The Ministry for University published the decree regarding the traditional TOLC medical admission test: the exams will take place in April and July in presence. As explained in the decree, the exams will take place in presence and each candidate will choose an institute during the application.

The exams will be completed on the digital platform CISIA in designated positions, which will be arranged by each institute according to a later decree that will be published by the general Management of the Ministry.
The new medical admission test 2023 will have a duration of 90 minutes and will take place in presence in April and in July. All students at the fourth or fifth year of high school can participate. You can apply for the TOLC exams on the website of CISIA

You can attempt 4 times and use your best results out of all.
The questions of the new medical admission test, the TOLC-MED, will be split as follows:
 7 reading comprehension quizzes about topics studied in schools – 15 minutes;
 15 biology quizzes – 25 minutes;
 15 chemistry and physics quizzes – 25 minutes;
 13 mathematics and logical reasoning quizzes – 25 minutes.