offices (Segreterie studenti) of the different universities
  • the Section Right to Education (Fees) (Sezione Diritto allo Studio (Tasse) Vicolo Benevello, 3/A – Torino
  • the Office for Disabled and SLD students (Ufficio Studenti con disabilità e DSA) Via Po, 31 – Via Po, 29 students’ entrance – Torino
  • the Office State Examinations (Ufficio Esami di Stato) Vicolo Benevello, 3/A – third floor – Torino
  • the Infopoint Palazzo degli Stemmi, Via Po, 29 – Torino
  • the Offices of Personnel Management
  • the Offices of International Activities Management, Organisation, Quality and Evaluation
  • the Offices of Building and Logistical Management


it is also recalled that Tuesday 1st May 2018 will be public holiday.

Career day PoliTo

Yesterday, Thursday 19th April, more than 90 companies have met grad students and graduates from the Polytech. Moreover, a CV Corner has been created, in order to help students to improve the writing of their CV

The ability to guarantee a direct collocation in the labour market has always been one of the plus offered by the Turin Polytech (Politecnico di Torino), as testified also by the international ranking Graduate Employability Rankings 2018, published last fall by the prestigious British institute QS. According to the ranking, the Turin Polytech is the first University in the world as regards guaranteeing job offerings to its graduates as it is at the first place in the world for the indicator Graduate Employment Rate, which is calculated as the ratio between the occupation rate of the graduates (94%) and the average of the examined Italian universities (76,2%).

Against this excellent background, the Career Day of the Polytech, which has been awaited by graduates in order to meet the representatives of the world of work, returns today as final appointment of the event Orientati al futuro (Towards the future).

The number of the companies taking part at the event and interested in employing graduates from Turin Polytech or inserting them into stages is increasing (this year the event involved more than 90 companies, among which there were lots of new entries) and that testifies the fact that graduates from Turin Polytech are much sought after by companies’ HR.

During the Career Day, beyond meeting recruiters from both national and international companies, graduates and grad students will have the opportunity to participate in specific company presentations.

The event and the challenge which the Turin Polytech is ready to take has been commented by Alumni and the mentor Carla Chiasserini “ the traditional quality of training provided by our University continues guaranteeing excellent jobs offering to our graduates, as testified by data regarding their entry in the world of work but also by the success of initiatives like our Career Day. The challenge we are facing is to ensure that the profiles of our graduates meet the demands of the companies, above all of the small and medium ones which are the driving force of the area and which need innovation now more than ever. For this reason, we will try to create ad hoc meeting moments between the SME and our graduates and to open an even more direct channel between the Polytech and the companies, for the carrying out of dissertations and stage projects and, finally, the employment of our graduates












Lovers, Visioni LGBTQI con DAMS, IAAD e Vittoria

Lovers, the LGBTQI film festival of Turin begins today. This year, the edition of the festival will be devoted to Marielle Franco, city councillor of the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro and human rights activist, who had been killed the 15th March. This is a tribute that recalls “Oh rights!”, the claim of the demonstration. Love and rights, different kinds of love and law: all these elements are linked together in a society which aims to become more and more inclusive and to listen to different voices, not only the most eminent ones but also the youngest ones. For these reasons, Lovers renews its partnership with the University of Turin and some other Institutes of the area, like Vittoria, High School for Language Mediators and IAAD, Institute of Applied Art and Design.

Students from  DAMS, under the leading of Massimiliano Quirico, will become a fully-fledged international jury. The section Future Lovers will award the winner with the prize Fotogrammi Sovversivi (Insurgent Frames). The partnership with the DAMS will continue with Serial Lovers (by Elisa Cuter)., a workshop devoted to the history of TV series. With less restrictions and different uses of the narration, the TV has been competing for a long time with the cinema, as regards the representation of the LGBTQI identity. From its origin (QueerasFolks, Will & Grace), to the new productions and queer themes(Sense8, Transparent), up to the self production on the Web (G&T, Re(l)azioni a catena), together with critics, experts and film directors.

Also the IAAD gave an important contribution to the festival! We are talking about the guiding image, realised by students from the 2nd year of the Department of Communication Design, leaded by Giorgio Calandri, professor for Art Direction. Translations and subtitles will be entrusted to another institute of excellence of the city, the Vittoria, which will allow its students to cooperate on the festival from behind the scenes.

Enjoy the festival!



Soluzioni abitative temporanee, brevi soggiorni

For those who would like to visit Turin, for those who need to stay in the city only for a few months or even for those who are searching for a definitive solution, it is possible to find temporary solutions in residences which accommodate, at affordable costs, transfer students, workers and tourists.

Are you planning a vacation? Shall you come in Turin in order to do an exam? Or do you have a work commitment, the chance of lifetime which has to be seized? For all those needs, the city of Turin makes available temporary lodging.

Here some examples.


Over recent years, EDISU implemented the service Casa Per Ferie which allows those who come to Turin for working reasons or simply on holiday to comfortably sojourn in university accommodations (in single or double-room) at affordable costs, depending upon the availability of bed places at the time of reservation.

The university accommodations provided by the service Holiday Houses are located in Turin, in close proximity to the city centre and the Universities.

The service is targeted at:

  • professors, researchers, post-doctorate students and participants in projects and initiatives of cultural and scientific exchange promoted by Piedmont’s universities
  • students participating in Masters, Summer Schools, internships and Erasmus projects
  • students’ families
  • individuals, bodies and associations

Please, consult the regulation of the service (regolamento).

In order to verify availability and reserve your accommodation, please contact:

Tel: + 39 011 6531063 – 1042

Fax: + 39 011 6531161


Luoghi Comuni is a temporary residence located in Porta Palazzo, in the hearth of the city, which offers hospitableness and living arrangements at tiered prices, from 1 day up to 18 months.

Specifically, the service is targeted for:

  • Workers and trainees from out of Turin, for whom the temporary residence stands for an accommodation during the period of time they spend in the city or a temporary solution while they look for a lodging meeting their needs
  • People who come to Turin in order to visit the city or to use its services, to whom the temporary residence offers a residential solution at affordable costs, a wide range of services and activities and the opportunity to discover the area of Porta Palazzo
  • People under housing stress, namely people who need another residential solution (due to a separation, an eviction, a change job, a reduction of the income, etc…) and, while looking for it, can use the temporary residence as a bridge between the old and the new house
  • People under housing emergency, who need a residential solution as soon as possible while waiting for a stable new one provided by the local institutions

There is the possibility to choose between one-room and two-room apartments, furnished, modern and provided with bathroom and kitchen.

The rents of the temporary residence are inferior to the ones of the market and expenditure on housing is very low thanks to the introduction of innovative systems in order to reduce costs.

Please, see the website (sito web) in order to be better informed about the apartments, the tariffs and the provided services.

The residence is located in Via Clemente Damiano Priocca 3 –Turin

For further information and booking, please contact:

Tel: 0110881132
Fax: 0110881180

DORHO – Don Orione Housing

Dorho, a development of the project Sis.Te.R. – Temporary residential solution, is a co-housing service located in the centre of Turin in order to meet the demand of those who are looking for a temporary residential solution.

It is provided with 40 fully-furnished rooms differing in size for small families, students and individuals. It has also common spaces (laundry, kitchen, study hall, rec rooms and chapel)

It originated in an idea of the diocesan Caritas of Turin, in cooperation with the cooperative Synergica and the Municipality of Turin.

The residence is located in Corso Principe Oddone 22- Turin

For further information and booking, please contact:


Tel: 388 32 54 331



Indagine AlmaLaurea 2018

Yesterday, 27th February 2018, the Administration Board of the Polytechnic has established the extension of the NO-TAX area, expanding the contributory bracket exempted from the payment of University fees. The decree will involve almost 4200 students, with a cost, by the Polytechnic, of more than one and a half million euros.

This measure has met the efforts of AlterPolis, the student representative list that brought this goal among the points of their electoral program. “The main suggestion on the topic of taxation was exactly the extension of the NO-TAX area”,  explain the students of AlterPolis, adding: “it is a political and social resolution of historical importance: with this measure more than 4 thousand students extra will be exempted from the payment of the fee to the Polytechnic”.

The Brackets  

The Isee brackets exempted from the payment will no longer be of 13500 euros but of 25500 euros. “The Administration Board today approved the proposal that gives a turning point compared to past trends” – explains Marco Rondina, member of the Cda for AlterPolis – “this is a one of a kind event in one of the European Countries where the highest University fees are registered”.

The political Debate

Yesterday, the topic of the right to education was also addressed in political terms: University students, in fact, organized a debate that involved the candidates in the upcoming elections. The debate on the problems and critical aspects of Italian Universities saw the positions of Forza Italia, Partito Democratico and Movimento 5 Stelle at odds with Liberi e Uguali and Potere al Popolo. The first ones have focused of issues such as meritocracy and utility and necessity of supporting school-work alternation system; while the second ones have underlined the risk of creating new generations of unpaid workers. 



Scadenza compilazione piano carriera UniTo: deadline for the compilation of the career plan

If you are a student of UniTo remember to fill out your career plan online within 28th February 2018!

To do this you have to access your MyUniTo page and to click on “Compilation of the career plan” in the “Career” menu

Until 28th February 2018 you can make online:

    • the choice of employment (full time/part time)
    • the presentation of the career plan

From 16th April to 18th May 2018 only the career plan can be modified; while the choice of employment can’t be changed anymore.

For more information you can visit the University portal page dedicated to the career plan.

You can also control your university career with Myscenario

UniTo offers its students the Myscenario service, in order to easily see your study plan and be constantly updated about your exam situation. Thanks to an intuitive graphical representation, Myscenario allows you to:

  • verify the educational activities included in the study plan in the years foreseen by the degree course;
  • see the possible alternatives to the choices that can still be modified;
  • see the all the exams taken with its code, date of the appeal, grade and course credits obtained.
"M'illumino di meno", le iniziative del Politecnico

This year the Polytechnic of Turin will participate again at “M’illumino di meno”, the initiative of the broadcast of Radio Rai “Caterpillar” to promote the energy saving and the virtuous behaviours in the field of environmental sustainability, that has already reached the 14th edition.

The two scheduled meetings are part of the actions promoted by the Green Team of the Polytechnic of Turin an organization born at the Polytechnic to promote activities of promotion of virtuous behaviours by the point of view of sustainability and to take a shared path of validation of the institute as a sustainable campus.

The following two are the initiatives promoted by the Polytechnic:

Today, Thursday 22nd February, at 7 pm

“Caccia al kWh” in Italian Universities

On 22nd February the Green Team of the Polytechnic of Turin will promote the “Caccia al kWh”, a flash mob during which students and staff will turn off the lights after the time of use in the rooms of the headquarter of the University, but they will also close windows and doors that entail a waste of electricity or heat energy for heating: a symbolic act to show the right use of energy. The results of the campaign will be monitored live in the Living LAB, by measuring the reduction of energy consumption of the University. The event will end with a refreshment by candlelight for all the participants.

This year the initiatives of “M’illumino di meno” are promoted in the field of the Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (RUS), that gathers together 55 Italian Universities. On 22nd February from 6pm to 9pm, the “Caccia al kWh” will take place simultaneously in different universities, in order to involve a bigger audience for the actions of research on the waste of energy in the headquarters of the universities. The main goal is to sensitise people of the universities towards an individual contribution that everyone of us can offer on the topic of energy-saving, becoming with little inattentions, that all together can have a significant impact on the energy consumption of the universities.


7 pm: gathering in the courtyard of the Rectorship

After that: formation of groups and campaign of light out and reduction of energy waste

At the end: refreshment by candlelight for all the participants in the atrium of the Sala Consiglio di Facoltà.



23rd February 2018, 10 am – Auditorium Energy Centre 

M’illumino con meno. Un anno dopo” seminar

On 23rd February the Green Team organizes the event “M’illumino con meno. Un anno dopo”, focused on the topic of energy efficiency in the lighting. A year ago, on the occasion of the “M’Illumino di meno 2017”, the Polytechnic had started an experimentation on the use of intelligent LED lighting with the involvement of some professionals of the sector. The conference will be the perfect opportunity to present the results of the campaigns carried out in the Living LAB, before and after the replacement operation. The data show significant savings, by highlighting the effect achieved with the addition of occupancy and light sensors. The experimentation carried out in some rooms of the headquarter (some offices, a hallway and a technical room) will give some useful information for the planning of more extended interventions in universities. The issue is topical for the Public Administration, also in relation to the offered possibilities of the current incentives.


  • 10 am: institutional greetings
  • 10:10 am: introduction

Giovanni Vincenzo Fracastoro | GreenTeam of the Polytechnic of Turin , Energy Manager
Alberto Poggio | Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo sostenibile (RUS), Coordinator of the Energy working group

  • 10:40 am: M’illumino con meno: the development of the experimentation       and the first results

Giulio Cerino Abdin | GreenTeam of the Polytechnic of Turin, Manager of the Energy working group

Chiara Aghemo | Energy Department “Galileo Ferraris”, Environmental and Technical Physicist .

Rossella Taraglio, Gabriele Piccablotto | Architecture and Design Department , Laboratory of Analysis and Modelling of Environmental Systems (LAMSA).

Fabrizio Tondaroc | Construction and Logistic of the Polytechnic of Turin

11:40 M’illumino con meno: the point of view of operators.

Round table discussion with the representatives of the industrial workers involved in the experimentation..

12:10 Questions and debate.

Open day, Porte Aperte

IED Turin has organized an open day on Saturday, 17th March, from 10 am, in the offices of Via San Quintino 39, in order to find out more about the schools of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication, educational method and the professional opportunities offered by the collaboration with professionals, companies and agencies!

An open day to discover the education provided by the IED

The day will be full of orientation activities, with professors, students and former students, dedicated to the education provided by the IED Turin: three-year degree course, Master’s Degree and Specialization Courses.

Available to participants throughout the open day:

  • Info Point: the staff will be at your service to give information about the education provided, the facilities and the services offered by the IED Turin.
  • Career Service: consultation about job prospects and the request of the working world in relation to the different courses of studies.

To take part at the event you have to sing up at the forum of the website.

Immagine campagna Museo Egizio di Torino

It’s not easy to escape from the stereotypes of Valentine’s Day! There are the traditional celebrations, picture-perfect: those by candlelight, with roses, chocolate and kisses. Every Valentine’s Day the question is the same: how can we still surprise our loved ones?

The Museums of Turin offer you the possibility to spend an alternative Valentine’s Day, with discounts and offers conceived for couples.


Egyptian Museum: Basta essere in 2

The Egyptian Museum, for example, started the offer Basta essere in 2: all those who will come as a couple will have the opportunity to visit the museum with a single ticket. The offer is valid only on a full price ticket.


Fondazione Torino Musei,celebrate Valentine’s Day with art!

Even the Fondazione Torino Musei offers the possibility to divide into two the cost of the entry tickets. Throughout today, Wednesday, 14th February, all couples that will go to the GAM, to the Palazzo Madama or to the MAO will be able to enter the museums paying only one ticked instead of two.


“Valentine’s Day Special” At the National Cinema Museum

The National Cinema Museum celebrates Valentine’s Day in the romantic location of the Mole, even here a convenient 2×1: all visitors that will come as a couple will pay only one entrance ticket. Even by purchasing online, one ticket will be worth for two.

Furthermore the guided tour I LOVE CINEMA is scheduled at 6 pm. I is a tour dedicated to love told and experienced by the greatest protagonists of the seventh art, characters narrated through anecdotes, photos and unforgettable sequences. Prices: € 6,00 + Reduced price; Duration: 1 hour and 30. Compulsory reservation at the e-mail – Info: 011- 8138564/65.