Cover the grief with a colour, not to forget, this is the initiative, promoted by the City of Turin in collaboration with the Street artist Fabio79, to remember the 13 Erasmus students who lost their life in a coach crash in Tarragona last March.

A canvas 14 meters long will be displayed in Piazza Castello on Saturday from 10 am, as a synonym of the monochromaticity that pervades the soul after a grief. Anyone can leave their thumbprint on the canvas, choosing among seven colors, in order to express the closeness to the parents of these students and to colour the wefts of the existence.

On the same day, at 9:30 am, Fabio Versaci, the Chairman of the City Council of Turin, will meet some of the parents of the seven Italian victims in the Sala dell’Orologio of Palazzo Civico, including Serena Saracino’s parents, she was a student of the Department of Science and Pharmaceutical Technology of Turin.