This agreement is an international window to promote academic cooperation, collaborative research in areas of common interest and exchange of students.
A bridge between Turin and Shanghai has been built thanks to the agreement between Wang Rongming, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs at the East China Normal University (ECNU), and Gianmaria Ajani, the Rector of the University of Turin.

After having inaugurated the office that hosts officials of the ECNU of Shanghai in the seat of the Rectory in via Po, the University of Turin will open a branch office in Shanghai with Italian staff, who will be tasked to identify research topics of common interest and coordinate academic and administrative staffs.There will be student exchange programs, for periods of study of one or two terms, at first only for the disciplinary field of Physics, but with the aim to be extended to all other areas of the University. Also some projects of binational degree programs for master’s courses in Business Administration, Stochastics and Data Science, European Legal Studies are being developed.

For Chinese students who will study in Turin there will be a course of introduction to the Italian language, whereas Italians students in China require a good level of English.