Lessons are nearby and Università di Torino has the intention to keep the lessons in person as much as possible. Starting from 1 st September access to university is only allowed if:

1. You have a valid Green Pass (COVID-19 green certificate) that you can
show if requested (read also Regulations effective from 1 st September 2021
for university activities)

2. You can state that:
– you have no symptoms linked to breathing system, loss of smell or taste and/or body temperature above 37.5°C in the last 14 days and, in case of suspect or positive case of SARS-COv2, that you followed the regulations provided by the Ministry of Health
– you are not in quarantine or self-isolation
– you had, as far as you know, no contacts with people who tested positive to COVID-19 tests in the last 14 days
– you followed the instructions given by Regione Piemonte in case you have just returned from abroad

3. You wear a surgical mask (or a mask with higher protection)

4. You track your presence by scanning the QR-code at every entrance point

In order to attend in person courses, you will have to book your seat through student booking. Student Booking is available on MyUniTO Studente, Futuro Studente e Docente.
The service allows you to book your seat in the classroom (for students) and see who booked the seat (for teachers) offering a tool to handle and
control the number of people following the rules and protocols that are now effective.
Who can use Student Booking:
 Students registered to a degree course with a study plan transcript and planned or attended activities.
 Freshmen with no study plan transcript
 Future students, namely those who only registered on the university portal and inserted all personal data for 2021-2022 academic year.
 Teachers, who can see who booked the in-person lessons. Visit the Student Booking page on your MyUnito profile