The applications for the Agon 2023/2024 Project are now officially open. This project is sponsored by the University Sports Centre (CUS Torino), Politecnico di Torino, University of Turin, EDISU Piemonte and Collegio Einaudi Foundation.

AGON is a scholarship programme created with the aim of guaranteeing young talented athletes (both from Italy and abroad) the access to the highest levels of academic education by practising sport in a top-class environment. Today, thanks to the AGON scholarship programme, the athletes are first and foremost outstanding university students, who are living proof that it is possible to play sport at a high level and pursue a university career with excellent results; the goal is to end their sporting careers ready to enter the world of work.
The objectives of Agon project are fostering the technical growth of individual sports districts in terms of quality and number of athletes in the disciplines identified by the project, enhancing the local image associated with the values of university sport and the university system of Turin as a pole of attraction for national and international student-athletes, and spreading the Dual Career model of Turin university sports system.

Who can apply:
o Young athletes who meet the requirements for enrolment in university courses
and master’s degree programmes (masters only for the University of Turin and those included in the university’s list);
o High school graduates;
o Students currently enrolled who have obtained at least 20 CFUs during the previous academic year;
o Young athletes who have not reached the age of 31 on the closing date of the call for applications.
The sports are: men’s and women’s rugby, men’s and women’s Olympic wrestling, men’s and women’s athletics, men’s and women’s table tennis, men’s and women’s

tennis, men’s and women’s kayak, men’s and women’s rowing and women’s field hockey.
A total of 14 full scholarships (tuition fees, room and board) and 10 scholarships will be allocated for free enrolment in courses at the University of Turin and Politecnico di Torino. For the academic year2023/2024, two additional full scholarships will be allocated due to the non-assignment of two full scholarships in the previous academic
year (2022/2023). Therefore, the total number of scholarships to be awarded will be 26 (16 full scholarships and 10 light scholarships).

Not later than 1 p.m. of 20 th July 2023.
At the following link you can find the application form

The University of Turin has a strong commitment to internationalisation and promotion of scientific and educational cooperation with developing countries (DCs)
and emerging countries, in order to implement actions focused on sustainability and the fight against inequality.
The UNI.COO project includes the activation of outgoing mobility routes in the context of development cooperation projects mainly in countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia.
Therefore, the 2023-2024 call for applications is open for 11 outgoing mobility scholarships as part of Development Cooperation projects in which the University of Torino is a partner.

Beneficiaries: students enrolled in cycle I, II, III courses and specialisation schools of University of Turin for 2022-2023 academic year, and students who will be enrolled in the academic year 2023-2024 when the mobility period ends.
The UNI.COO mobility scholarship, which has a duration of 3 to 5 months, covers the costs of flight, visa and insurance, and a monthly contribution for other expenses (room and board etc.).
Application deadline: 7th August 2023, before 11 a.m.

You will find further information on the page dedicated to UNI.COO project on the University website:…/altri-programmi…/progetto