The Centro Informagiovani (Centre for Youth Information) of Torino has scheduled two online meetings with the representatives of the 7 regional associations of Istituti Tecnici Superiori ITS (Higher Technical Institutes). ITS do not issue an university degree, but rather a certificate of highly-qualified technical education. Their courses are all free, and the prospects of employment afterwards extremely favourable.

The meetings will be held according to the following schedule: Thursday 2 nd July, h 3:00 pm
 ITS Energy Efficiency
 ITS Aerospace & Mechatronics
 ITS Agriculture & Food
 ITS ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

Friday 3 rd July, h 3:00 pm
 ITS Biotechnology
 ITS Textile, Clothing and Fashion
 ITS Tourism
You can find all information and links to the registration forms here.