The National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles, “M’Illumino di Meno”, organized annually by Rai Radio2 with Caterpillar since 2005, will be back on Thursday, 16th of February. The aim of this event is to spread the knowledge of environmental sustainability and resource saving.

For this occasion, the University of Turin organized the event. Le Comunità Energetiche Rinnovabili (CER): una bella opportunità… ma veramente per chiunque?”, at the Sala Laurea Rossa Grande of the Campus Luigi Einaudi, from 5 to 7 p.m. The role of UNITO (University of Turin) is to support a
possible energy transition. The event is organized by UniToGO’s Energy Group and the Informal Group on Energy Communities.
It is open to all the people who want to better understand how CER (Renewable Energy Communities) works and what are the advantages and disadvantages in adopting this model.
It will be based on community and energy and how the scientific community of UNITO could use this kind of model, both from a scientific research and operational point of view.

The event will be divided in two phases: the first one will present the principles underlying the CER model, highlighting the good reasons for creating and being part of it, but it will also focus on the many critical aspects of technical, economic, legal, political and social nature of the construction process. In
the second part, there will be a discussion, among all the participants, to understand together the reasons for building an energy community and the practical problems that may arise from it, as well as the advantages of having the University of Turin among the promoters of the project.