Cinquanta sfumature di tasse

Wednesday 23rd May, at 4 p.m. in the Aula Magna of the Campus Luigi Einaudi  will take place the second meeting of a training and debates programme entirely organised by the Student Council (Consiglio degli Studenti) in order to examine in depth the major issues regarding University and the current situation of those experiencing it  every day.
Are you a student? Maybe you are even student rep but often you have no idea how to interpret the vast majority of the decisions regarding your degree course or made by your department and you could hardly understand the causes of some difficult situations?
This is precisely why the Student Council, which includes student reps from all the department of UniTo, has organised this series of meetings  in order to examine, understand and discuss together the major issues, often linked to major problems, regarding the academic world. The second of those meetings will take place on May, 23rd and will consist of  two separate parts.


Students are split into teams, each one representing a policy different than the others. Starting from some input data regarding financial resources number of students and primary and secondary objectives, they will have to set up effective taxation policies and student contributions. For example, the team the policy of which is the establishment of a University where you can study for free, will have to start analysing available funds and  number of students, as well as role of government and of local authorities, in order to achieve this goal within the shortest time.

The purpose of that is indeed to introduce students by and large to the various approaches to the taxation issue, by remaining, in this first part, in the domain of the abstract models “of principle”.


In the second part of the meeting, the various strategies which have been devised will be presented and, after a short debate, those holding the meeting will give a specific overview of the actual and current situation of the taxation issue in Italy and at UniTo in particular.
This presentation will trigger the debate about which of those abstract models can be applied more effectively at UniTo, in order to achieve specific objectives, also by discussing together the priorities regarding the taxation issue.
Since places are limited, please send an e-mail to confirm your participation to the address of the president of the president of the Student Council ( specifying  your NAME and SURNAME and the DEGREE COURSE YOU ARE ENROLLED ON.
Finally, please consult the Facebook event  (l’evento Facebook) in order to keep up with materials and graphic info we will make available while preparing the event.