The work made by Velasco Virali is coming in the Rectorate’s yard at Università di Torino. It will remain there until November.

Two naked men carrying a long shining ship, upside-down on the shoulders, keeping their heads inside, in Università di Torino’s rectorate.


This is a symbolic dialogue, a perfect dialogue between the sculpture and the University’s yard. The aim is focusing on the relation between the society and its path, supported and lightened by culture.

”This work is often seen as a representation of the immigration social problem. Actually is something different: an insecurity moment, something that is about to happen, that must happen and that will happen for everybody. It’s a moment in which your life inevitably changes, going from cheerfulness to responsibility. It can be a social, economic, or political responsibility. I didn’t think of a ship laying over the bodies of people carrying it, but of a house. The outline of this sculpture is a man drawing a tent, a house, a roof. The roof is the horizon that limits him.”