picture-1-1363524908The 2019 Matera-Basilicata Foundation is launching a call for 15 participants for the first workshop of the Open Design School Matera.

The first ODS will be an intensive workshop and will take place in Matera, from 15th January to 28th February 2016: the target is developing the concept of a highly innovative theatre/place for performances in a 18th Century cave of the Sassi di Matera.

(where some of the activities of Matera 2019 will take place) and contributing to the planning and creation of the next headquarters of the Open Design School and the Foundation.

We are looking for 15 participants (local, national and European): architects, engineers, lightning designers, visual designers, sound designers, artists, craftsmen, photographers, filmmakers, surveyors, economists.

Deadline is due on Monday 21st December 2015 at 12 am, in order to send your applications.