politecnico di torino

At least until July, all the teaching activities of the Politecnico di Torino – including exams and degree discussions – will continue to take place exclusively online, as experienced in these first months of suspension of activities in attendance. The persistence of the uncertain situation due to the health emergency from Covid-19 and the need to plan the summer session of the profit exams (15/06/2020 – 25/07/2020) and graduation (July 2020), giving students with adequate notice of the dates of the individual appeals, led to the decision taken by the Academic Senate to continue with the methods used so far; this precisely to avoid displacements to a large number of students who, otherwise, should be present in the University, moreover in a period in which restrictions on mobility remain within the national territory and, even more so, from abroad.


Already on February 28, 2020, in order to face the health emergency, the University had foreseen the possibility of carrying out oral exams and degree exams through video communication tools, subsequently extending the winter session of exams until 15 May 2020 to allow the recovery of the exams that have not yet been carried out. The performance of the remote exam and graduation exam session has been fairly regular in these months, after a first phase of adjustment. To date, 4,400 oral and written exams have been held on paper with video surveillance by the teachers or via PC with the use of the University Exam platform integrated with remote control tools. The lessons of the second semester were immediately converted into online mode, allowing the experimentation of new forms of teaching and guaranteeing all students to have access to the activities, even in a lockdown situation. There were more than 800 courses delivered remotely, with the participation of nearly 30,000 students and the involvement of 2,000 teachers and teaching collaborators – who make up practically all the professors with courses in the semester.


Taking these elements into account, the Polytechnic has established, again with the resolution of the Academic Senate, to guarantee, for the entire Academic Year 2020/2021, the provision of the entire first and second level training offer in online mode.