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A great surprise for tourists! Thanks to its latest works on artistic and cultural heritage it’s going to be also incredible for you.






Mole Antonelliana

This eclectic building was designed in 1863 by the architect Alessandro Antonelli. It is the symbol of the city. A panoramic lift inside the Mole allows you to admire the structure of the overlapping modules and from the “Tempietto”. It also houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema.



Palazzo Madama

It was the residence of the Royal Ladies and then it became the first Italian Senato premises. Today it houses the Museum of Ancient Art, it is famous for its collections of majolica, porcelain, paintings, illuminated manuscripts, works in gold and silver, furniture and textiles coming from Italy and throughout Europe. Website




Polo Reale

In Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) you can visit the apartments of the Savoy Dynasty, the Library, the Royal Armory and the art collections of the Savoy Gallery (works of Van Eyeck, Rembrandt, Veronese, Tintoretto, Beato Angelico). The greenhouses of the Palace and the underground new channel house the Archaeological Museum. Website




Castello del Valentino

After Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy purchased the castle, it became the residence of Maria Cristina di Borbone, who renovated it according to the style of French residences of the time. Today it is the representative office of the Faculty of Architecture premises, and you can still admire the original decorations of ‘600. Website





Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, also called Piazza Vittorio by Turin citizens, is one of the most popular hangout. Throughout the year, thanks to the remarkable capacity, it hosts cultural events, exhibitions and concerts such as the great fireworks show, on 24th June when the patronal feast of San Giovanni takes places.




Palazzo Carignano

The Residence, which was built by Guarino Guarini for the Princes of Carignano, is a perfect example of Piemontese Baroque. Seat of the Parlamento Supalpino (Subalpine Parliament) and of the first Italian Parliament, today it houses the Museo del Risorgimento and the Authority for the Historical and Artistic Heritage of Piedmont.





Reggia di Venaria Reale

This hunting lodge was designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte for the Duke Carlo Emanuele II. The restoration work, which was completed in 2007, renovated the buildings, including the famous Great Gallery (Galleria Grande) which was built by Juvarra, and recreated the gardens according to the original plans. Website





Il Duomo e la Sindone

The Cathredal of St. John Baptist  welcomes the pilgrims coming from all over the world to admire the relics during the Ostensione (when the Holy Shroud urn is shown to the public). In 1997, the Sindone was saved from a fire that destroyed the chapel by Guarino Guarini (currently under restoration).





I musei di Torino


Museum of Cinema

Egyptian Museum

Modern Art Gallery

Automobile Museum

Castello di Rivoli

Eastern Art Museum




Museum card

Each year Turin renews its museums and hosts always different exhibitions: as student you can subscribe the Museum card at reduced rates and receive every month the “Lettera Musei” with the updated events. The Tourist Office is located in piazza Castello, on the corner with Via Garibaldi.

Museum Card subscription | Full list of museum



Night areas




piazza vittorioVittorio Veneto and Murazzi

Under the arcades of Piazza Vittorio you can find a lot of bars for an aperitif or a drink or apericena before going to the disco, meeting and chat with your friends. Murazzi, it is the most famous hangout of Turin movida currently under restoration and redevelopment. The reopening of the location will be around 2018.



Quadrilatero Romano

It is the most central and ancient area of the city: for a day-time walk among Vintage boutiques, ateliers of emerging designers and multi-ethnical stores, or in the evening for an aperitif or a drink with friends.



San Salvario and Parco del Valentino

For an aperitif, a different dinner, as apericena or a cocktail with your friends, in this area you can find many bars and associations, which offer until late at night different experiences such as musical events or exhibition of emerging photographers in a original atmosphere. The Parco del Valentino houses a lot of kiosks, night bars and discos.



cortile del maglio

Cortile del Maglio

Cortile del Maglio is located in the Aurora neighborhood. It is big covered square surrounded by bars and places for exhibitions. During the year it houses theatre performances, exhibitions, fairs, dance recitals, concerts, and local markets.    Website




The industrial buildings along the area of Corso Regio Parco and Corso San Maurizio, have become bars and associations premises such as Design Gang, the Teatro della Caduta, the Baby Doc Film and the Fondazione Artevision. In 2009 the LOV / Vanchiglia Open Lab was set up, which held the first Notte Bianca (White Night) event of the area.