On Thursday 21st July at 2 p.m. IED Torino is planning an online meeting for everybody (you just have to register), organized by Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design.

The webinar will be leaded by the Master Director, Cesare Griffa, with two students that are actually attending the course.

The meeting will pivot around the Predicting a Sustainable Future theme, and it will be completely in English.

In the next future, the world population and the planet’s temperature will dramatically grow, while our fossil sources will decrease. There will be more and more need of energy and food, together with the need of reducing green-gases emissions. The designer has a great responsibility for generations to come: he has to face this challenge in a creative way, which means transforming this problems into source to project a sustainable future.


The webinar is transmitted online and it lasts about one hour.

Once you registered, you just need to connect to the link to see the meeting and make questions in the chat.

Register QUI (Here).