The University of Turin is the first university in Italy which supports its students; health with free medical examinations for all the new enrollees, taken by qualified staff of the university. The project aims to increase the knowledge and the awareness of the students which are enrolled in the first year of University on their state of health, physical condition and body composition. At the end of the examinations you will be left the medical certification for non-competitive sport activity for the purposes allowed by the law.

Before the medical examination you will be asked to fill in a 15-minute long questionnaire about life-style and psychophysical wellness, and specifically the following topics will be examined: sport activity and exercise; discomfort/musculoskeletal pain; following of the Mediterranean diet; consumption of alcohol and cigarettes; sleep quality and quantity; reproductive health; anxiety, stress and bad mood and life quality and wellness.
At the Medical Centre for University Students of the University of Turin (Via Marenco 32, Turin), after their medical examination and some tests, students are allowed to get customized information about their state of health (anamnesis, visual function, electrocardiogram at rest, etc.) and physical condition.