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International University Challenge 2018

The international university challenge is back on the Turin university sport fields.

The event, dedicated to sport competition among students from Unito and Polito, will be held from Tuesday 22nd May and Saturday 9th June 2018, at the CUS Torino di Via Panetti 30.

The competitions will involve different kinds of sport, starting from women’s and men’s five-a-side football, to beach volleyball and to mixed volleyball (4 vs 4). From men’s basketball (3 vs 3) to women’s and men’s tennis. Each team may enter a tournament of its choice.

With an enrolment fee of 15 euros, students will be allowed to take part in a tournament and in the conclusive cocktail party and they will receive as well the official T-shirt of the event for free.

Please, download the enrolment form here (qui) and send it to the email address You can also take it in person to the CUS info points in Unito and Polito or to the reception desks Braccini and Panetti.

On Saturday, October 14, “Torino Mapping Party – Collaborative mapping for a better mobility” will take place. It is the first mapping party of the City of Turin, organized by 5T and ITHACA  under the program of Torino Design of the City, a week of meetings, exhibitions and workshops about design.

The mapping party is an event in which experts meet less experienced users, citizens and whoever wants to participate and contribute to the sharing of maps and gain a shared and wide knowledge of the territory in which we live.

The aim of the first Torino mapping Party is to involve the citizens and the ones who live in the city to contribute to the OpenStreetMap maps, used by the information service Muoversi a Torino, with the collection and input of data and information of public interest for the benefit of all those who live, work or visit Turin. The district Barriera di Milano will be the first area to be mapped for this first edition.

For more information and to sign up (until October 12) please visit: