The City of Castelnuovo Nigra, with the adhesion of the Associazione Nazionale Diplomatici

“Costantino Nigra”, is organizing the Premio Costantino Nigra – New edition, June 2016.

The contest is reserved for young people under 35 years of age, born and living in a Country of the

European Community.

These are the Awards at stake:

 Premio di Storia del Risorgimento (History of Risorgimento Award)

 Premio della Tradizione Popolare (Popular tradition Award)

 Premio di Poesia (Poetry Award)

 Premio Speciale del Comune di Castelnuovo Nigra (Special Award by the City of

Castelnuovo Nigra)

 Premio alla Carriera (Lifetime achievement Award)

Deadline: 30th January 2016

For more details see the announcement.

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