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After the recent acknowledgments obtained by the 23 Departments of the University of Turin as Departments of Excellence from Miur, and from the international ranking THE, that rewards the University for the Clinical and Health, the Arts and Humanities, the Life Sciences and the Physical Sciences, the University of Turin is a world excellence in all 5 broad subject areas even according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018, the ranking that evaluates the performance of Universities in different areas of research.

The University has in fact obtained excellent results (among the first 500 in the world) in all 5 macro categories “broad subject areas”: Humanities, technology and Engineering, Life Science and Medicine, Nature Science and Social and Economic Sciences. In particular, the best result was achieved in Life Science and Medicine, where UniTo ranks 189th in the world.

The University of Turin excels in 12 of 48 subject areas of  research: Agriculture, Languages, PharmacyLaw, Medicine, Physics, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics e Computer Sciences.

The number of universities considered in the ranking list of excellences are only a few hundred (top500) among the 1100 that were in the ranking among the 4000 university in the world evaluated for the ranking.

The methodology used by QS in order to do a ranking combines some bibliometric indexes (quotes for the publoication on scientifics journals and H-index, an international index which measures the impact and productivity od researchers) and the results of some reputational questionnaires given to academicians and employers carried out by QS. These last factors, that usually are only a 10% of the final score, have different importance according to different areas, as for example for some scientific or economic sectors where it is the 30% of the final score.

For more info visit: : https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/by-subject

For more details about universities world rankings visit the web page: http://politichediateneounito.it/it/ranking-internazionali/