Progetto "Fuori Corso"

The initiative, thought by some professors of the University of Turin aims to contrast the university dispersion through the “rescue” of off course students (studenti fuori corso), in order for them to “get back on track” and finish their academic studies.

E-mails, phone calls and registered mails with acknowledgment of receipt are the new methods with which the University of Turin, starting from the Department of Law, tried to get in touch with more than a thousand off course students. Of these, almost half of them have been found and invited for an individual interview in which tools and services to help them have been presented.

The results were immediately apparent: almost 146 students started to go to class again, and one third of these has done the exams with success.

In particular, for the academic year 2017-2018, the Department of Law has set up some useful options to help off course students that need to take the last exams in order to achieve the university degree in a short period of time:

  • Remote lessons (online): a way of teaching that allows to have interactive and personalized lessons, that meet the needs of working students that can’t attend classes at the University.
  • Teaching tutor: off course students can ask for the help of a teaching tutor; according to the number of students that take part in the project; UniTo will assess the possibility of having tutors that will have to give ad hoc teaching materials (slides, lecture notes, audio and video recordings, faq, wiki, forum) and weekly self-evaluation exercises.
  • Personalized courses: if the exams that you have to take are not present in the list of the education provided for the academic year 2017-2018, there is the possibility to have some personalized courses, even through the acknowledgment of equivalences.