Soluzioni abitative temporanee, brevi soggiorni

For those who would like to visit Turin, for those who need to stay in the city only for a few months or even for those who are searching for a definitive solution, it is possible to find temporary solutions in residences which accommodate, at affordable costs, transfer students, workers and tourists.

Are you planning a vacation? Shall you come in Turin in order to do an exam? Or do you have a work commitment, the chance of lifetime which has to be seized? For all those needs, the city of Turin makes available temporary lodging.

Here some examples.


Over recent years, EDISU implemented the service Casa Per Ferie which allows those who come to Turin for working reasons or simply on holiday to comfortably sojourn in university accommodations (in single or double-room) at affordable costs, depending upon the availability of bed places at the time of reservation.

The university accommodations provided by the service Holiday Houses are located in Turin, in close proximity to the city centre and the Universities.

The service is targeted at:

  • professors, researchers, post-doctorate students and participants in projects and initiatives of cultural and scientific exchange promoted by Piedmont’s universities
  • students participating in Masters, Summer Schools, internships and Erasmus projects
  • students’ families
  • individuals, bodies and associations

Please, consult the regulation of the service (regolamento).

In order to verify availability and reserve your accommodation, please contact:

Tel: + 39 011 6531063 – 1042

Fax: + 39 011 6531161


Luoghi Comuni is a temporary residence located in Porta Palazzo, in the hearth of the city, which offers hospitableness and living arrangements at tiered prices, from 1 day up to 18 months.

Specifically, the service is targeted for:

  • Workers and trainees from out of Turin, for whom the temporary residence stands for an accommodation during the period of time they spend in the city or a temporary solution while they look for a lodging meeting their needs
  • People who come to Turin in order to visit the city or to use its services, to whom the temporary residence offers a residential solution at affordable costs, a wide range of services and activities and the opportunity to discover the area of Porta Palazzo
  • People under housing stress, namely people who need another residential solution (due to a separation, an eviction, a change job, a reduction of the income, etc…) and, while looking for it, can use the temporary residence as a bridge between the old and the new house
  • People under housing emergency, who need a residential solution as soon as possible while waiting for a stable new one provided by the local institutions

There is the possibility to choose between one-room and two-room apartments, furnished, modern and provided with bathroom and kitchen.

The rents of the temporary residence are inferior to the ones of the market and expenditure on housing is very low thanks to the introduction of innovative systems in order to reduce costs.

Please, see the website (sito web) in order to be better informed about the apartments, the tariffs and the provided services.

The residence is located in Via Clemente Damiano Priocca 3 –Turin

For further information and booking, please contact:

Tel: 0110881132
Fax: 0110881180

DORHO – Don Orione Housing

Dorho, a development of the project Sis.Te.R. – Temporary residential solution, is a co-housing service located in the centre of Turin in order to meet the demand of those who are looking for a temporary residential solution.

It is provided with 40 fully-furnished rooms differing in size for small families, students and individuals. It has also common spaces (laundry, kitchen, study hall, rec rooms and chapel)

It originated in an idea of the diocesan Caritas of Turin, in cooperation with the cooperative Synergica and the Municipality of Turin.

The residence is located in Corso Principe Oddone 22- Turin

For further information and booking, please contact:


Tel: 388 32 54 331