On Wednesday  17th June and Wednesday 27th July 2015, ITS ICT Piemonte is presenting the two-year courses 2015/2017 in MOBILE APP DESIGN and VIDEOMAKING.

ICT Piemonte is more than a school and different from an academy. It is a training environment and a workplace at the same time, where you can learn by doing.

The courses are entirely financed by Regione Piemonte and MIUR and are therefore free for participants. At the end of the two-year course, divided into 4 semesters reaching a total of 2,100 hours (540 of which are spent serving an apprenticeship in a company), you can access the State exam to obtain a Senior Technician Diploma.


The presentation will take place in via Jacopo Durandi 10, in Turin.

For more info check the website or send an email to info@its-ictpiemonte.it