Friday, 13th November 2015 – from 8.30 am to 4 pm


The 7th edition of Scienza Attiva, the scientific citizenship project realised by the Interuniversity Centre Agorà Scienza, is officially starting on Friday 13th November 2015 at 8.30 am, in the Campus Luigi Einaudi lecture hall (lungo Dora Siena 100 – Turin).

The opening event will be an occasion for teachers and students from upper secondary schools and a first opportunity to get information about the topic that are going to be discussed during this edition: agriculture, food, sustainability.
In order to grant continuity to the debate arisen from EXPO 2015, Scienza Attiva is based on the challenges in the fields of food education, food culture as an identity value, of agro-technologies for food innovation and security, giving special attention to the cross-cutting theme of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The 2015/1026 edition of Scienza Attiva is carried out with the support of the University of Turin and the cooperation of about 50 researchers from many Italian universities and Research Centres. Furthermore, this year the project involves the business world too, with the support of Iren S.p.A (Italian Regional Energy Supplier) and some experts from that group, who are already working in schools on many environmental education and sustainability initiatives.

The event will be broadcasted online on Unito Media. (