IED  Incontri di Professione, la Fotografia (Professional meetings, photography)

In the occasion of “Incontri di Professione, La Fotografia”, three great italian professionists will tell us their story at IED, in Turin, in three different dates:

5 May: Giovanni Gastel, born in Milan in 1955. He deals mostly with fashion photography and still life. He has been collaborating for 30 years with the most popular fashion magazines.

18 May: Francesco Jodice, born in Naples in 1967. He looks at the changes in the contemportary social life. He is focused on the urban anthropology phenomena and on the production of new participation processes.

15 June: Maurizio Galimberti, born in Como in 1956. He is well known for his polaroid mosaics, a technique he created himself. He divides a picture in many polaroids: each of them shows a different detail. Then he put every polaroid close to the others, reassembling the image in a collage.


Free entry, compulsory registration to the event