Scuola di Management ed Economia has scheduled an open day for the students of the 4th and 5th year of High school, to help them to choose the education right for their future. The event includes meetings with teachers and guided tours of the Polo didattico building, in Corso Unione Sovietica 220.

Participation can be single or in group.

During the event it is possible:

  •      to join the ongoing lessons scheduled for the day
  •      to join the presentation of Scuola di Management e di Economia and of its Bachelor degree courses
  •      “living” for one day in the Scuola di Management e di Economia building
  •      get information from teachers of the Departments about the different courses taught in this educational career
  •      share opinions with Scuola di Management e di Economia students

Program scheduled for the Open Day 2016-2017

  •    April 20th 2016  9 am –1 pm and 2 pm-6 pm
  •    May 11th 2016  9am –1 pm and 2pm- 6 pm

To join the Open Days, students have to send the registration through the special form available on the Scuola di Management ed Econo