Daimon is the two-year master’s degree course of Scuola Holden, focused on the idea that narrating is not only an artistic act, but also a feasible job and a way of looking at the world.
Three programmes to choose from: Maps, Meridians, Compasses.

Daimon is aimed at people between 18 and 30 years. To enrol in the master’s degree course, you do not need to take an exam, but there will be a selection: the criterion will be, in fact, the Daimon, aimed at knowing who you are and what you imagine, your expectations and motivation.

The selection is made at Scuola Holden (Piazza Borgo Dora 40, Turin). It will give you the opportunity to visit the school, get to know the teaching methodology and staff during the interview, and meet other people who are there for the selection and could became your future classmates.
Pending the dates of the next enrolments, you can contact Scuola Holden and ask for an informational interview.