Università di Torino continues to honour one of its main commitments: providing orientation for future university students.
You can find an online schedule for its Festival dell’orientamento, an online student orientation festival, to be introduced to different career paths and explore your future. The festival will take place from July 7 th to July 9 th , 2020m and will be packed with live events, in which you will know more about degree courses and curricula. You will be able to participate in live conference calls not only to listen and watch, but also to ask questions and clear up any doubts.

There will also be conferences, musical events and video clips to give you a taste of Università di Torino’s cultural life. You will be able to visit virtual stands, where you will find videos, interviews, programs and everything you will need to get a more precise idea of the degree path you wish to undertake or, maybe, even to lead you towards a choice you had not anticipated.

The opening date is July 7 th , 2020. Before then, you can visit this page, take a look at the events scheduled and see how the event will be structured