Frida, il forum di ricerca e public engagement di ateneo

Opening up to the public and to the area, so that everyone can be a part of the scientific and technological progress.

The University of Turin (Università di Torino) has launched this initiative a few years ago to answer the challenges of the profound changes of our time. Public engagement, that is mutually sharing knowledge, with all of the social actors (from the scientific community toi the school; from government institutions to the citizens; from cultural institutions to local companies; and media), is the key to giving value and increasing the impact of research on society.

With these features, in April 2015 the FRidA project started, through an analysis of public engagement activities of researchers and research facilities of the University. The project was officially presented on July 8, 2016.

FRidA, il Forum della Ricerca e del public engagement di Ateneo is the tool chosen by the University to open up to the area and engage the world of research with all other parts of society.

Sharing mutually means exchanging skills and experiences, spreading ideas and knowledge, languages and subjects.

A new method of communicating the development of science and technology, that goes beyond the simple criterium of sharing information, showing the university as a catalyst for processes of economic, social and cultural development.

Through the FRidA portal, academic research is seen as a continuous, dynamic and engaging process of formulating problems, hypotheses and experiments which are explained by the researchers themselves.

Today, the beta version of FRidA is available online, where you can explore UniTo’s Research section through different programs, skills, key topics, resources, events and reports by the researchers.

Info and contacts

UniTO representative: Prof. Sergio Scamuzzi, Vice-dean of Communication at the University of Turin

FRidA is managed by Centro Agorà Scienza – Via Po, 18 – 10123 Torino

+39 011 6702744