csuismLate requests of matriculation can be presented online from 6th November to 23rd December, but only for free access courses. Any payment after this deadline will be added by surcharge for late payment.


From 6th November to 23rd December you can transfer to another course by paying due fees, which are not to be given in case of transfer from the year 1 to year 2..


For every student, enrolled at any course of study, the payment of the due fees to the years following the 1st is subject to the due surcharge (deadline: 5th November). The payment of this fee corresponds to the enrolment to the new academic year.


More information about enrolments and matriculations and the whole list of deadlines (payment of fees, transfers, study plan) for the academic year 2015/2016 are available at the page Immatricolazioni e iscrizioni on the website of the University