Progetto EIT Food: 5 MOOC di UniTO sul cibo
EIT FOOD project: 5 MOOCs on food by UniTo

On Monday 22nd October the first two of the five thematic online courses on food will start. MOOCs –Massive Online Open Courses are free courses for distance learning for a large amount of people and they have been developed by the University of Turin in collaboration with the University of Reading (UK), the University of Helnsinki (FI), the University of Hohenheim (DE), the Queen’s University Belfast (UK) and the University of Warsaw (PL).


All MOOCs will be soon available for free on the online platform Future Learn, where you can already submit and book your participation. First courses will start on Monday 22nd October 2018. Join now to receive assistance from the tutors.

The 5 MOOCs are the result of the UniTo participation in the EIT FOOD project. In fact, the University of Turin is the only Italian academic partner of the EIT Knowledge & Innovation Communities “EIT FOOD”, one of the major initiative on international level, focused on agricultural and food innovation. EIT FOOD connects corporate and academic partners, research institutes and centres of 13 European countries throughout the entire food chain. EIT FOOD activities include the support to projects of innovation, education, communication and creation of innovative enterprises.


Topics of the MOOCs

In the course called “Trust in the Food we eat”, will be examined the challenges and responsibilities of different people in the food system; in particular the role of the consumer in influencing the system to produce food we trust. Available information for consumers will be evaluated and there will be a debate on innovative methods to improve the trust of consumers in food products. How much do you trust your food? Find out the systems of food supply, security, sustainability, nutrition and quality.

The course will start on Monday 22nd October 2018. Join now to receive assistance from the tutors.

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The course  “Understanding Different Diets: Mediterranean, Baltic sea, and Okinawa” will help participants to know the health benefits of the Mediterrean, the Baltic sea and the Okinawa diets, based on updated scientific basis. At the end of the course, participants will be able to know features and benefits of these three diets; identify food properties; develop a comprehension of healthy food consumption and learn how to prepare healthy recipes.

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The MOOC “Food for thought – the interaction between food and brain”, will examine the interaction between intestine and brain. In fact, organs which are apparently unrelated, are actually interconnected. Through biology, psychology and neurosciences, the correlation between brain, thoughts, emotions and food will be examined.

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The course  “Fork2Farm: Sustainable agriculture in a changing environment” will focus on threats to global food security and will consider the main challenges that have to be faced in order to maintain healthy and sustainable food supply for the well-being of consumers in both developing and developed countries. In fact, global chains of food supply are encountering always more significant problems, which affect security and sustainability of the food industry and reduce faith of consumers.

The course “Superfoods: myths and truths” will bring to the discovery of superfoods, such as Goji berries, amaranth and quinoa. Through biology, cognitive sciences and nutrition, positive and negative aspects of this kind of food will be highlighted, with particular attention to super features of traditional food.

For all information about MOOCs, you can contact the Ateneo Unito EIT Food Staff – Direzione Ricerca e Terza Missione, writing an email to