ITS ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Piedmont does not stop and has prepared communication initiatives and events to describe their courses.We are preparing some videos in which the companies that work with us and the images, will tell our routes, equipment, classrooms and what distinguishes our ITS. Everything will be available in the next few days on their website.

The first on-line presentation of the ITS ICT was organized for Thursday 4 June at 15:00. The students and interested students and anyone who wants to participate, can register on the their website to receive the accreditation link and to be updated on dates of appointments, registrations and selections. Further useful information:

  •  REGISTRATIONS for the next two years have not yet been started, we expect them to start in July, following of the provisions of the Piedmont Region
  • ITS ICT continues to offer highly specialized courses that are fully funded, therefore free of charge, without requiring registration fees for the selection and for the frequency of the two-year period;
  • ITS have the possibility to modify the study programs at the start of each two-year period in order to respond concretely to the needs of the companies, therefore it is possible that the new study paths may undergo variations in the title or in some contents while remaining focused on the study of information and communication technologies.
  • The period also highlighted the importance and centrality of digital tools for all production sectors, boosting new investments and new tools that will further support employment in the sector.