The system of access to teaching in middle and high school, defined by the Italian Legislative Decree No. 59/2017, in implementation of the Law No. 107/2015, as amended by the Law No. 145/2018 and the Law No. 79/2022, includes a new model of initial recruitment and training.

Those holding a master’s/post-master’s degree or a degree from the previous system can enter to the competition, on the condition that they have obtained a consistent degree with the specific competition class of Table A – MIUR and 24 ECTS in the anthropology, psychology, pedagogy disciplines and teaching methodologies and technologies achieved by the 31 st of October 2022.

The 24 ECTS Training Course will be replaced by a university course of initial training and teacher qualification of 60 ECTS. For details, refer to this site and the appropriate Ministerial Decree.