Are you graduating or have a degree and want to enter the world of work?
AlmaLaurea is organising next Thursday, 26 October from 9.20 a.m. a free event dedicated to undergraduates and graduates from Turin and Northern Italy: AL Lavoro Torino .
Undergraduates and graduates will have the opportunity to meet the companies and take part in workshops to improve their own skills. Registration is mandatory to attend the meeting.

 4 th -year secondary-school students, again this year, can take the entrance exam for the five-year master’s degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Prosthetics in Italian and Veterinary Medicine. Since the secondary-school diploma is a mandatory requirement for enrolment, in any case you will need to have obtained it to complete your enrolment. How many times can secondary-school students take the entrance exam? Each candidate can take the TOLC-Med and TOLC-Vet twice a year: one per each exam session. Therefore, 4 th -year secondary-school candidates can attempt the exam 4 times: twice in 2023 and twice in 2024.

  As regards the other TOLC exams, i.e., the online test by CISIA consortium, you can participate through any exam delivery method even if you are still a 4 th -year secondary-school student. It must be considered that, according to the Rules TOLC , a TOLC exam is valid at least in the year in which you take it. Therefore, students will have to check the validity period of the exam in the notice of admission of the relevant degree course.

 Politecnico di Torino gives students who are in their final year of secondary school the opportunity to take the entrance exam for a maximum of 3 times and only once per exam session. These are three different exams, i.e., the TIL-I test (to access to all Engineering degree courses of Politecnico), TIL-D test (to access to Design and Communication degree courses) and TIL-P (to access to Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning degree course).

 Free online courses of start@unito – available here  – will be useful both to choose the course and prepare for the entrance exam.
 CONSERVATORY: preparatory courses are very useful to access three-year degree courses without any fail in the core subjects, info and regulation