Locandina della mostra Cura - Racconti fotografici sulla città della salute

The European Institute of Design and the City of Health and Science of Turin are the characters of Cura – Photographic stories about the City of Health, that is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the topic of care. Nine students of the third year of the Photography Course at the IED of Turin have recounted in their thesis project the excellences of the good public health of Turin.

The A.O.U City of Health and Science of Turin is the biggest medical centre at a national and European level, it has 9500 employees and it guarantees a diagnosis and a medical assistance of third level in different treatment paths, giving priority to multidisciplinary approaches that assure highly qualified suitable cures that meet the needs of the patients in the best way.

The exhibition Cura, that has been realized in collaboration with the Regione Piemonte and Roche, is the result of a year of researches and work in the area, that called the attention of the students of the IED. The selection of 150 photos can be seen at the Palazzo della Regione Piemonte (Piazza Castello 165) form 19th February to 13th March 2018. Open everyday from 10am to 6pm.