admissions tests

Registration for the TIL test at the Politecnico di Torino is now open. There are 3 types of tests, namely TIL-I (Engineering), TIL-D (Design) and TIL-(Planning).

 there is not a specific Call for applications for non-EU applicants living abroad and requiring a
 TIL test is to be taken in-person only
 The minimum threshold for admission to TIL-I, TIL-D, TIL-P has been raised to 30/100
 Under the section called “Select your programme”, applicants wishing to take the TIL-I must choose up to 5 degree courses in the Engineering area, including the professional degree course in Technologies for the Manufacturing Industry, and rank them in order of preference.

The TIL is to be held in-person at the computer labs of the Politecnico di Torino campus. In order to register for the TIL test, you must register on the Apply@PoliTO platform.
Applicants have 1 hour and a half to answer 42 questions. Questions are divided in 4 sections covering 4 different disciplines. The number of questions and the time limits are organized as follows:
 16 Mathematics questions – 36 minutes
 10 Reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions – 20 minutes
 10 Physics questions – 22 minutes
 6 Basic technical knowledge questions – 12 minutes

For the academic year 2024/25, for the admission to degree courses with a limited number of studentsv the minimum and guaranteed thresholds are required, as detailed below.
The minimum threshold for being included in the ranking list is 30/100.
The guaranteed admission threshold is 60/100. This score enables applicants to enrol in thevBachelor’s degree programme they have chosen as their first preference.