On the occasion of political and administrative elections scheduled for Sunday 4th March 2018, in order to make the right to vote easier in the Municipalities of residence of all out of town students, the Universita degli Studi di Torino and the Politecnico di Torino order the suspension of the educational activities in all Universities for Monday 5th March.


Special transportation fees for voters



For those who will take the train to go to vote, there will be discounts for the trains TrenitaliaItalo and Trenord. For Trenitalia, the discounts correspond to 70% of the basic price of the average and long-distance national trains, in second class, both for the outward journey and for the return. In this category are included: Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity and IntercityNotte.

For those traveling with regional trains, a 60% reduction is expected. The outward journey must be done not before 23rd February 2018 and the return trip not later than 14th March.
Trenitalia also provides an ad hoc fare for international trips to and from Italy on the Eurocity Italy-Switzerland trains, named “Italian elector”. For more information and for all the details on ticket purchase visit www.trenitalia.com, in the Information section.

Italo, on the other hand, offers a 60% discount on the price of Flex or Economy tickets which is valid for all those traveling from 23rd February to 13th March in a Smart or Comfort environment. For more information visit the website www.italotreno.it.

Trenord, operating in Lombardy, has announced that the special electoral fares will provide a reduction of 60% on regional fares on round-trip tickets, in second class. For more details, you can visit the website www.trenord.it.

For all companies, you will be asked to show on board the electoral card and the identity document on the first way trip and the electoral card with the stamp of the voting on the return trip.



Among the airlines, however, Alitalia is the only one that, thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, provides electoral facilities. Specifically: for national flights a maximum discount of 40 euros is possible on the basic price of return ticket, excluding taxes and surcharges. The departure date must be between 24th February and 4th March and the return flight between 4th and 10th March. The verification procedures, which will take place at the check-in, require the same documents of the train journey.


Other means of transport

The Circular 13/2018 issued by the Ministry of the Interior provides other benefits for voters for trips by sea and motorways. For further information visit the website of the Department for Internal and Territorial Affairs.